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Book 2 Chapter 21: Chieftain and City


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"GRRRAAAAOOO! HUMAN!" A roar pulled Lone out of his power induced high. He focused his attention on the direction that it originated from. In the distance, Lone could see a group of roughly one-hundred Rieklings that were all slightly larger than normal not to mention the fact that they were all riding what looked like Tusk Hogs, or so Lone assumed.

The roar had come from the largest of these Rieklings. It was a huge creature that looked to be about three meters tall; he had several war paints smeared along his muscled red body. His skin colour was certainly the most defining trait he possessed as all of the other Rieklings that Lone had seen so far had had grey skin.

"Heh, so you can speak the language of Milindo? I wonder how? I'm not even a Human, so clearly, his vocabulary is lacking. Anyway, are you an evolved Riekling, or were you born that way?" Lone whispered to himself. He didn't really care why the creature could talk nor if it were actually an evolved version of the species much like how he himself was an evolved version of the Golden Foxkin. Lone was interested, but his interest in killing the monsters was far higher than his desire for knowledge currently.

While the group of Tusk Hog riders were charging towards Lone, he turned and ran through the air towards Sophie and Breena only to find the pair slaughtering a group of stragglers from the regular Rieklings he had massacred. By his counting, there were only maybe two-hundred or so stragglers left wandering around, so as long as the girls were careful, cleaning them up shouldn't be too much of an issue.

'Soph, I'm gonna go kill the Chieftain and his warriors, so you stay here with Breena and clean up my leftovers, please. I shouldn't take too long. Oh, also, be careful," Lone told Sophie via his summoning rooms telepathy with care. 

Sophie looked startled for a moment and lost her focus allowing a Riekling almost to strike her before it was ruthlessly killed by Breena. After a quick exchange of glances, Sophie nodded her head and regained her focus. She then replied to Lone. 'We should be okay here, you be careful too,' Sophie replied with warmth clear in her voice. Obviously, she was concerned for Lone's safety, but she was used to seeing him enter life-threatening battles. Besides, there was almost no, if any, ways for Lone to die. This meant that Sophie could focus entirely on the task at hand, killing the stragglers.

Lone left after seeing that the girls were confident that they could beat the remaining enemies, so he landed on the ground to save the last few scraps of his stamina that he hadn't consumed yet from his extended period of Sky Walking.

He had taken Dawn out from within his dimension and was charging rather quickly at the RIekling riders who were similarly charging towards Lone. However, the Foxkin was evidently far faster which made sense since he had a huge amount of agility while the Tusk Hogs, although robust, focused more on strength over speed making them far slower than Lone.

Just before he reached the group of one-hundred or so muscular Riekings, Lone noticed that who he assumed was the Chieftan, was directing an abnormally large amount of killing intent towards him. The monster's eyes were also pure red.

'Some sort of rage mode? Now that is interesting. I guess I'll leave you till last then. Maybe you'll get more enraged after I kill your elite warriors?' Lone thought in amusement. His arrogant side was melding with his killing intent, so he was now dead set on manipulating the Riekling Chieftan's rage in the hopes of seeing more of his power before Lone decided to kill him too.

Naturally, the Rieklings weren't a match for Lone. They were certainly deserving of his attention, and he was enjoying fighting them since they were using spears so Lone was learning ever so slightly more about the heart of Spearmanship despite the crude usage being displayed by the monsters. Sometimes, seeing something in its most basic form was required to progress a more advanced level of the same subject. Spearmanship was no exception to this.

It didn't take Lone very long to wipe out the Riekling Riders. Currently, only the Chieftain was still alive and his entire body was shaking in rage. Not only had Lone killed his tribesmen, but he had also slaughtered his elite warriors, hence his insurmountable wrath that was directed at Lone. He gripped his spear tightly before his entire body was enveloped in a red aura that was a much thicker shade than his skin colour. He then kicked the side of the Tusk Hog he was sitting on, and it charged towards Lone.

"Eh? Is that an aura shield or something? I need to learn that!" Lone said excitedly before he kicked off from the ground and sprinted towards the quickly approaching Tusk Hog.

A thunderous sound of metal clashing could be heard as Lone's weapon; Dawn, met the spearhead of the Chieftain's weapon. Lone was surprised at having not landed his attack. Although he was still a rookie when it came to spearmanship technique, Lone had assumed that his speed alone would have been enough to hit the red Riekling at least, but apparently, he was wrong.

Lone said nothing and continued to jump back and forth in between exchanging clashed with the Chieftain. At some point during their battle, Lone had stabbed the Tusk Hog hat ad constantly tried to pierce him with its tusks, resulting in the creatures death.

Lone was happy. He could sense that his mastery of the way of the sword spear was increasing rapidly now that he was facing an opponent who appeared to be more skilled than him in regards to general spearmanship. In fact, he and the Riekling Chieftan had actually been fighting for roughly two hours now, and both Sophie and Breena were watching the duel from nearby. They had finished cleaning up the stragglers, and Breena had gained a few levels while Sophie felt that her insights into the way of the sword had increased ever so slightly. 

They were both enjoying watching Lone fight the boss monster as he usually did. The two girls knew that there was nothing to worry about since Lone seemed to have the upper hand in regards to stamina and regenerative powers and even if things did get out of control, he could use mental destruction at any moment if he wanted to.

Just like the girls had predicted, the Riekling Chieftain collapsed only twenty minutes later, and Lone took a second to catch his breath before he chopped his opponents head off. Apparently, he was completely done with this battle now. He saw the two observers and approached them. Immediately upon reaching Sophie, he planted a loving kiss on her lips before he sat on the ground.

"Sorry Breena, I'm a bit tired. Do you mind collecting all of the bodies you can find and bring to me so I can store them?" Lone asked his three-tailed companion. In response, she nodded her head meekly and scurried away. This had happened a few times whenever Lone had pushed himself during a fight in order to grow stronger.

Sophie sat down on Lone's laps, closed her eyes and leant into his embrace. Lone obviously enjoyed this, and his excuse to Breena was that being in contact with Sophie helped him recover his energy faster, which was true to an extent since he felt more relaxed and could meditate more easily.

After Lone had recovered completely, he stored the bodies Breena had gathered so far before he walked around and stored the rest. After a short break to eat and discuss the fight on this floor, the group passed through the massive gate labelled 'Forty'.

What met them upon doing so was a huge city sprawling out before them. Such a sight left the trio in shock and awe. Before they could finish taking in the sight, a tall yet skinny man who almost looked like a servant from his formal attire was quickly approaching them from the road that they now stood on. Lone prepared himself for what he assumed would be his first encounter with the inhabitants of Clicker's B-Rank dungeon.

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