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No tricks, no games, simply tell me how you stopped Sandy from moving. That's all I want to know... for now hehehehe.

"And in exchange? You said you'd give me power, but that's pretty vague. Care to elaborate?" Lone cautiously queried the blue screen. Naturally, he wanted to be very careful while dealing with the God of Games who no doubt was adept at tricking others into unfavourable situations.

Not to mention the fact that Lone's prior respect for Clicker had turned into nothing but distrust and hate. Lone already felt those emotions for people he had just met, which only made it worse in this case. Clicker should count himself lucky that Lone was even willing to deal with him at all. Naturally, Lone had a very devious plot to beat Clicker at whatever game he intended to play.

Hmm... I wonder... let's say... hmm... the ability to summon sheep?

All that followed was a deathly silence. Lone immediately stood up and started walking back towards the bed. He had been woken up by Clicker's constant attempts to talk to him, so he had chosen to sit on a nearby chair and practice making pure mana flames with one hand while the other gently dipped itself into the shadows while he used the skill, Shadow Melding.

OKAY OKAY, I'M SORRY! UNFUNNY JOKE IS UNFUNNY! Sheesh... what does a guy have to do around here to get a laugh or two? Fine, how do fifty points of the luck stat sound to you? Sweet deal, right? 

Lone's eyebrows instantly moved to express the surprise he was experiencing. "You can alter my stats? Is that due to you being the creator of the system?" was what Lone asked out of sheer curiosity. He wanted to know if that was the case, and if so, he had to somehow take advantage of that.

What? No no no no no no no. Look, are you thick in the head? Should I call you 'Zombie' from now on? I think I should, after all, you're hard to kill and have basically no intelligence.

Lone's anger was quickly boiling over while another blue screen flashed before his eyes. Lone prided himself on his knowledge so being called stupid left a sour feeling on Lone. It was hardly his fault that he didn't know what he was asking about. In Lone's opinion, he thought it was always wise to ask whenever unsure, no matter how foolish the question might be. This was because even if you lack understanding of the topic, not asking about it won't fix that.

I guess I'll give you this one as a freebie. I don't control skills or stats or anything like that, neither does the 'system'. Ha-ah... the 'system' can only record what you already have, it doesn't grant you anything except a way to observe your current abilities. The only exception is if you get a title, then the 'system' gives you new abilities. I happen to specialise in chance and fate, so increasing your luck isn't too difficult. But the 'system' will only know that your luck has grown assuming I do so and it will then quantify it, the 'system' doesn't increase the stat itself.

This was pleasing to hear for Lone. He had made speculations regarding this before, but it was always a thrill for him to get confirmation regarding things he had theorised. However, Lone was a bit baffled. Why did Clicker suddenly start being so serious and why was he referring to the system with quotes? It was almost as if it was something else to Clicker but for convenience, he had used Lone's form of addressing it to refer to it.

"Well, okay. That sounds like quite a good deal. Fifty luck for a scrap of information?" Lone said with an obvious hint of suspicion in his voice. He had chosen not to follow up asking about the system since he felt that Clicker's mood was souring which would only serve to impede Lone, or so he thought.

Really? Luck is a very hard stat to increase. You should know that. And besides, knowledge is one of the few things that I can actually gain now. So stop dilly-dallying and say yes!

"Okay, fine, I accept. So, who goes first, or are we gonna sign a contract?" Lone impatiently asked. He was quite happy to have an increase in luck even if the stat had yet to do anything obvious to help Lone, but his impatience stemmed from the fact that he wanted to end this dealing with Clicker as soon as possible.

Still don't trust me? FINE! I'll go first... sheesh... what does a God have to do these days to earn a little bit of faith?

Mere seconds later, Lone felt something inside of him change. Something had shifted, been altered. It was a very unpleasant feeling as far as he was concerned, but he ignored the sensation and took out his status card before he cut his finger and smeared some blood on the amber piece of crystal.

User Information
Adventurer Rank: Rank: E
Name: Lone Immortus 
Age: 25
Sex: Male 
Race: Golden Sky Fox of The Void 
Level:  142
HP: 3000/3000
SP: 17819/18650
MP: 36010/36010
User Stats
Stat, Strength: 370
 Stat, Vigour: 300
Stat, Dexterity: 712
Stat, Agility: 1134
Stat, Vitality: 1865
Stat, Luck: 190
Unlocked Stat, Charm: 82
Unlocked Stat, Charisma: 97
Unlocked Stat, Magic Power: 3601
Unlocked Stat, Control: 106
Unlocked Stat, Rage: 26
Unlocked stat, Life: 16

Lone was quite proud of his accomplishments. His power had quite literally skyrocketed since he had entered this dungeon. Although, as usual, most of his unlocked stats hadn't grown much except his magic power which had increased by a huge sum of over one thousand. As clicker had promised, Lone's luck, which was previously only one-hundred and forty, a number only seven points larger than the time he had checked after the fighting tournament, was now a moderate one-hundred and ninety.

There, all done. Now tell me how you stopped Sandy, please! Pretty please!

Lone was honestly surprised that Clicker hadn't tricked Lone in some way, shape or form. Perhaps his desire for knowledge really superseded his desire to fool others? Or maybe he had already duped Lone somehow. Although he wasn't sure which was the case, Lone had indeed had his luck increased, and Lone was nothing if not a man of his word.

"I used two skills. One was the effect of my summoning based skill that allows me to communicate with my summons telepathically. My lover, Sophie, happens to be one of my summons, so I contacted her and told her to teleport me in the way of Sandy's attack," Lone explained patiently. He then took a moment to collect his thoughts.

Skills? Aha! Was it one of these skills that are full of question marks? Oh, Sophie has a few of those too! I always wondered what these skills were. The 'system' won't tell me. It's so stingy. All the Heroes always have at least one of these skills. Hey, Lone, what are they?

"What? You don't know? What?" Lone was dumbfounded. He could obviously check the skills that Vihaan had created for him, and Sophie could also check her skills that weren't directly related to the system, so Lone's shock regarding the creator of that system not being able to view these skills naturally shocked the Foxkin.

"A-Anyway. That's a question that won't be free to answer. To finish up my explanation. I then used an effect from one of my titles that allows me to freeze anything that attacks me when I have absolutely no way of winning. There, all done. If you want more answers, I expect more forms of payment in return," Lone said after he had collected himself from his former flustered state. He now viewed Clicker in a very different light. 

If he ignored his constant life-threatening pranks during the fights in the dungeon, then wasn't Clicker nothing more than a shop that he could exchange mere information for fantastic things with? Lone only hoped that he could squeeze more out of Clicker than just stats since gaining stats was of no issue to him thanks to his 'The Lone Wanderer' title.

A note from Lone

Apparently, 'summonses' is the correct plural of 'summon'. Who'da thunk it, huh? I changed it to 'summons' though since 'summonses' sounds...odd.

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