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Book 2 Chapter 19: Warning and Huts


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Wow, so your world has absolutely no magic in it? That's so strange.

"Well, yeah, kind of? As far as I was aware, there were no magical presences on Earth, but what would I know? I was just a young Teacher. I mean, we had a lot of legends regarding magic, so maybe it was a heavy presence before Sophie killed God? You should really ask her about this, she'd know more than I do," Lone said in a relaxed mood while his face suffused a smile.

Over the past few days, Lone and Clicker had grown closer and were now exchanging information for information, and if Lone told Clicker something of particular interest to him, he would grant Lone stat points to his luck and dexterity since those were the only ones he could directly manipulate. In fact, Lone had even gotten Clicker to give several stat boosts to both Sophie and Breena since Lone felt that those extra points would help those two out far better they would him. 

But Lone! You know she hates me. Even though I stopped misbehaving, she still refuses to speak to me! It's so frustrating.

Indeed, Clicker had certainly stopped pranking the group, but before he had done so, one of his finals 'misbehaviours' was making everyone present think that Sophie was a big and bulky man. Of course, due to his Golden Foxkin heritage, Lone immediately saw through the illusion, but it took an entire day for Breena, and even Sophie herself to be released from it by Clicker.

Sophie was quite fond of her body to be quite honest. It had been hers for nearly one-thousand years, after all. So it was easy to understand how angry she was at Clicker for changing her into an appearance that not only she hated, but one that she feared Lone would stop loving her for having, had it been permanent. Hence her reasoning to deny all communications between the God of Games and herself.

"It's your own fault, but if I were to make an educated guess, I'd say yes, magic exists on Earth. But I think its usage is a highly classified secret, and maybe only a select few use it, or have the potential to? As I said, I can only guess," Lone followed up with a sense of helplessness in his tone. He hadn't thought about it, but in all likelihood, magic surely did exist on his home planet. If not now, then it most likely did in the ages past.

Ha-ah. You're right. Can't you convince her to answer me though? She thinks the world of you, surely you can swindle her in some way? Maybe use a new position to please her? I don't know, but I want to know! Arg, knowledge can be so frustrating.

"I agree with you there. Hmm, maybe some more experimentation is in order? Anyway, I won't ask her to tell you. You fucked things up, you fix them," Lone coldly stated after entertaining Clicker's first thought for a moment. Although he now somewhat liked Clicker due to his pranks stopping and the sharing of his exceedingly vast knowledge with Lone's exchange for his own knowledge of a different planet, he was still viewing the God in a slightly unfavourable light, so he refused to smooth things over between Sophie and Clicker.

I've tried! She always ignores me. How can that timid little human be more stubborn than you? Ha-ah, anyway, be careful on the next floor's waiting room. I'd hate for you to die, but for now, I have other things to attend to, unfortunately. Bye!

"What the... ?" Lone mumbled. It would seem that his makeshift stat shop had disappeared to do other things, leaving Lone by himself. He soon stood up from the chair he was sitting on to move to his bedroom. He usually talked to Clicker in the living room of his temporary homes. Lone's group was currently in the thirty-ninth waiting area of the dungeon. After Clicker had stopped playing deadly tricks on them, clearing the floors had become far easier.

Lone quickly found himself in front of his bed which held Sophie who was wearing one of her nighties made by Lone and Kyuubi who was still a growing Fox in it. Lone smiled warmly at the scene of his lover cuddling his adopted child like some sort of precious plushie toy. Kyuubi was now marginally larger since it had been an entire month since she had been in the dungeon with Lone and company. Naturally, the young Golden Foxkin had grown in size.

Lone stored all of his clothes save for a simple set of underwear before he climbed inside the bed and joined the picturesque scene by wrapping his arms and tails around the two most important people in his life currently. A happy grin floated its way onto Sophie's still sleeping face which made Lone feel nothing but comfort.

However, Lone's comfort was being accompanied by a feeling of anxiousness. What was Clicker's warning about? Lone could only think of one real possibility.

'So, we're finally going to be meeting other beings in this dungeon? I wonder how we'll have to deal with them? I kinda hope it's a peaceful meeting, but I also kinda hope it's a not so peaceful meeting,' Lone energetically thought while he stroked Sophie's golden-blonde hair. Although not nearly as soft as his own tails or ears, Lone found stroking Sophie's hair to be one of the most relaxing things he had ever experienced in his life, which had only served to make a new habit out of doing so. Sophie loved the affection and Lone loved providing it, so it was a fairly even exchange.

Sophie purred happily in her sleep while Lone continued to caress her golden locks. He had smiled at this before he turned his attention to his adoptive daughter, Kyuubi. 

'I wonder if you actually were forced into the state you are in? Maybe you were born into this Fox form? Ha-ah, I need to stop messing around in this dungeon and get to the Crimson Foxkin clan. I'm sure Lossa knows more about your situation than I do, either that or find Arthur Pendragon, your mother's owner. He may know something... ha-ah,' Lone sighed in his mind before he closed his eyes and allowed himself to doze off.

The next morning, after unsummoning Kyuubi with plenty of blankets and after having had breakfast, Lone, Sophie and Breena left the waiting area and moved onto the fortieth floor. They were greeted by an enormous plain of ice and snow fields.

"Another cold based monster, huh?" Lone had mumbled before he took his jacket off so he could increase his Cold Resistance Skill's mastery. He then took out two child sized fur jackets from his dimension and handed them to the girls. 

Lone and his group had fought a few boss monsters that specialised in cold-related magics so although they weren't quite used to the freezing temperatures yet, they were certainly prepared for them. 

Sophie scrunched up her face in a very adorable way since her head was wrapped in the fur hood of her jacket. She hated these floors that had extreme temperatures. If it was too cold, she found her movements to be stiff, and if it was too hot she sweated a lot which made fighting with her swords a challenge. For this very reason, Lone had challenged her to learn some sort of magic. 

As far as the pair were aware, she had a strong affinity for void magic since that's what Gilbert had told them when she had received her adventurer's card, but despite Lone also having a one-hundred percent affinity for the element and apparent control over it, he had yet to learn any skills based about the void, except perhaps his rage skill.

Sophie followed Lone closely and held one of his tails in her right hand. Currently, the fluffy object was beings used as a stress toy. Sophie really hoped that the enemies this time would be slow so she could still be of use.

Breena, on the other hand, looked almost emotionless. She had broken somewhat after killing Sandy. Whenever she entered battle she seemed like a pure killing machine, but she was always shaking during her battles, so Lone concluded that she had somehow managed to lock her fear away and was now harnessing it during combat, which resulted in an almost crazed state. She was still rather timid while talking to Lone and energetic while talking to Sophie, but Lone wasn't sure how she'd react to others.

"Stop. I think I see something," Lone ordered before he put some mana into his Clear Vision skill. "Yup, huts. Very basic huts. goblins maybe?" Upon saying that, Sophie shivered a bit. She didn't like goblins at all. They were disgusting creatures in her opinion. "Oh, something left one of the huts... hmm... not a goblin... it's got tusks... a Riekling maybe?"

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