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Book 2 Chapter 1: Summons and Summoning


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Two hours before Gilbert's daring escape from the capital city of Milindo, his secretary had just entered his office.

"Guildmaster, a summons from his Majesty has arrived," she told Gilbert. It would seem that Gilbert had been summoned to the palace for whatever reason. Gilbert looked at his secretary briefly before he nodded to her. She immediately left his office after seeing this nod.

Gilbert slowly leant his head back, closed his eyes and sighed. He hated being forced to go to the palace, especially now since he knew it would be related to Duke Oswald Fenton's death which meant he'd have to cut all ties with Lone officially. There was no covering up the death of one of the most influential people of the country, so Gilbert would have to swallow his pride on this one.

After Gilbert had taken a moment to collect himself, he got up and left for the palace immediately. He decided to walk there for a change since he usually rode a carriage everywhere. He was refreshed upon seeing the happy smiles and friendly attitudes of the citizens, however, something was tugging at his heart. It was a feeling of loneliness as if he didn't belong in this country.

'How long have I been in Milindo? It must be what, two-hundred years? Time sure does fly... I think I'll go on an adventure after this whole situation has cooled down. I haven't levelled up in the longest time,' Gilbert happily thought. He suddenly felt the uneasy feeling vacate him as soon as he had resolved himself to leave the city which pleased him.

Now with an extra stride to his step, Gilbert quickly made his way to the King's palace. He was quickly let inside after he showed his status card to the gate guards. He was then escorted to the throne room, where the King resided.

Upon entering the throne room, Gilbert immediately noticed the strange way in which the King and the first Prince were looking at him. The King was a muscular and aged man who looked roughly seventy years old while his son, the First Prince was the very same black-haired youth who had appeared at the Coliseum a week ago.

"Greetings, your Majesty, King Ralph Zinc, your Majesty, Prince Andrew Zinc. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Gilbert asked the members of royalty in front of him with ample amounts of caution in his voice. He took a very quick moment to scan the throne room only to find both Dukes, the Duchess, all other members of the nobility and even several Archbishops of the Church of Light to be present within the Hall.

"Ah, Gilbert. You finally arrived. I have summoned you here today to witness a moment that will go down in history for many years to come!" the King said in a crazed manner which heavily startled Gilbert.

"And this moment would be what exactly, your Majesty?" Gilbert questioned. He was feeling a very ominous sensation and couldn't help feeling the urge to flee. He had raised and looked after this King before him for his entire life, but the King's tone just now had made every pore of Gilbert's body scream for him to leave this place immediately.

"Well, no need to ruin the surprise, come, stand next to me, old friend," Ralph answered which sent a chill up Gilbert's spine. Never once in his life had the King called Gilbert 'old friend', but if the Dragonkin were to refuse now, he would surely be attacked by all present forces. This was what Gilbert felt, so he lowered his head into a bow and made his way to stand next to the King.

"Excellent," Ralph claimed. "Now, esteemed guests from the Church of Light, please, begin the ritual," he continued with joy clearly visible on his face.

'Ritual? What ritual would need twenty Archbishops and fifty Bishops?' Gilbert thought to himself in shock. Shortly afterwards, the members of the Church of Light all began chanting in unison. 'No, impossible, Astera has permitted a summoning on such a large scale?!' Gilbert had apparently figured out the exact nature of this, particularly grand ritual.

A few minutes later, Gilbert's fears were all realised. A Hero summoning. Roughly forty humans had appeared atop of the huge magic circle that centred the Archbishops. All of them were wearing what had been described as a school uniform by former Heroes save for one human who was wearing what was recognised as formal wear. A teacher and his students it would seem.

"$%£^ %&*... ? "!&*( )& £$"%^ &^$ ^*?" the man in formal wear, presumably the teacher, said. He was obviously very confused along with the students.

