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Book 1 Chapter 96: Infiltration and Truth


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Lone had already told Sophie of his plan to murder Kyuubi's previous owner after getting some answers from him, so he had unsummoned her and Kyuubi after making sure she was aware of what he was about to do. Lone only did this to protect the two since he would probably lose himself in grief if they were kidnapped or killed while he was busy on his 'outing'.

Lone was swiftly making his way towards the Duke's house under the cover of night. He could only be glad at the stealth related skills he had managed to acquire since he assumed they would be a great help to him tonight.

Lone reached Duke Oswald Fenton's residence after about fifty minutes of practice sneaking. He was trying to be covert while crossed roofs or moving through ally ways. Although Lone had successfully snuck around a few S-Ranker during the auction, he didn't wish to overestimate his abilities because more than only his life was at stake whenever Lone did anything dangerous.

The mansion he was now looking at was several times more extravagant than George's so it would seem that Oswald had been a Duke far longer than him and was apparently wealthier.

Lone slowly made his way to the rooftop and looked around a bit before he spotted a balcony. Lone swiftly and quietly ran to it and dropped down. It would seem it was attached to a bedroom of sorts which was empty.

Once Lone was safely inside of the room, he put some mana into his good hearing skill to see if he could detect the servants and bodyguards, and hopefully, the Duke. 

Lone had recently discovered that he could add mana to every single one of his skills to amplify their potency a little bit. He knew he couldn't do this before, so he could only attribute it to his new sky traits because they seemed to be highly mana focused. It was either that or his abysmally low pure mana affinity.

After activating it, Lone closed his eyes and began focusing on the sounds of his surroundings. He could hear bugs chirping, metal clanking, presumable cutlery. He could also hear footsteps and voices. It would seem that tonight was Lone's lucky night. The Duke was enjoying dinner so Lone knew exactly where he was since only he would be eating in such a spectacular manner in the Duke's mansion.

Lone stayed to the shadows and used his tails to help himself manoeuvre more freely in the mansion. He didn't want to cause a commotion out of respect for Gilbert. Lone had to do so for roughly two hours until the Duke finally decided to go to sleep. It would seem he wasn't married but had two children, a young boy and a girl, twins maybe.

Lone could tell that there was no one in the Duke's bedroom, save for himself. It would appear that all of the guards were stationed at the perimeter of the house.

That did make sense when Lone thought about it since the Duke had received no recent death threats and he was currently in his mansion that was located in the high-class district of the Milindo Kingdom's capital city.

Lone slowly crept up to the Duke who was now sleeping, but Lone was still trying to be very careful because the man was still an A-Ranker despite being focused on finance and not strength. When Lone had reached the Duke's side, he immediately used his mental destruction. However, he took extra care to not kill him with this, only cripple him.

The Duke immediately woke up upon feeling his mind being ravaged, but before he could do anything, Lone had placed one of his hands on the man's mouth before he shoved a dagger into his throat. The dagger was a shiny purple colour. It would appear that it was made of ebony.

The weapon easily pierced Oswald's throat and rendered his vocal cords useless. Lone then stabbed the man's legs and arms with two tails each which resulted in them also failing the Duke.

Lone didn't care if the Duke wasn't the original captor of Kyuubi, just the fact that had owned her made him eligible for death in Lone's eyes. The Duke's had lost consciousness from the pain and blood loss while Lone was busy thinking. Lone could only be thankful that the Duke wasn't overly used to fighting with strength.

He decided to lift the Duke upon his shoulder before he stored the blood covered bed and immediately left the building as stealthily as he had entered.

Lone successfully returned home and brought the Duke to the wooden basement. He quickly used a fair chunk of his mana to create a chair made entirely out of ebony. It was a simple chair, but it held clamps which could restrain the sitter's arms and legs.

Lone then strapped the Duke into it and unstored a wooden chair before he sat down and began tinkering with his glasses again. Lone wasn't overly eager for what was to come. He never minded killing people cleanly, but he was unfamiliar with torture. The closest experience Lone could think of was when he killed the summoned wolf during the tournament several times.

Roughly thirty minutes later, Oswald woke up. He was disoriented and confused. His throat was healed, but he was clamped down to a metal chair of some sort.

"What the... ?" The middle-aged man said before his eyes adjusted to the light. Oswald then saw Lone sitting not far from himself fiddling with a pair of Dwarven glasses.

"I see you're awake. I don't suppose you'll just answer my questions, will you? I really don't want to torture you," Lone said after he had noticed Oswald's awakening. Lone really didn't want to torture the man, he would much rather just kill the Duke, but he needed to know if there were more people behind Kyuubi's capture.

"Depends," The Duke cautiously said. He was currently wary of Lone. If Lone was able to capture him and keep him captive this long, then clearly he had some talent, so Oswald really didn't want to antagonise him any more than necessary.

"On?" Lone replied while he stored the spare pair of glasses. Lone always wore a pair, but over the last week, he had created several additional pairs to tinker with. The Duke was startled by Lone's storing capabilities. People with such abilities wee incredibly difficult to find.

"What do you want to know?" the Duke continued in a calm fashion. He was apprehensive and quite frankly scared, but his nature as a businessman wouldn't allow him to just cower in fear.

"The Fox. Where did you get her?" Lone asked with ice in his voice. He had steeled himself to torture the Duke in front of his, so he didn't want to show any emotion to the man.

"The Fox? Aha! So you're the one who stole it!" the Duke claimed in anger. He had let his emotions go wild for a split moment, and he immediately regretted it after several of his teeth found themselves being slammed against the wall. Lone had slapped him with all of his strength.

"Where. Did. You. Get. Her?" Lone asked with enough chill in his voice to freeze a lake. The Duke calling Kyuubi an 'it' had enraged Lone, but he had managed to reel in his emotions quickly before his Blind Rage Skill took over.

"I found her!" the Duke shouted which only earned him another slap.

[The truth. I am losing my patience] Lone order while he activated his aura of dominance to the fullest capability that he could. He was furious at the Duke. Surely Oswald knew that his life was being held by Lone, so lying was a foolish thing to do. Lone could only tell that he was lying by observing his breathing and eyes using his good hearing and good vision skills.

"OKAY! I found her mother carrying her while she ran from monsters. I saved to two of them and sold the mother before trying to sell the child!" Oswald cried amidst a few coughs. He wasn't the type to have a strong will. Unfortunately for him, that was not the answer Lone wished for.

"Then you took the child, that's all I know! Now please don't kill me! I can forget about this whole incident and forgive you for it!" the Duke continued in an attempt to earn back some face now that he had fulfilled Lone's demand.

'I'll have to find the mother. I'll just get Gilbert to find out who owns her before I kill them too,' Lone thought. He didn't care at all what type of person her owner now was because he couldn't forgive anyone who thought that his lineage, his kin, could just be bought and owned. Such a thing would never occur so long as he knew it was happening.

Lone immediately knocked out Oswald once more before he stealthily took him out of the city. This didn't take much effort since he could easily scale the walls and it was still the middle of the night.

Lone had plans for the Duke that required him to be in a remote location. Dark plans.

A note from Lone

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