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Book 2 Chapter 27: Hospital and Library


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"Urg... I feel horrible... what happened?" Greyfus murmured while he rose his chest from the bed he was laying in. He was inside his Manor, and it looked to have been repaired already, despite the vast amounts of damage Lone had inflicted upon it with his mysterious flame.

"MASTER! Oh, thank the heavens you're alright!" Alfonse, who was sitting next to Greyfus's bed, exclaimed in joy. "I was getting worried seeing as how you hadn't woken up for a week, Lone kept on insisting that you were fine, and didn't know why you weren't waking up, but you know how untrustworthy Foxkin could be, but you were alive, so he had some credibility to his-" "Alfonse. Calm down. Explain what happened, please." Greyfus ordered his slightly panicked retainer. 

He was disoriented and the last thing he needed was his trusty retainer explaining things in a panicked state. That wouldn't help him at all.

Alfonse stopped talking and took a second to collect himself with a deep breath. "Of course, My Lord," Alfonse replied before he began recounting the events of a week ago.

Going back to one week ago, Lone was still following Alfonse who was carrying the nearly dead-looking Greyfus while Breena was following him. They were basically sprinting through the city, and Lone felt that if he weren't worried for Greyfus' life being affected by his currently frail body, then Alfonse would be travelling even faster than he already was.

'Lone, are you really going to save that Lionkin? And I'm really proud you won the match!' Sophie said to Lone via their telepathy. She a bit surprised that Lone had promised to save Greyfus despite the man having lost their bet.

'Thank you, Soph, that means a lot. And yeah, I am. It seems right, y'know? I doubt I'll get my prizes if I let him die, in fact, I bet a bunch of people will try to kill me since I've already said I could save him, so I might as well do it,' Lone explained.

'I'm glad. When you're done, make sure to resummon us, I think Kyu is missing you,' Sophie replied. Although she didn't hate the summoning room anymore, she still preferred being by Lone's side whenever possible.

'Of course, I'm missing the both of you right now anyway,' Lone said. He could imagine the two right now. Sophie would have a broad grin on her blushing face while she cuddled the still sleeping Kyuubi. Honestly, a picture Lone didn't hate imagining.

"We're here," Alfonse stated. In front of them was a large building that seemed to be some sort of hospital or medical facility. Lone wasn't quite sure because before he had the chance to inspect it fully, he had run after Alfonse into entering it.

Lone noticed that while he passed through the halls of the building that it was very hushed. He assumed the place didn't get many visitors for whatever reason, or it was a private building. 

"M-Master," Breena called from Lone's side in a shaky manner.

"What's up?" Lone responded to his companion with care in his voice. He could see that Breena was trembling slightly, which worried him.

"C-Can I go inside y-your shadow? I-I don't l-like this place," Breena said with a shudder. It had escaped Lone's mind, but he did recall Breena saying that she disliked places of healing such as this one due to always being in them during her time with Daisuke whenever she or her fellow slaves were beaten too badly by him.

"Of course, just come out if your stamina gets too low," Lone replied in an accepting manner. It only made sense for him to let her enter his shadow. In all honesty, he'd prefer if he could summon or unsummon her like with Sophie, but Lone couldn't have everything that he wanted.

"Thank you," Breena said with a weak smile and nod of the head before she re-entered Lone's shadow. After doing so, she immediately felt several times more relaxed and comfortable.

Alfonse ignored all of this and swiftly made his way to the second floor of the building before he entered a rich looking room. Apparently, it was for the exclusive use of the city's Lord. Lone took a moment to inspect the chamber and saw that it was like a different world compared to the rest of the place. Fancy paintings adorned the wall, an exquisite red carpet was laid out on the floor, and the furniture was made from an expensive looking wood.

"Is this really a hospital?" Lone asked in amazement. He was simply too confused at how different it looked in this room compared to the rest of the facility.

"Indeed, or at least, it was. Back when the city was first being founded, this hospital was quite popular since many new adventurers came to challenge the dungeon and were injured upon reaching this waiting area, so we cared for them here, or our ancestors did at least. However, as you know, no one really challenges this place anymore, so the use of this hospital has been limited the past few centuries," Alfonse explained while he set Greyfus down gently upon the bed that centred the room.

"Now, Lone, please, heal the Lord," Alfonse asked with a particular tone of helplessness to his voice. He was heavily relying on Lone right now, and that made him feel uncomfortable since as far as he knew, it was entirely possible for Lone to actually not have a cure on hand.

"Yeah, sure. I can't fully heal him now, it will take a few sessions, but I can save him at least. I'll then have to heal him slowly. Oh, as soon as I'm done now, take me to the library, so I can start taking my first prize, knowledge," Lone replied to which Alfonse nodded. 

Lone then strode over to Greyfus's bedside and took a scalpel out from his dimension. "Oh, by the way, don't do anything rash, if you do, I can guarantee you that he'll die," Lone said which confused Alfonse, but he still nodded his head in agreeance. He was confused why Lone would say such a thing, at least he was until his master's head was cut open.

"Wow, so you're saying he replaced my brain and heart, there and then, and he just left to the library immediately afterwards as if nothing had happened?" Greyfus asked Alfonse with a tremble to his voice. Such a thought of having the two most important parts of your body being replaced was certainly a chilling one.

"I was livid at the time, but I remained motionless as he had ordered me to, and it was a miracle, Sir. Your complexion grew healthier and your breathing stabled. He repeated that for a couple of days with the rest of your body parts and now you're looking good as new," Alfonse answered with some excitement in his tone. 

"So, where is he now?" Greyfus asked with a lighter tone. He was amazingly pleased that not only had Lone healed him, but he had even done so despite the fact that he had lost the duel. His opinion of Lone was quite clearly sky-rocketing.

"He's still in the library, Sir. He hasn't left since he last treated you. It seems that he and his companions are rather knowledge hungry," Alfonse said with a smile. It was always an admirable trait to pursue education, so long as you didn't let it consume you.

"Excellent. Let's go immediately. My pride demands that I apologise to and thank Lone as soon as possible," Greyfus declared before he got to his feet with a new-found vigour.

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