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Book 1 Chapter 94: Tinkering and Familiarity


A note from Lone

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After the three had stayed like that for a short while Sophie had decided to ask Lone a few simple questions that she felt needed to be answered.

"Lone, who was that man?" Sophie asked in curiosity. She had apparently seen the headmaster's projection via the screen in the summoning room, and she was wondering what had happened between him and Lone to elicit such a reaction from Lone.

"Hmm? He was The Academy's Headmaster apparently. He was kind of arrogant, but he is an SSS-Ranker, so I guess it was warranted," Lone briefly explained. Clearly, he didn't want to elaborate, but Sophie had to be firm for once. If she didn't know the cause of Lone's feelings, how could she fully heal them?

"L-Lone... please, tell me why you're so upset... I-I want to help you," Sophie meekly asked. She never really voiced her opinion to Lone even if she knew he wouldn't chastise her for doing so, but right now she wanted to know what was troubling Lone, hence her insistence. Evidently, just like Lone, the small Cosmos Level Being was evolving and ever changing.

"Ha-ah. He looked just like someone I knew in my old life. Someone I didn't like. His condescending attitude didn't help. The way he looked at me, it was like he thought I was some sort of toy that was his to play with," Lone sadly claimed before he once again stopped speaking.

"Thank you," Sophie replied. She didn't want to inquire further since she figured that these things took time. Sophie was happy that he had chosen to tell her that much.

The two and Kyuubi remained sitting like that for another twenty or so minutes before Lone decided it was time to stop moping around and continue being productive.

"Oh!" Lone exclaimed in surprise. It would seem that he had remembered something. "Sophie, do you want a pair of these? They are unbelievable and really cool!" Lone continued like a child while he pointed to his Dwarfen glasses that sat atop his nose.

Sophie just dumbly stared at him for a moment. Who was this person? True, Lone had appeared to be exceedingly excited when he had discovered those glasses, but to the extent of asking if others wanted them as well?

"No, I don't. But thank you, Lone," Sophie replied with a small smile. She actually found it to be rather cute when she took a moment to think about how childish the brutal and uncaring man she was sitting on could be. It was pleasant to see a new side to him.

"Oh? Well, if you ever change your mind, my creation skill isn't going anywhere," Lone happily said. He would slowly show Sophie the wonders of steampunk!

"I'm going to research these glasses and read the books I got. What would you like to do?" Lone asked Sophie gently. He was excited to play with his new toy, but he still had to be considerate of his accepted beings. Especially the one he loved.

"I want to try using my mana sensing. I-It might blind me, but it's really helpful, so I want to increase my ability to use it," Sophie said with as much courage as she could. The prospect of her eyesight failing her again wasn't one she liked, but she wanted to be as useful as possible.

Also, her swordsmanship had reached a standstill since she had received no training, but she had certainly improved her overall strength, now it was only time to find a teacher or a learning manual of some sort.

"That sounds good, I'll just be sitting over there," Lone said before he pointed to a nearby rug in the living room. he planned to get comfortable on the floor. "I'll take Kyuubi and spend some time with her. Just call me if you need anything," Lone said as he gently took Kyuubi from Sophie's arms before he stood up.

Sophie nodded and moved to another small rug that was inside the room before she sat down, cross-legged and closed her eyes. It would seem that her training had begun.

After seeing her settle down, Lone moved to his own rug and sat down. After he had made sure Kyuubi was comfortable on his lap, he took his glasses off and made a magnifying glass and a few different screwdrivers. Thankfully the materials needed to make them existed on Altros, much like the chicken and a few other items Lone had created.

Lone smiled with excitement and immediately began disassembling the device with care and joy. Hobbies were a wonderful thing to have. Hobbies were nothing more than healthy addictions, or so Lone liked to think.

Several hours and a destroyed pair of glasses later, Lone finally sighed in relief. He had managed to disassemble the gizmo without breaking anything, now came the tricky part, putting it back together.

Lone just looked at the brass coloured pieces on the floor that were mixed with the glass lenses while he put one of his hands on his chin. Kyuubi just looked up at him quizzically from his lap. She was wondering what he was doing, but apart from that, she was quite happy to continue lazing about on his lap.

Lone decided to make a new pair of glasses with his recovered mana so he could compare the two before he began to reassemble the one on the floor. 

After Lone had done so, he immediately started repairing the one he had broken to the best of his ability.

Another few hours later and he was done. However, he had failed. It would seem that he had messed up somewhere along the line, but he was happy enough because he had learnt quite a lot. Lone assumed that given enough time, he would be able to create it perfectly without even needing a second pair for reference.

If Grimsley saw Lone playing around the way he was, he would certainly be shocked since it would take a Dwarven crafting apprentice several years to reach the level that Lone had currently reached regarding crafting technology related items. True, Lone hadn't crafted the item, but being able to do what he had done would take an incredible amount of talent and skill. It would indeed seem that lone's Wanderer title extended to more than just simple skills.

After thinking about it for a little while longer, Lone slowly stood up while holding the sleepy Kyuubi to stretch. After he had finished relaxing his muscles through stretching. Lone approached Sophie.

"Hey, Lone. Did it go well?" Sophie asked lone with a sleepy voice. It was getting late, and she had been sitting completely still for hours after all.

"Yes, I made a lot of progress. All of the fine handlings may eventually help me in combat too somehow. Anyway, let's go to sleep. I'm pretty tired, are you?" Lone replied with a lazy voice. Sophie had nodded before she stood up herself.

Upon seeing her nod, Lone took her hand and then the two slowly went upstairs before going to sleep with Kyuubi. It would seem that the two didn't have enough energy for their most recent past time activity.

The next morning, the two woke up feeling well rested and once again, Lone unsummoned Sophie and Kyuubi before he headed outside. Firstly, he visited Grimsley, and they managed to get through another significant portion of the book before Lone decided it was time to leave for today.

Lone quickly made his way to the Leston estate like he had promised he would do to Lilith yesterday. He wasn't too happy to visiting right now when he couldn't quite kill George yet, but Lone needed to know when his spearmanship teacher would appear because he was planning to leave as soon as he was done learning from them.

Lone was quickly met by a familiar and very disgruntled face.

"It's nice to see you too, Charles. Now take me to George," Lone ordered the unhappy butler. Lone didn't like him. He really didn't like him. It would seem that Lone's hate for racism was slowing growing more severe since he could barely stand the bald headed professor look-a-like.

"Of course. Follow me," Charles replied through gritted teeth before he turned around and started walking away. He didn't even address Lone by his name, but Lone thought it was nice that the stupid butler hadn't outright attacked him. Though, Lone would like to learn whatever skills the man possessed.

The two soon reached a wide open room that had a large table in it. George Leston the Third and Second, were present along with Lilith and George's other son, Derek. However, the person who surprised him was the man sitting next to George. It was the ordinary looking judge.

"Am I correct to think that you're going to be my teacher?" Lone asked the judge. The man simply turned away from George and looked at Lone before smiling.

"Indeed. Indeed I am," he replied before he got up and walked towards Lone. He only stopped when he was about one foot away from him.

A note from Lone

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