"Henry, give them the rings," King Ralph ordered the Duke standing to his right. Henry beamed a smile so bright it would put the sun to shame. Gilbert just looked at him somewhat disdainfully which didn't go unnoticed by Henry. He just scoffed at Gilbert's expression.

"Yes, your Majesty!" Henry practically shouted. He then walked towards the summoned humans before he carefully handed each of them a small ring with a pink gem embedded into it. A translation ring.

'When on Altros did Ralph get so many of those rings? Those are worth an entire Kingdom!' Gilbert though which only served to increase his wariness of this whole situation.

"Can you understand me now?" King Ralph asked the short, slim and well-dressed man who was presumably the teacher after he had put on the translation ring. His body shook a little bit at being spoken to which caused his short and slightly unkempt brown hair to rustle.

"Y-Yes, I can," he replied. It looked like he wanted to comply as much as he could, which made sense. He was in a room filled with people covered in robes or knights adorned in armour holding various weapons. Such a sight would leave most summoned humans in a state of awe, fear or both.

"Fantastic! Well, let's get straight to the point, shall we?" Ralph said playfully before he gestured towards Henry Melek which caused all of the summoned people and Gilbert to turn and look at the Duke. Henry smiled and walked back from the group of other-worlders before he turned to look at them. He then held his magnificent staff horizontally before he chanted a spell for a few seconds.

Suddenly, an image appeared. It was of a man sitting on a chair in the middle of a forest at the dead of night. He was playing with a pair of mechanical glasses, and before long, he stood up and spoke a few words while revealing his nine multi-coloured tails. He then approached a stump of a man before briefly talking to this man; he then squeezed his head killing him. This display of images left many of the summoned humans in shock, and a few had even vomited from disgust.

"As you can all see, this Foxkin killed someone in a very horrific manner, in fact, the victim was none other than a faithful and loyal Duke who served our humble Kingdom. He was a man known as Oswald Fenton. His death pains my heart and causes all of us present to feel unending grief, but we must move past this," the King then took a short breather before he continued, "Knowing he would face punishment for his crimes, the Foxkin fled the capital and is now loose from our grasp."

After saying so, the summoned humans all exclaimed in shock at this news. They were still trying to wrap their heads around the present situation, and now they are told about a murderer who is on the loose? They were all finding it hard to remain calm.

"He is incredibly powerful having killed my Duke and having defeated another. He is known to have several types of magic under his control, god-like regenerative abilities, a transformation making him stronger than all of my Dukes and most likely, myself combined, and last but not least, an unknown power that can destroy one's mind," Ralph finished his brief explanation of the Foxkin's abilities.

"He sounds exceedingly dangerous, but why are you telling us about this?" a beautiful young student asking the king in a somewhat rude manner. However, not a single person present scolded her for doing so since they knew that individuals in power in the summoned humans worlds were generally treated as equals to the peasants.

"Indeed? Why am I telling you this? Well, if you knew who he was, you'd soon understand," Ralph said cryptically.

"Pardon? Do we know him?" another student, this time an average-looking but muscular boy asked.

"Know him? My boy, the man taught you at one point!" this left all of the summoned humans confused. They had no idea what the King meant. "The Goddess of Light, Astera, has told me of his true name and from where he originated from. He goes by the name 'Lone Immortus' now, but prior to that, he was called 'Darren McCullen'. Your teacher, or so I have been informed," Ralph finished which caused everyone present to be shocked into silence.

"Teacher McCullen?" the beautiful girl exclaimed quietly before a look of softness exuded from her amber-brown eyes.

"Not only that, but we believe he is now attempting to become the next Demon Lord, so we have summoned you, who have a connection with him in the hopes of killing him for the sake of our Kingdom's citizens lives, please, Heroes, I beg of you, please help us!" Ralph pleaded before he got to the floor and bowed his head to the ground. The 'Heroes', members of the Church of Light and the King's men were all stunned by the King's sincerity, everyone bar Gilbert.

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