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A blue screen flashed before Lone's eyes as soon as he had woken up. It had been three weeks since Lone, and his companions had entered Clicker's B-Rank dungeon, and so far, they had cleared thirty-two floors. Normally, were Lone not in a terrible mood, he would have taken slightly less time on each floor.

Ever since Breena had killed Sandy, Clicker had constantly been trying to talk to Lone. Lone had gained a skill immediately after Sandy's death, and this skill was partially the reason to why Clicker had been pestering him almost non-stop.

Due to the host experiencing control of an extreme degree, Gained Skill:
Skill: Control Resistance
Effect 1: Dampens all attempts to control the host to various degrees based on mastery
Mastery: Master Level 10
Amount of Control Dampened: 100%

Every single boss fight Clicker had tried to bind Lone and force Sophie and Breena to kill all of the enemies which was obviously almost impossible, so Lone had to repeat the same tactic he had used to kill the Mummy on floor one, and take advantage of Sophie's teleportation and his title, The Lord of Possibility.

Eventually, though, the dampening of the skill reached a point where Lone could actually resist Clicker's bindings with his own will much to the surprise of the supposed God. After that, Lone decided to kill every boss by himself and let the girls kill all of their minions by themselves, and he only ever intervened if they were in critical danger.

There was actually a few situations where the enemies froze because Sophie had no chance to defeat them while on the other hand, Breena was becoming far more crazed during battle, but this only applied to battle and she was perfectly normal out with of such. This personality shift didn't alarm Lone because he too felt far more inclined for killing during combat, but Breena's change was obviously far more dramatic than Lone's. He attributed it to their Foxkin genes, and he would ask Lossa about it when he reached the Crimson Foxkin clan, just in case his assumption was wrong.

During their combat of the floor bosses, Lone had gained three new skills while Sophie had gained one and Breena had gained none.

Lone had acquired the skill, Cold Resistance which was the complete opposite of his heat resistance. That was gained after his group had fought against a Frost spirit King. The creature was beautiful and very deadly. Lone managed to kill it by using one of the other skills he had gained.

Due to the host's persistence and impossibly strong desire, Gained Legendary Skill:
Legendary Skill: Kindling of Mana
Effect 1: Allows the host to create a tiny kindling of pure mana flames
Effect 2: Drains 50% of the host's mana to create a single flame
Mastery: Not available due to the nature of the skill

Using his first Legendary Skill, Lone burnt the Frost Spirit King out of existence. It would seem that the small flames he could create were actually exceedingly powerful, but a disadvantage to them was that they took a fairly long time to create. 

After having seen the type of skill Kindling of Mana was, Lone naturally asked Breena if she knew anything about them, but to her knowledge, she had never heard of a Legendary skill. However, she told Lone that Unique skills were skills that fell out of the power of Clicker's system and were being classified by the system, but no use of the system was actually needed to utilise them, like with the powers Heroes obtained.

This led Lone to question why a few of his ten power choice's related skills had no secondary description to their skill types. After several days of contemplation, Lone came to the conclusion that there must have been at least one skill similar to his ones already within Clicker's system or that they had yet to reach their full potential and could still fall under Clicker's system until lone evolved them.

 Meanwhile, Sophie had managed to, through her own hard work, gain a sword attack skill. 

Due to the host's hard work, Gained Skill:
Skill: Energy Slash
Effect 1: Allows the host to create a wave of energy from the slashes generated from sword attacks
Effect 2: Drains 100 stamina per usage
Mastery: Beginner level 2
Potency of the Created Slashes: 4%

Compared to Lone's arsenal of skills, it was exceedingly weak, but Lone was very proud of Sophie for gained yet another skill, despite how dull and weak it was. He was so full of pride that to reward her, he deprived her of her sleep for two whole nights and deprived Breena of a few more strands of her remaining sanity. Sophie naturally was happy that Lone wasn't disappointed at the power of her latest skill and happy at her 'reward'.

Breena on the other hand, although she had not gained any more skills, she was now far more adept at using her Shadow Melding and could actively use it in battle. However, she could only do so if she was being heavily monitored by Lone since any mishap would result in her death and he wanted to study the skill more since he had managed to gain it during his observations of her using it, which made it his third gained skill in the past three weeks. Lone had chosen not to accept her yet, even though he wanted to. Purely to keep her as a safeguard from events like with Sandy, the Mummy.

The group of three were currently sitting in a stone house that was located in the centre of a pitch white room. This was one of the waiting rooms. Upon arriving at such a room, a house would be created matching the 'players' desires. Besides this fact, Lone had yet to discover anything else regarding these waiting rooms.

The group had also not encountered any other 'players' yet. In fact, their biggest nuisance had actually been Lone. He had been in a very foul mood ever since they defeated the boss of the first floor. The only exception being when he was 'rewarding' Sophie.


Silence was once again, the only thing that left Lone's lips in response to the blue screen. This was the four-hundredth and seventy-second one today. Lone had been counting them.

C'mon, I said sorry. Really, it was my bad for binding you and nearly killing your girlfriend. Oh, and it was my fault the floor imploded when you were fighting that Lava Giant. How was I supposed to know that you had a Heat Resistance skill, so it was just a huge pain to deal with?! Oh, it was also my fault that all of your clothes kept disappearing... and that the Foxkin's eyes turned into hands for a day... and that... .

This was the reason behind Lone's disgruntled attitude. Almost every single day Clicker had been playing a prank on the group. A life-threatening prank. Thankfully, Lone had been able to fix the situation every time, but it was forcing his stress levels to reach new unheard of levels. That stress which could only be released by killing the floor bosses and by having sex with Sophie, to be blunt. This was why he was progressing through the dungeon's levels at a rapid pace.

Really, darn it. Fine! I hate being ignored! You want something in return?! Tell me how you stopped Sandy, then I'll give you some power! How does that sound? Good deal, right? In fact, I'd say it's a steal. I'm too kind to you.

Lone's eyebrows perked slightly at this blue screen. Could a God really be that impatient? It had only been three weeks, but Clicker had already crumbled to his desire for knowledge about Lone's method of stopping the Mummy? 

The Golden Foxkin couldn't help but be suspicious of this offer, but he ultimately decided to accept. After all, he had his contract title that was created by Vihaan's system which Lone was sure was more powerful than Clicker's, so he should hopefully be the one to come out on top in this deal.

"Okay, state your terms, you clown," Lone said emotionlessly. He didn't want to give the Mad God anything to work with so Lone was trying to get to the point and finish the deal quickly immediately.

Eh? You accepted? I mean, of course, you did! Hurr hurr hurr, power gets them every time, that's how I got that stupid boy, Merlin. Now his hat is mine hahahaha. Now to get this idiot's knowledge... .oh... .is this thing still on?... .Oh... .hahahahaha...  

Lone knew that Clicker was trying to get into his head as usual since it was a well-known fact that Clicker had full control over the system and blue screens making that apparent 'mistake' impossible. He gritted his teeth in anger and waited for Clicker to continue with his terms.

A note from Lone

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