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Book 2 Prologue: Escape and Consequences


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"Are you really sure this is... the right thing to do, my Lord?" Astera, the Goddess of Light, asked the blurry figure standing ahead of her. She was currently in a small room that held nothing in it but a round wooden table which had twelve seats surrounding it. The blurry figure was standing in front of the fifth largest seat. Oddly enough, each seat was a different size, for what reason, Astera didn't know.

"Of course. How dare you doubt me. Those souls have been tarnished by his presence; it is only right that we offer them a chance at salvation by sending them against him. I'm very thankful for your unnatural aptitude for summoning beings from separate worlds but doubt me again, and I shall erase your existence," the blurry figure said before it unleashed an unearthly amount of killing intent at Astera. She was struggling to stand, and her pupils were violently constricting.

'Indeed! This level of power... it's so... so... ungodly... ' Astera bellowed in her mind. Thankfully for her, the killing intent faded, and the figure standing before her began blurring even more so than it already had before.

"Don't fail me. Succeed, and as promised, I'll force the council to recognise your application for the now vacant twelfth seat," the figure claimed before it disappeared completely. Astera stood there in silence for several hours before she turned into a beam of pure light and left the strange room as well.

Meanwhile, in Milindo's capital city, Grimsley suddenly heard a thunderous and impatient knock coming from his house's front door. It was currently 10 o'clock in the evening, and Grimsley was just preparing to sleep. He quickly rushed downstairs and swung open his front door with an angry scowl plastered across his face. However, before he could ask any questions, the person who had knocked on his door spoke first.

"You're Lone's close friend, right? Quickly! Get your family and anything that matters to you within five minutes; we need to leave, now!" Gilbert said in a panic. The person who had knocked on Grimsley's door was indeed, the Guildmaster of The Adventurer's Guild, Gilbert Zeebram. He looked very anxious and worn out. It would seem that something had happened to instil the Dragonkin with fear.

"What on Altros are ye talkin' aboot?" Grimsley replied in utter confusion. A look of anger quickly flashed across Gilbert's face before it faded into one of helplessness.

"I'm sorry, I'm here to help, forgive me for this later," Gilbert said which only further confused Grimsley. However, before Grimsley could voice any further complaints, a pair of large green wings sprouted out from Gilbert's back. These wings were roughly five meters in length each which created a rather impressive image of the otherwise elderly-looking man.

"Gravity magic is not my speciality, so forgive me for the bumpy ride. We better survive this," Gilbert mumbled before he waved his hands causing a magic circle to appear and he then chanted several lines of magical text.

Mere moments later, the ground began rumbling and shaking, which obviously alerted the nearby residents and guards, but Gilbert cared little and continued. Several seconds later, Grimsley's house was suddenly ripped from the ground and began floating in mid-air with Grimsley still in its doorway. 

Gilbert flapped his wings several times and took off. He turned and immediately flew eastward all the while he continued to chant and amazingly enough, Grimsley's house followed him through the air. It was a spectacular sight to behold, and it left many of the civilians with feelings of awe and curiosity upon seeing this sight.

'Please, be safe Lone, I did all I could, but there's no stopping them now, please, be safe,' Gilbert prayed for his friend in his mind. Something had happened, something dreadful had happened. Dreadful enough for Gilbert to betray the country of Milindo and to even betray The Adventurer's Guild which supported him, purely to buy more time for Lone.

"YOU SHALL BE GOING NOWHERE!" a booming voice echoed. It was a masculine voice that clearly held some age to it. With a flash of lightning, Henry Melek, the Lightning Warmage, suddenly appeared in front of Gilbert. His hands were clasped behind his back, and he apparently wasn't taking Gilbert very seriously.

"FUCK! I didn't want to use this, but you leave me no choice!" Gilbert screamed in rage. He knew that he was no match for Henry in his current state, hence why he chose not to fight. He then pulled out a small white orb from his spatial pouch. Upon seeing this orb, Henry's attitude changed drastically.

"How do you have a teleportation orb, you filthy demi-human?!" Henry screamed in rage. He was completely enraged at the fact that such a rare and powerful object was in the possession of a being he viewed as being a lesser species than humans.

Naturally, Gilbert didn't respond and just smiled at Henry playfully before he shattered the orb which hurt him a lot, emotionally of course. Such an item truly was far too rare. He had been gifted three of such orbs by the Patriarch of the Purity Dragonkin clan before he left the clan two hundred years ago while he was still young, at least young for Dragonkin.

Gilbert and Grimsley's house then began swirling inwards before they both completely vanished. Henry was powerless to stop this so he could only gnash his teeth and return to the King's palace, which is where he previously was before his confrontation with Gilbert.

Several thousand miles away, on an unknown island, in an unknown ocean, a house and a Dragonkin suddenly appeared in the air before they both plummeted to the ground. They landed in a dense forest with a tremendous amount of force which completely shattered the house. The impact startled the nearby wildlife into fleeing.

"Ah, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" the Dragonkin, Gilbert, shouted in anger. He was angry that he had had to use one of his teleportation orbs and he was angry that he didn't have enough time to set a destination for it, which resulted in him and the house being teleported to a random location.

"What te fook jus' 'appened?" Grimsley asked Gilbert. He had just crawled out from the rubble of his house while he was holding the now unconscious Shana. Thankfully, both of them had survived the ordeal.

"Hmm?" Gilbert had said before he turned to look at Grimsley. "I just saved your lives. That's what happened," he continued with a serious tone. Grimsley could tell that Gilbert was being wholly serious despite having never met the man prior to this occasion, so he reeled in his anger and decided to follow up with another question.

"Saved us from what?" he asked. Grimsley presumed that now would be a good time to get some answers seeing as how it would appear that they were now no longer in any immediate danger.

"Oh, nothing much, just the Church of Light, the entire Kingdom of Milindo, oh, and let's not forget the forty or so new Heroes," Gilbert said in a joking tone. Clearly, he was trying his best to remain calm since he knew that he wasn't the primary focus of this collection of super powers.

"Oh, why te fook are they after us?" Grimsley asked. He was shocked and honestly quite shaken up by this answer of Gilbert's. It should be known that Grimsley was only an H-Ranker. He had very little battle power and relied on his Smithing to survive, so without Gilbert, he could only assume that he would be a captive or dead right now. However, he was still confused as to why the coalition of factions was seeking not only him but Gilbert as well.

"Because... because Lone is an idiot. I should have never let him kill that stupid Duke. Anyway, I'm Gilbert, and I already know who you are, so I think it's about time I contacted Lone and told him what's happening," the Dragonkin answered before he pulled out a tiny green gem from his Chinese-styled robes. It was the communication orb that Lone had created for him.

On the other side of the world, in the middle of a field, inside a small wooden cottage, Lone was stirred from his sleep by the low humming being issued by the communication orb implanted on the rim of his glasses that were laying on a side dresser.

"Huh? Gilbert?" Lone mumbled before he gently removed Sophie who was lying on top of him. He then stood up and put his glasses on before he inserted some mana into the small green gem.

'Lone? I have some bad news for you,' Gilbert said through the communication tool. Lone was very befuddled by this. What on earth could Gilbert be talking about?

'What happened?' was Lone's response. It would seem that the communication orbs connected each user's minds while in use, which was convenient for Lone since he had had practice with this during his mental conversations with Sophie, hence his fluidity with the method of using the tool.

'Simply put, the consequences of your actions have finally shown themselves,' Gilbert answered which helped fill in some of Lone's doubts, but he was still very, very confused.

A note from Lone

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