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"You girls might wanna step back for a second, I'm about to turn the lights on," Lone said with a grin. He then took out the mana gem he had acquired from the auction house back in Milindo. He had been filling it every day as much as he could, and it was currently glowing a bright blue which indicated that it was fairly full.

"T-The lights?" Breena asked. She was very confused by Lone's somewhat random statement. What on Altros did he mean by 'turn the lights on'? Unfortunately for Breena's eyes, she soon found out.

"LIGHTNING WAVE!" Lone screamed while he channelled all of the mana in the gem into his self-made skill which forced the wave of blue sparks to expand at an alarming rate. Indeed, the skill had become nearly two-hundred feet wide and was incredibly bright. Lone had his glasses on protecting him from the temporary blindness that Breena was experiencing while Sophie was just seeing by using mana sensing instead of her eyes for the moment.

It was easy to see how powerful the arc of lightning Lone had created was, but it was also moving extremely slowly. Thankfully, the zombies that were charging straight at Lone's group were mindless and hence ran right into the deadly creation of Lone's Magic.

While the arc of death was burning the zombies to a crisp, a blue screen flashed before Lone's retina. After taking a moment to view its contents, Lone took a deep breath before he threw his head back and laughed.

"AHAHAHAHAHA FINALLY! I GOT THE SKILL!" Lone's was so excited that he had forgotten about the existence of Sandy and wasn't even bothered if his new skill had killed any of the Mummy's minions. Lone decided to look at his latest achievement once more before trying to actually defeat the opponents in front of him.

Due to the host's desires and hard work, Created Unique Skill:
Unique Skill: Lightning Wave
Effect 1: Allows the host to create a wave from pure mana-infused lightning
Effect 2: Allows the host to control the output to varying degrees based on the amount of pure mana used as fuel
Restriction 1: Can only be used by the host Lone Immortus
Mastery: Not available due to the nature of the skill

Lone was very pleased by how powerful this skill could be. It depended entirely on how much mana he put into it which meant that the skill held limitless potential. Lone attributed this to the fact that the skill was unique, but he wasn't quite sure what that term meant since it sounded somewhat vague. Unique could mean a variety of things.

Lone decided to ask Breena about unique skills after they had survived the current trial they were enduring since his knowledge on the topic was sorely lacking.

After he had calmed down his excitement, Lone took a second to scan his surroundings in detail only to find that Breena was coughing while Sophie held her mouth shut with her hand.  Both of them had wrinkled up their noses and Lone thought that looked rather cute. The cause of this was the smell. It would seem that Lone had defeated every single zombie by charring them black with his lightning, except Sandy, the Mummy.

"W-Well, I did charge my Lightning Wave with a full mana gem's worth of mana plus almost all of my own mana, so I'm sorry for killing your share?" Lone said in an unsure fashion with a shy smile on his face. Sophie was looking at him in a dissatisfied way while Breena looked at him thankfully.

Sophie was feeling unfulfilled because she wanted to test her new skills and fighting prowess on the seemingly weak zombies which was now impossible to do and Breena didn't want to even get near them so she was happy that they had all been burnt to a crisp by Lone's new ability, but the fumes from their corpses was causing her to feel nausea, hence her coughing.

"Oh! I know, you two, defeat the boss together! That's perfect since I killed all of the minions, you girls take out the head honcho," Lone suggested in a very forceful manner. He felt bad about stealing all of the weak enemies from Sophie and Breena, so he had decided to let them kill Sandy in exchange.

"Ohhh! Yeah, let's do it, Breena, it's a great idea!" Sophie tried persuading the now frozen Foxkin with sparkling eyes. Breena was very scared. Very, very scared. She felt like she was rapidly sinking at the thought of attacking the towering figure of Sandy who was quickly recovering from the attack of Lone's that he had managed to endure. Surely, if he could endure such a powerful attack, then what good would her daggers and Sophie's swords do.

"KYAA!" Breena suddenly screamed upon one of her tails being squeezed. She turned around with tears in her eyes only to see that Lone was standing over her with one of her multi-coloured tails in his left hand.

"Stop being so scared. Wait, that's not right, fear empowers you. Hmm, learn to accept your fears. Yup. That sounds good. You'll be fine. If it looks like you're gonna die, I'll save you, so go help Sophie. Look, she's already getting her ass kicked by the boss. She needs your help," Lone said with worry clear in his voice after he had pointed to the now fighting Sophie.

Indeed, Sophie had immediately charged towards Sandy after her agreement of how great Lone's idea was, but her situation was less than favourable. She was already covered in blood and had been smacked by the Mummy's sceptre several times whenever she got close and when she was a distance away from him he would blast her with a dark energy that seemed to be curses of some sort.

'That's ridiculous! Why is she getting back up? Stop! You can't win! Why? Why? Without her swords, she's even weaker than me!' There isn't even much difference with them... why are you trying so hard?!' Breena thought frantically upon seeing the miserable state of her friend. She had always liked Sophie since she was the one that always convinced Lone to go easy on her even when she had made mistakes like when she compared her treatment to that of Sophie's. She also found it easy to talk to Sophie due to the fact that the both of them had a childish mentality most of the time.

"Her only weapon isn't just her swords. Sophie is fighting with her heart. It's amazing really. I wonder what she wants to prove? But regardless, I love her and I couldn't be prouder of her right now," Lone said to Breena while his knuckles were turning white from being clenched too hard. He was trying his best to not intervene with the fight despite Sophie's less than optimal condition.

'I... I... I... I have to help her!' Breena thought before she instantly shot towards the one-sided battle like an arrow.

"Let's see if you two can beat that thing and if you can't, well, you will, surely you're not that incapable?" Lone whispered with a smile smeared across his lips. Although he was worried about Sophie, he knew that the girls needed this to grow, much like how he needed to interact with people to evolve, the two of them needed to defeat this Mummy, for different reasons.

Unfortunately for Lone, someone else had different plans. It had absolutely no intentions of letting Lone intervene in the spectacular show that it was currently enjoying.

A note from Lone

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