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"Uhh... what the?" Oswald mumbled after he had regained consciousness once more. The first thing he noticed was his surroundings. Oswald was now in what looked like a forest. It was difficult to tell purely because of how dark it was.

"Ah, finally awake, are we? I thought you'd turned into a tree. You are just a stump after all," Lone said with a small giggle. He was rather proud of his joke. At Lone saying this, Oswald took a second to look at his body only to be overcome with an incredible amount of pain.

Throbbing. That was all the Duke could feel. His arms and legs were gone, and all that remained was black stumps. It hurt and incredible amount, but what he really couldn't stand was the constant throbbing.

"Ah... ah... ah... AHHHHHH-" Oswald started screamed before he was slapped and flung to the ground. Apparently lone didn't appreciate all of the noise he was making.

"it was pretty difficult cauterising your wounds with lightning magic since I only know one spell, and it's a powerful one, so forgive me if I did a shabby job, okay?" Lone had asked with a pleasant smile before he crouched next to the crippled man. Lone then grabbed his head with an iron grip before he pulled him up to make his face level with his own.

"Now, you have one last chance to live. Tell me who bought the mother of the Fox, and I'll let you live, I could even heal you," Lone said in a bewitching manner. His charm was working extraordinarily well. Oswald was entranced by his offer, even if Lone couldn't heal him, what did Oswald care? The Duke was mere moments away from losing his mind.

"A-A man! I don't know who he was... b-but his name was A-Arthur, Arthur Pendragon. I don't have any idea where he came from nor who he is. P-please, t-that's all I know!" Oswald quickly said. Now that he had done so, he hoped that Lone would release him.

'Heh? Arthur Pendragon? I doubt it's the real one. Someone else from earth? A coincidence? No matter, they shall die,'° Lone morbidly thought before his gaze returned to the broken man he held in his hand.

"One final question. Was Kyuubi a Fox when you first saw her or did you do that to her?" lone coldly asked. This was his most pressing concern. He wanted to fix Kyuubi and return her to her original form, so he hoped he could gain some insight from the Duke.

"S-She was already like that when I found her!" The Duke replied in a hurry. He was clearly very intimidated by Lone and his actions.

"I see, thank you," Lone had replied before he started squeezing his hand which obviously led to Oswald's head being pressed against it.

"W-WAIT! You promised you'd heal me and let me live!" Oswald shouted. It was clear that he was panicking because his head was being crushed and his skull was fracturing.

"I lied," Lone had said before he squeezed a little bit harder which resulted in the Duke's head exploding in his palm like a ripe fruit. Lone then took a cloth out of his dimension before he wiped the blood away from his now dirtied hand. He then stored both the cloth and corpse of the Duke before he quietly made his way back to the city.

As soon as he reached his home, Lone resummoned Sophie and Kyuubi and chose to sit down on the king sized bed. Sophie quickly snuggled up to him. She was happy that Lone didn't have to torture the Duke very much.

Even though Sophie was perfectly fine with Lone's psychopathic tendencies and bloodthirsty personality, she would prefer if he could avoid doing such actions whenever possible purely because she didn't think it was good for Lone's character and soul.

"Kyuubi," Lone said while he gently picked up the small golden fox that Sophie was holding. "I killed your previous owner. The man who separated you from your mother, and I intend to find her too, but I won't prioritise it, and even if I do find her, I shall not return you to her since she apparently lacks the means to protect you. I have already decided to raise you, so raise you I shall," Lone declared while he looked straight into the Fox's eyes.

Kyuubi just gave him a confused look before falling asleep in his arms. Lone sighed at this and just decided to go to sleep with his family now. It had been an eventful evening after all. The trio woke up in the early afternoon since they went to sleep rather late.

After getting dressed and washed up, Lone and Sophie left the house after unsummoning Kyuubi with several blankets because she had quickly fallen asleep again. The fact that she slept so much helped reinforce Lone's theory that she was a child, most likely a toddler.

Lone and Sophie first headed to a local map shop. It sold several items used for sea and land navigation so Lone decided to get a more detailed map than the one he had gained from the pirates he met a couple of months ago.

After the two had purchased a new map, they made their way the adventurers guild. It didn't take them too long to reach it, and they were quickly directed to Gilbert's office. The Guildmaster was once again buried under a pile of work, but he pulled himself away to give lone a moment of his time.

"So, Lone, what can I do for you today?" Gilbert asked with some joy in his voice. Lone has made some chicken for him which he appreciated since he enjoyed the food a lot.

"I'm here for the Fox slave, some information and to tell you that I'm leaving," Lone curtly replied. He didn't want to beat around the bush with his accepted being, so he only told Gilbert exactly what he was here for.

"Give me a minute," Gilbert thoughtfully replied before he stood up and left the room. He returned a few moments later with Breena, the Crimson Foxkin, following behind him. She looked nervous but otherwise happy because she naturally assumed Lone was going to free her.

 "So, what would you like to know?" Gilbert asked with some sadness in his voice. Despite initially using Lone purely to stave off his boredom, Gilbert had grown fairly attached to the odd Foxkin, so he was understandably feeling a bit downcast at the prospect of lone leaving, but he knew it was an eventuality.

"Just a simple question. Have you ever heard of a man called 'Arthur Pendragon'?" Lone asked not expecting anything. If a Duke who focused on business and networking wasn't aware of who he was, then Lone didn't really expect Gilbert to know.

"Hmm? More trouble? Unfortunately, I can't help you. I have no idea who that is. I'll look into it and if I find out I'll contact you, here, take this." Gilbert said before he handed a green orb to Lone. He looked at it for a moment and spun it around on his palm.

"This looks just like the orb Lossa gave me. Does this send a signal to you if I break it?" Lone asked upon remembering the red glass globe he had been provided by the Fox clan's elder. It was curious as the orb in his hand was smaller but heavier than the other one he had received.

"What? The Crimson Fox clan has that level of expertise with orb creation? How curious. Anyway, no, this does not send a signal if you break it. I can communicate with you through it if I channel my mana into a sister one," Gilbert had claimed before he pulled out an identical copy of the orb Lone was holding.

"Like a cell phone? Well, this is too large to carry around. I can't exactly freeze it in time, now can I?" Lone mumbled when he figured storing it in his dimension would be a poor choice since it would render the device useless.

"What did you say?" Gilbert asked in surprise. He could swear he misheard. As absurd as Lone was, controlling time was surely above his abilities, no? Gilbert had never heard of anyone who could ever even dream of doing such a thing.

"Nothing, anyway, put all of your mana in here. Trust me," Lone requested Gilbert while he gently threw the mana gem he had recently purchased from the auction house to the Guildmaster.

"Okay..." Gilbert replied with uncertainty clear in his voice. He obviously trusted Lone because it was unconditional for an accepted being to do so, but he could still be unsure of Lone's intentions. Being accepted didn't mean he had absolute faith in Lone, just unyielding loyalty. 

Gilbert filled the gem with 95% of his mana before he handed the now pulsing blue gem back to Lone. Before he could ask what his intentions were Gilbert felt all of the mana in the gem disappear and a small green sphere that was only a single centimeter in length had appeared on Lone's hand. He took a second to inspect it and could only stay speechless.

"Much better," Lone said while he gently rubbed the left leg of his mechanIcal glasses. A green orb that was identical to one in his hand was now embedded into the leg. It looked like a fancy ornament.

"You have to be kidding me. You just created two high-end communication orbs that are no bigger than a pebble?" Gilbert asked in disbelieve. It was absolutely crazy. Sure, creating food and simple items. Why not? A high-end communication orb? That was absolutely absurd!

A note from Lone

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