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Book 1 Epilogue: Departure and Because


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After Gilbert had calmed down and reeled in his shock, he told Lone how to operate the device and then saw him off. Neither he nor Lone were particularly emotional regarding farewells due to the fact that it was bound to be temporary. They did have eternal or nearly infinite lifespans after all, so this farewell was bound to be brief as far as they were concerned.

Lone took Breena and Sophie with him after he had cancelled Breena's contract. The trio then headed to Grimsley's smithy. It would be their last stop before they left the city. Lone had considered visiting Victoria's shop, but he felt that he didn't really know her nor her husband, James, very well, so he decided to omit them from his farewell list.

It didn't take the trio long to reach Grimsley's smithy, and after reaching it, the three met the Dwarven owner, and he gave Lone a relatively large hug after Lone had told him that he was leaving the city, which surprised him, but straight afterwards, Grimsley left. It would seem he was only working a morning shift since his niece, Shana, had caught a minor illness, nothing serious, but Grimsley wanted to take the time to treat and care for her.

Lone left Grimsley with several hundred golden coins because that was more than enough to keep him financially secure for a few decades if need be. Lone fully expected Grimsley to continue smithing since a passion doesn't end just because you no longer need to make money from it and Lone knew exactly how much Grimsley loved to Smith.

After the brief farewell was over, Lone, Sophie and Breena made their way to the eastern city gate. Lone had already stored everything from the house, and since the city was fairly close to the western shore, Lone had decided to journey east and gradually work his way to The Academy. 

The trio easily made their way out of the city despite being a group of two demihumans and a child, but gold makes the world go round, and a bribe solved all of Lone's problems. Lone also knew his money wouldn't be overly helpful on the journey because he assumed they would be in the world for a while and for some reason, Lone had a feeling that he would be unable to use his gold at all in the near future, so Lone wanted to make the most of his funds while he could.

"Um... Mr.Immortus, do you mind if I ask you where we're going?" the Crimson Foxkin, Breena asked Lone. She had done nothing but follow Lone for a short while now, and she wasn't sure what his plans were, but she knew the world outside of the city was dangerous and full of monsters, so she wanted to know exactly what the plan was.

Lone turned to look at her for a moment before he spoke to her. "We're going to the Crimson Fox clan. I have business there, and I can leave you with them," Lone had answered before he took the red orb that Lossa had given him and channelled some mana into it. Upon doing so, Lone's mind suddenly felt that heading northeast was the correct thing to do.

Lone found this to be curious, but he knew that the direction wasn't right in general. It was only correct if he wished to go to the Fox clan, which he did, so he put the orb back away and began walking towards the indicated direction.

There was an empty grass field in his direction, which made Lone happy since he had a stinking suspicion that he might get ambushed again now that he had left the city in a noticeable manner. Lone wasn't particularly worried about being attacked, but he was worried that Breena would die were he to be ambushed. He wanted to use her to earn some more favour with Lossa, the fox clan elder, so her death was out of the question.

The trio moved for a few hours without incident thankfully. Now only lone and Breena were walking since Sophie had asked to be unsummoned to play and look after Kyuubi so Lone had done so which resulted in the two Foxkin being left alone.

The two never spoke as Lone didn't really care about her, he cared more about the result of safely delivering her to the clan, while Breena was somewhat intimidated by Lone so only the sound of their footsteps could be heard amidst the natural sounds of the wilderness.

After another twenty or so minutes, Breena finally mustered up the courage to ask Lone a question that she thought was fairly important.

"Mr.Immortus... can I ask you a question?" she timidly asked him. Lone was a bit surprised by her, but he thought it was somewhat natural to have some questions considering he had freed her and had declared that he would bring her back home for whatever reason.

"Sure. What is it?" Lone replied after he finished his thought. Breena's red tail stopped its gentle swaying before she steeled her determination to ask Lone about her current concern.

"Um, why did you save us slaves? You don't seem like the type of person that would... AH!, No, um, er, you're really nice and thank you for saving us, but you've done so much for us... why?" Breena asked after recollecting herself from her earlier fluster. She really was curious regarding this matter because not only had Lone freed them; he had even found a home or family member for each of the three.

Breena found this to be somewhat odd as he didn't appear to be the kind of person that would care much for others, regardless of the fact that she was a fellow Foxkin.

"Hmm? Because I wanted to? I'm not a big fan of sexual exploitation. I honestly think I wouldn't have cared if I couldn't see that you three were clearly being abused," Lone explained. Unfortunately for Breena, there was no profoundly deep meaning behind Lone's actions most of the time. If it wasn't because of an interest, then it was due to a whim. Those were the two most important driving factors for Lone's actions and motives.

"Eh? But that kind of thing is normal here, why do you feel like that?" Breena said matter-of-factly before she curiously asked. It was true that demihumans were accustomed to poor treatment, even at a young age. If a demihuman ever became a slave, it was usually to become a sex tool or a bodyguard of some sort. Breena wasn't complaining; she was only curious as to why he disliked that so much since it was only natural.

"I just do. There doesn't need to be a reason for me liking or disliking something beyond 'just because'. Stop trying to pull meaning out of nothing. Okay?" Lone gently asked. He appreciated her questions since her being more open would make travelling easier even if he cared very little about her.

"Ah! S-Sorry..." Breena said while her fox ears pressed themselves against her head in embarrassment. She had unknowingly asked a slightly personal question, or so she assumed by lone's reaction. Lone stopped walking and put his hand on his chin for a moment. He quickly let go of it after coming to some sort of a conclusion.

"We'll camp here for tonight. it's getting kind of late," Lone said while he looked at the sky. It was roughly six or seven o'clock in the evening which was still early, but since they were in the wild, it would get very dark soon, so Lone wanted to rest and be up for the first light.

Breena nodded to his declaration and moved to gather some twigs and rocks, presumably for a camp fire.

"You don't have to do that," Lone said with a sigh. It would seem Daisuke the hero used the girls for more than just carnal desires. Breena looked at Lone quizzically for a quick second. If they didn't build a camp, then how would they rest properly? Her questions were soon answered when a small wooden house sprouted from the ground.

"Gilbert taught me a trick or two, so we'll be fine without a normal campfire," Lone said with a smile before he walked into the newly created house. He was happy to use some of the new magic Gilbert had taught him during the past week. He and Breena made themselves comfortable before Lone resummoned Sophie and Kyuubi.

It was finally time to rest up and refuel before the real journey to The Academy, and consequently, the Crimson Fox clan began.

A note from Lone

Finally finished! The next upload will be a most likely incomplete character sheet for book 1 then the next post will be a kind of Q&A and my after thoughts, so look forward to that. I'll also write the prologue to book 2 as soon as I can.

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