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"A pleasure to see you again, Lone. We never were formally introduced, now were we?" the man had asked with a smile before he stretched his hand out for a handshake. Lone received it. "I'm Zeek Smith, A-Ranker and master spearman," he continued during their handshake.

"Lone Immortus, E-Ranker. I never expected you to be a master with spears," Lone said with slight amounts of suspicion in his voice. He was happy that he knew the teacher, but he really was curious about the origins of this seemingly ordinary man.

"Well, as you know, not everything is as it seems. Are you really an E-Ranker? I can't believe you drew in a fight with a B-Ranker," Zeek asked with admiration evident in his voice. He couldn't even hope to touch a B-Ranker when he was an E-Ranker, let alone draw with them in a fair fight. He found it to be both unbelievable and astounding.

"Well, you should know I'm not normal from my fights. Anyway, Zeek, are you going to teach me spearmanship? I'd imagine that's why you're here. Unless you wanted to catch up with that sack of shit?" Lone asked while he gestured to George Leston the Second. 

This action and Lone's words heavily upset Charles and Derek, but George just waved it off since he knew he couldn't defeat Lone with his strange method of immobilising him. He just wanted Lone to learn spearmanship from Zeek then never show up ever again. George had apparently experienced more than enough of Lone's antics. He massively regretted attacking Lone, but now he could only lie in the bed he had made.

"Indeed I am. I wasn't sure at first when George asked me to, but you have far too much potential just to waste it all," Zeek answered Lone. He rarely taught people his skills. However, he really did believe it would be a terrible waste to let Lone die in a hole somewhere when he had such a promising future in the world of adventuring.

"Wonderful! Well, let's begin, shall we? I'm sure you're aware, but George and I aren't the best of friends so I'd like to leave if possible," Lone asked after he removed his hand from Zeek's. He didn't want to see George ever again until he was able to kill him. Lone may have evolved to be more accepting, but he was still rather vengeful at his core to those who offended him.

"Of course. George, I'll come back later tonight to continue our 'catch up'," Zeek said to which George smiled and nodded. Zeek then left the room with Lone following him. Charles glared at Lone's back with a fire in his eyes before he quickly suppressed it. He hated Lone as much as one being could ever possibly hate another. If it didn't go against George's orders, Charles would definitely somehow assassinate Lone, or so he liked to think.

Zeek and Lone talked a little bit while they walked, but they didn't go past any small talk. It would seem that they were saving the main conversation for whenever they reached their destination.

"This is?" Lone asked when he realised where they were heading. In front of him was the Coliseum that he had gained so much strength in only the other day during the competition.

"The Coliseum. I am an A-Ranker, you know? In exchange for me judging the competition the other day, the owner lent the building to me for a week. Just long enough to teach you the necessary forms. I can tell you want to leave this city soon," Zeek answered while he walking into the building which surprised Lone. Lone wasn't sure how Zeek could tell that he was impatient to leave Milindo's capital, which Zeek noticed. "I'm not sure if you know or not, but you are very easy to read my boy," Zeek continued. He was obviously aware of Lone's feelings like anyone who spoke to him for more than five minutes would be.

 "Heh... what would you have done with the Coliseum if you didn't think I was worthy of your teachings?" Lone asked in curiosity while he fiddled with his glasses. It would seem that his surprise at being so easily understood had left as quickly as it had arrived.

"I would have just trained by myself or held a feast or something. I'm sure I would have been able to make good use of it," Zeek replied. The two were now standing in the centre of the stage since it was much quicker to walk through the building with no one presently occupying it.

"Well, let's start, shall we? Show me your techniques again. I saw them at the tournament, but I'd like you to show me how you practice first," Zeek said while he clasped his hands behind his back.

"Okay," Lone had replied before he took his sword-spear, Dawn, out from his dimension. Zeek once more took a moment to appreciate the incredible weapon. It was relatively rare to see such exquisite craftsmanship on a spear-type weapon nowadays since almost every aspiring hero or adventurer wanted to use a sword.

Lone immediately took a stance and began swinging and slashing with his weapon using only his right hand.

"Why on Altros are you only using one hand? I noticed it during the tournament, but I thought you were just limiting yourself," Zeek said with surprise evident in his voice. He couldn't help but wonder exactly how backwards Lone's knowledge of spearmanship was.

"It's a class restriction. I can't help it," Lone said in a helpless manner. He was happy that he could only use a spear with one hand because if he could master doing so, then that would free up his other hand for different activities.

"This is going to take so much work." Zeek had mumbled before he started instructing Lone in what he knew about using a spear single-handedly.

Seeing as how this was only the first day, Zeek only guided Lone through conversation because he wanted Lone's technique to improve before he even considered sparring with him. It had taken several hours of practice before Zeek was satisfied with the progress made today, so he told Lone to go home and return to the Coliseum tomorrow morning.

Lone appreciated all of the pointers he had been given. The Lone Spearmanship Skill had even levelled up twice to be beginner level 3 which pleased him. Lone soon made his way home, and upon reaching it, he summoned Sophie and Kyuubi before the pair started to train once again.

Lone was focusing in his spearmanship while Sophie held Kyuubi and focused on her mana sensing.

The same routine repeated itself for seven more days. Lone's Lone Spearmanship Skill had now reached advanced level 8, and he still couldn't scratch Zeek, but he was confident in being able to beat most B-Rankers now because not only did his spearmanship level up but so did his haste skill. It was now expert level 4, so his speed had increased exponentially.

Sophie had managed to increase the range of her mana sensing by 2 meters which may not sound like much, but considering that it hadn't improved in the last 600 years, it was a remarkable improvement. 

Sophie had also finished off all of the status-enhancing potions that Lone had bought and Zeek had even trained her to a very basic level of swordsmanship. Unfortunately, she didn't learn as quickly as Lone, but she could now feel that she was exceedingly close to gaining a related skill.

During the past week, Lone had constantly visited Grimsley and he could now create an ebony armour sleeve and other weapons which could be used by Sophie. He had also learnt quite a bit regarding several other metals and a few bits and pieces regarding Dwarven enchanting.

Now that Lone had felt like he had learnt enough from Zeek for him to learn on his own, Lone had decided to deal with the Duke who once owned Kyuubi before he left the city to journey to the Crimson Fox clan and The Academy.

"Well, I guess it's finally time to kill that bastard," Lone mumbled before he got up. He had just woken up and was ready to spend his last day in this city. It was finally time to leave.

A note from Lone

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