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Book 2 Chapter 12: Discussion and Sandy


A note from Lone

Sorry for the delay, I had writer's block for chapter 14. I wanted a particular thing to happen, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to make it happen in a believable way. Thankfully, inspiration hit me when I was enraged about being forced to do a full day's work of overtime tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy.

"That was... something," Lone said to which Breena and Sophie could only agree. "A few points we have to talk about, sit down, girls," Lone had stated before he unstored the leather seats he had created earlier. If they were going to sit down, they may as well do so in comfort or so Lone thought.

"First, are you sure Clicker is known as the God of Games, and not of Insanity?" Lone asked Breena with nothing but seriousness in his voice. Even to someone as eccentric as Lone, that message from Clicker had left even him feeling like there was something vastly wrong with the apparent God.

"Y-Yes. As far as I know, h-he is," Breena meekly replied. Lone sighed at this response. Firstly he sighed due to the answer, and secondly due to the fact that Breena was still stuttering. Originally she wasn't doing that, but ever since she had awakened, it had almost become a habit for her to stutter on every other word. Lone was unsure if this change was a positive one or a negative one.

"Well, nothing I can do about this really. I wish I could just destroy the door, but all of my powers rely heavily on my opponent, and I doubt my base physical strength is any match for the door a God created. So we're stuck here, which means we have to clear this dungeon, which I'm fine with. I planned on clearing this dungeon anyway, but the time limit of five-hundred years is nuts. One year is the limit I'm putting on it. So just over half a floor per day," Lone claimed.

Breena nearly lost consciousness upon hearing this. Not only did Lone want to clear the dungeon, but he wanted to do so in a year or less! Breena was the only person present who knew exactly how dangerous Clicker's dungeons were famous for being. To her knowledge, only his I-Rank dungeon had been cleared to date. It was also publically known that all of his dungeons above his I-Rank one were impossible to defeat or at least no one had cleared them since their discovery.

"Besides that, there's the issue of killing people to skip a level forcefully. That leads me to believe that there might still be other humans or humanoids living in here. Personally, I'd like to avoid killing anyone, if possible I want to fight them until they are nearly dead to observe any skills they have and then leave them be. I want to defeat the levels using my own power, not by using a cop-out method," Lone said to the surprise of Breena and agreement of Sophie.

Breena was surprised because she assumed Lone would kill anyone he saw in here, but it would seem that his desire for power exceeded his enjoyment of murder, or so Breena thought.

"I don't think there's much more to discuss regarding this topic, that is, unless you two have any questions?" Lone asked after he finished saying his piece. Sophie shook her head since she naturally agreed with what Lone had said and she couldn't think about anything else regarding the message they had received.

"W-What if it takes u-us more than a year to c-clear this place?" Breena asked with her worry very obviously being displayed on her facial features. She had pushed herself very hard to believe that Lone could clear the dungeon, but it was still far too much for her to trust that he could do so in a year.

"Well then, if it takes longer than three-hundred and sixty-five days exactly, then if I ever meet this 'Clicker' character, then I'll fucking kill him," Lone answered before he released his killing intent unintentionally. To be completely honest, Lone was just jealous. The truth of the matter was that Lone actually admired the God of Games' style. Lone wished that he had the ability to fuck with people in such an irritating manner like this Clicker had done so.

"Is that it? Any other concerns?" Lone asked if there was anything else to discuss one last time, and when he was met with silence, he stood up and stored his chair. 

Shortly afterwards, the group of three had found themselves in what appeared to be a large open chamber. There was nothing present except a humungous metal gate that had a large 'two' printed on it.

"Be careful, I have a feeling that as soon as we get close to that door, something very bad will happen, most likely the boss will appear, either that or hordes of monsters," Lone said with a smile on his face. Clearly, he was excited to fight something challenging once again.

Sophie was also excited. She wanted to test out her newly found talents for swordsmanship while Breena couldn't help but audibly gulp as she was rather scared of the tension being created by the whole situation.

Lone adjusted his mechanical glasses slightly while he tightly held Dawn with his right hand, The group slowly advanced closer and closer towards the gate. When they were about halfway there, a low humming sound could be heard from all around them which alerted the group of three, stopping them in place.

"Well, prepare yourselves, the fun's about to begin I think," Lone said with a chipper tone. He was determined to turn his lightning wave into a skill on whatever appeared in front of them.

Welcome to floor one's only fight, the boss fight! Introducing the boss, his name is... SANDY! The infamous, the scandalous, the gorgeous, the MUMMY! And let's not forget his legion of undead zombies! Woo woo woo! I'm cheering for you, Sandy! Show those filthy adventurers what for!

"Fuck. Do we have to listen to this shit every boss fight?" Lone externally complained about what was obviously Clicker's message, but internally, his respect for the God was ever growing. Lone then marvelled at what must have been Sandy. 

Roughly fifty meters away from Lone, towered the Mummy. He was ten-feet tall and entirely wrapped in bandages save for his face which was adorned with what looked like a ceremonial mask of some sort. He held a golden sceptre in his muscular left hand and a silver orb in his right. Lone was honestly surprised at how strong this Mummy looked physically, let alone the strength he must have in magic.

The time Lone had to look at Sandy was cut short by the appearance of countless zombies, all wrapped in cloth. They looked far worse than Sandy and were obviously normal people or perhaps slaves during their lifetimes.

"Well, this should certainly be fun. Plenty to go around at least. I wonder if I'll have to learn holy magic somehow, or maybe just quickly learn that palm technique Eko used?" Lone whispered to himself with a chuckle when he thought about fighting the undead before he tightly gripped Dawn.

Sophie similarly drew her swords, Slesh and Chakoo. She was unphased by the horde of zombies since she had had experience with huge crowds of enemies during her times being chased by the Templars on Earth. Such crowds only scared her when they weren't trying to kill her like the Templars that merely wished to capture her, which obviously wasn't the case right now.

Breena was holding two steel daggers, one in each hand in an extremely nervous manner. Not only did she completely lack experience with the weapons, but she lacked experience with fighting at all. The Hero had done all of the fightings himself and Lone had only left monsters for Sophie to kill. All the teenaged Foxkin could do now was shake in fear and hope that she would survive and wish that she didn't have to kill anything. She was afraid of what changes she might experience as a person were she actually to kill something, regardless of if it was truly already dead or not.

Sandy the Mummy slowly raised his left hand which held the sceptre upon seeing Lone's small party of three and a very hushed, raspy voice escaped his mask, "... kill... them..." he ordered to which every single zombie instantly began shuffling towards the three living beings. It would seem that Sandy held some sentience which Lone wasn't sure if that would be a huge hindrance or not in the fight that was quickly shuffling towards him.

A note from Lone

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