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Book 2 Chapter 2: Embrace and Bastard


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"B-but Teacher McCullen looks nothing like that man in the image!" one of the students exclaimed. The other students and the Teacher couldn't help but agree. Darren McCullen was an overweight and average-looking man with brown hair, not the attractive, lean blonde-haired one displayed. After hearing this, Ralph picked himself off from the floor to the joy of the nobility under him before he once again sat on his throne.

"Of course, however, as I'm sure you're all aware, magic exists in this world. We are fairly confident that this man has changed his appearance via forbidden magic only accessible to Demons. It would seem that he had somehow made a deal with a Devil so to speak, resulting in him coming to our world and his new found desire to rule this humble planet of ours as the Demon Lord," this explanation of King Ralph's held a fair amount of logic. The summoned humans had indeed noticed that the image shown to them by Henry was displayed using a method unknown to them, so magic was a very plausible explanation.

"And fear not, I wouldn't ask any of you to fight this monster of a man with nothing but your fists. The Goddess of Light, Astera, has used a vast level of her power to bequeath each of you with a unique power suited personally for each of you," this declaration left many of the students stunned, afraid or overjoyed, "However, before we can deal with the menace that is now known as 'Lone Immortus', we must first kill his agents. He has managed to corrupt two such individuals during his stay in my Kingdom."

Gilbert's eyes contracted, and his breathing became slightly rough after Ralph had said that. Could he be talking about himself? And if so, who was the other? Fortunately or unfortunately, Gilbert's worries were soon addressed.

"The first individual is a Dwarf who goes by the name of Grimsley Metalborne. A weak man who is very skilled in the art of Smithing, but unfortunately, he was seduced into becoming a follower of the new Demon Lord. The second, however, the second is very powerful and it honestly pains me to see that he has fallen to the machinations of this vile monster," King Ralph said before he took a deep breathe seemingly to calm himself.

"The second individual is present in this very room!" this announcement left many of the people present gaping in shock. "His name is Gilbert Zeebram, the Guildmaster of The Adventurer's Guild and a close friend who raised me. It pains me to see that you have been brainwashed by this Foxkin's schemes, but fear not, we shall kill you which will cleanse your soul of his corruption," Ralph claimed with zeal in his voice.

Gilbert was shocked speechless. He had been brainwashed? What nonsense! However, Gilbert's nature as a Purity Dragonkin was telling him that Ralph wasn't lying, or at least Ralph thought that what he was saying was the truth.

"Ha-ah, I'm guessing you won't give me a chance to explain myself, so for now, I suppose this is goodbye, huh?" Gilbert had said before an incredibly significant amount of power escaped Gilbert's left hand. "You're getting rusty, Henry. You couldn't even detect me silently casting a master level spell," Gilbert said with a smirk.

"WHAT?! IMPOSSIBLE!" Henry had screamed in rage before he started chanting. Several of the members of the Church of Light similarly began chanting spells while the Knights began charging towards Gilbert. George similarly rushed towards Gilbert while the Duchess blew a kiss at Gilbert which created a pillar of rose petals that were quickly heading towards him. The first Prince, Andrew Zinc, had pulled out a pure golden short sword and was swiftly trying to plunge it into Gilbert's back. Ralph Zinc merely remained seated because he had complete faith that Gilbert would succumb to all of these powerful attacks.

"A pity. I never did show you all my real level of power, did I? I guess I've been idle for too long. Ralph, goodbye my old friend. New Heroes, do not believe everything that you are told, be very careful before you decide who the true evil is," Gilbert warned before he closed his eyes and sighed once more.

"Embrace of Altros," Gilbert whispered. Mere fractions of a second later, thousands of plants and vines sprung up from the cracks in the tiles and walls. These vines and plants then entwined themselves around all of the people present except Gilbert himself. Oddly enough, all of the Mages' chanting was immediately interrupted, and the Warriors found their strength to be waning.

"I didn't want to use such a nasty spell, but you forced my hand you fool, none of you shall die, but I have drained all of your mana and stamina, the perfect spell to allow for my escape. I hope that you can come to your senses soon Ralph, I would hate for Lone to kill you, for I don't have to heart to witness such a thing," Gilbert said in a soft tone before he left the palace. 

'After that, I went back to my home and collected everything of value before I went to find your other friend, Grimsley. At that point, it would seem that Henry had escaped the binding of my spell and consumed several mana potions. Honestly, the spell I used had drained me of almost all of my mana, so I was forced to use a teleportation orb to get Grimsley and me to safety. I'm not sure where we are, but we're safe at least," Gilbert said as the conclusion to his recollection of the most recent turn of events to Lone.

"My... my students?" Lone mumbled aloud. When Gilbert had called him, his tale was the last thing Lone expected to hear. Now though, it would seem that Lone was the world's number one enemy. It didn't help that he had lingering emotions from his time as a teacher, whether these emotions would serve to help or hinder him was a thing that only time could decide.

'No matter. Thank you for informing me Gilbert and thank you for saving Grimsley. The two of you are very important to me. However, there's no need to worry about me at all. You should know that I can kill everyone on this planet literally, and if I can't kill them regularly, I can destroy their mind's and even if that doesn't work then the attacker can't deal any damage to me due to one of my shared titles, by the way, that applies to you too,' Lone informed Gilbert which left the Dragonkin stunned.

'Pardon? If I can't win then my opponent can't deal any damage to me?' This revelation from Lone had confused Gilbert even more than the reason behind Ralph's sudden change of personality.

'Ah, I can't be bothered explaining, Grimsley is with you, yeah? Ask him; he knows the details; I'll edit your contracts so you can share information about me. Well then, It's still early in the morning, it's like, what, two in the morning? Jesus, you said you were safe, you should have just called me in the afternoon, bye Gilbert,' Lone said before he cut off his supply of mana to the gem in his glasses. He then took them off.

Lone then left his temporary house, summoned both Gilbert's and Grimsley's contracts before he tampered with both of them loosening the restrictions on the two of them. Lone had only discovered he could do this during testing while he was being trained by Zeek. After doing that, Lone unsummoned the scrolls before he reentered his house and crawled back into bed.

"Mmmm, did something happen?" Sophie mumbled with a sleepy voice that was also very seductive to the ears. Lone had stroked her head before he pulled her in for a cuddle.

"Nothing, I just gained a few more enemies. Nothing I can't handle, go back to sleep, Soph," Lone replied softly before he kissed his lover and closed his eyes.

"... I see..." Sophie replied before she too closed her eyes. The couple were being far too nonchalant about the new set of circumstances that had arisen.

Meanwhile, back on the unknown island, Gilbert was gnashing his teeth in anger.

"Did that little bastard really just tell me off for informing him about his latest enemies because I disturbed his sleep?!" Gilbert roared in frustration. Grimsley was busy laughing absurdly hard even to bother consoling the Dragonkin.

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