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Lone had stayed at Grimsley's forge for only a few hours. Grimsley did his best to teach Lone what he knew about the mentioned metals in the book, but unfortunately, he wasn't a dwarf who specialised in enchantments, so those were as much a mystery to him as they were to Lone.

Grimsley also didn't know how to make any of the technology his glasses displayed nor did he have any similar devices. Lone had asked Grimsley if he knew of any dwarfs who did since Lone was more than prepared to drop everything to pursue this for now. Sometimes passions can harm people, but thankfully Grimsley had no idea since he came from a Smith oriented lineage and got the glasses as a gift.

Lone was saddened by this, but he continued to fiddle with his new glasses all the way through his time at Grimsley's smithy until now since it was his only way to relieve himself of these growing desires to hunt down Dwarven strongholds.

Currently, Lone was walking down a street that would lead him to the library because it was his intended destination. He and Grimsley had gotten halfway through the book before they had to stop. Lone did have other plans for today so they agreed to meet tomorrow.

Thankfully, nothing happened while he made his way to the stone building that housed a vast amount of knowledge. Lone didn't expect that since he was very immersed in exploring and probing his newest gadget, so he expected to unintentionally cause some trouble, hence why he was pleasantly surprised.

Lone quickly made his way inside the Library that he was now standing in front of. He soon spotted a familiar face and approached her.

"Hello, Lilith. I'm here to return all of the books I borrowed, and I was hoping to borrow some more. This time about magic, any information would be excellent, also about demi-humans," Lone curtly asked. He really didn't like dealing with the Leston's much. The only one he liked even slightly was George Leston the Third because he was a relatively nice man, but everyone else was selfish and could die for all Lone thought or cared.

Lone knew that he too was very selfish, but he was a hypocrite like most living beings. If it wasn't his selfishness, then it wasn't worth a moment of his attention unless it was perhaps one of his accepted beings that needed something from him.

"Ah, Lone! Hi, how are you? I'll get those books immediately!" Lilith said in a bit of fluster. She apparently hadn't expected Lone to visit her home away from home. Lilith immediately scuttered off to find those books in the maze that was the library without even waiting for Lone's response.

Lone liked this as it would cut down the time used in pointless chatter, so he took a seat and patiently waited for her to return. Lone took out the mana gem and started to slowly fill it up with the remainder of his mana since he had used most of it up on his new glasses that he now wore.

Thankfully, Lone's Mental Resistance Skill had reached master level 10, so he only felt the pain but found it simple to endure and ignore. Lone figured that he would have to experience a mental attack strong enough to render his defences useless in order for the skill to evolve.

It took Lilith roughly fifteen minutes to return, she held six books in her arms, and she was slowly walking towards Lone. He just continued to play with his mana gem while she placed the books on the table in front of him. Lillith took a moment to look at Lone only to now realise that he was wearing glasses, and dwarven ones at that.

"Lone, here's the books you asked for, but how did you get those glasses? They look like they fit perfectly! I heard it's impossible to get Dwarven technology specially made for non-dwarfs," Lilith asked excitedly. She was interested in the technology just like Lone, but Lone's love for it clearly ran deeper.

"I made them, thank you for the books. Tell your father that I'll be visiting him tomorrow to talk about his spearmaster friend. See you some other time, Lilith," Lone nonchalantly said to the teenaged girl. She couldn't help but nod her head in agreement. Lone was just too charming, which neither he nor Sophie appreciated.

Lone then left the library with the books in hand and headed home after he had discreetly stored those books inside of his dimension. Lone soon found himself to be starting an owl straight in its fluffy little face. It had found its way into his living room and looked like it was waiting for him. Lone found the whole thing to be very suspicious.

Suddenly, the bird opened it's mouth, and a gem fell out. It was pure white and shaped like a diamond. The owl then disappeared in a puff of smoke before lone could try to ask it what was going on. Lone wasn't sure if it would have answered, but it wouldn't have hurt to try.

After taking a moment to think about the strange event, Lone carefully approached the gem that was lying on the table that was in the middle of the room. As soon as he touched it, a man appeared. However, this man seemed to be transparent.

"Magic?" Lone mumbled upon seeing the appearance of this young looking man. The man looked very Asian, and he seemed to be a human. He looked at Lone for a moment before a look of joy surfaced on his face.

"Why hello. We haven't met, obviously, but I'd like to invite you to join The Academy formally," the transparent man asked. Lone was both suspicious and pleased by this.

"Well, I was heading there anyway, why did you need to invite me personally and are you sentient or just a recording?" Lone was rather dubious, but he would be pleased if this was a positive turn of events.

 "Hmm, I suppose I do look rather suspicious, don't I?" the man said with a small laugh and a look of superiority in his eyes. 

"I'm The Academy's Headmaster, and I sensed very powerful magical fluctuations coming from this city. It took my familiar a while to pinpoint who cast it, but she soon found you. It seems it wasn't a one-time fluke as you've done it several times, no?" the Headmaster continued with a grin. It would appear that he had sensed each time Lone had done something particularly magic oriented.

"Are you a fucking idiot?" Lone was amazed. Who would ever believe something so stupidly suspicious? Lone wasn't sure about this world's residents, but he was very unsure of this man's actual origins.

"Oh well, I was going to The Academy anyway, so I'll find out then. Does this gem do more than project your image? Although, that is rather impressive I guess," Lone said in a lukewarm manner. He wasn't overly impressed by this Headmaster. He didn't like his belittling attitude.

"Indeed, you can use this as a proof of identification. It shows that you are a personal disciple of mine. How wonderful, aren't you overjoyed?" the Headmaster asked condescendingly. Lone just glared at him for a moment. Humans really were the worst race, or so Lone concluded.

"Fuck you and thank you," Lone really wasn't fond of the man despite having only known him for all of five minutes.

"I'm sure I can use this somehow, maybe to break my water skimming record?" Lone said after he had picked the gem up and gave it an appraising look. Unfortunately, it didn't look like a very good gem to skim with. Lone noticed that even though he had picked up the item, the Headmaster was merely looking down and smirking at him.

"Well, why are you still here? Fuck off. I received your message," Lone angrily said. He wasn't quite sure why he was so angry at the man. Maybe his Asian heritage has reminded Lone of the Hero, Daisuke Tamiko.

The headmaster just continued to smile before he silently flickered and disappeared. Lone was a bit upset now. It had been a while since he swore so much. It was a shame that a swear jar would be useless seeing as how he could create money endlessly.

"And the day was going so well too," Lone mumbled under his breath before he lightly sighed. He just sat there for a while without making a single sound. Something about the Headmaster had just rubbed Lone the wrong way and he couldn't quite figure out why.

After some time, Sophie called out to his mind and in response, Lone resummoned his lover and latest family member. Sophie approached Lone and just leant into his chest while she cuddled Kyuubi. It was a very picturesque moment. If Sophie could, she would chose to stay like this forever, but unfortunately, Lone clearly had other plans for the future.

A note from Lone

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