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Book 1 Chapter 92: Name and Glasses


A note from Lone

I hope you enjoy.

It was morning once again. Lone groggily woke up and immediately frowned. He quickly woke up the now child-like Sophie by shoving her gently.

"Uuuuu... what?" Sophie unhappily asked. She was having a lovely dream where she, Lone and the Fox were happily living in a world without danger, so she was understandably, a little bit upset.

"We smell. Like, really badly. We're having a bath, together, now," Lone ordered after realising how badly their scent had been affected by last night's activities.

"Together?!" Sophie exclaimed in a mixture of joy and surprise.

"No funny ideas. It's just a bath," Lone coldly said. As much as he loved Sophie and sex, there was a limit he wouldn't cross. That limit just so happened to be her child-like form.

"Uuuuu... I'm sorry," Sophie replied. she too was beginning to desire Lone's body more often, and in the heat of the moment, Sophie had forgotten about the fact that she had to transform to get more intimate with him. However, Sophie was happy that he was now willing to bathe with her in her child form.

 "Don't worry about it," Lone softly said before he began to pet her head gently. He then got up and took Sophie's hand. The two then went to the bathroom and had a very refreshing bath.

 As predicted, nothing beyond hugging happened between the two. While the two were getting dressed, Lone decided to tell Sophie his plan for the day.

"Soph, I'm going to ask Gilbert if he knows anything about... hmm... we should give the Fox a name shouldn't we?" Lone rhetorically asked, and before Sophie could respond, he had already chosen one. "Kyuubi, it's brilliant. Eventually, she'll get nine tails, so we'll go with that," Lone claimed in satisfaction. Sophie just nodded a bit sadly. At least she'll get to help to raise Kyuubi from Lone, naming the Fox isn't too important, or so Sophie thought.

"So, I'll ask Gilbert if he knows who captured Kyuubi then I think I'll go to the library to get more books. Do you want me to unsummon you? I'd rather not carry Kyuubi around in public, and we shouldn't leave her alone in the summoning room all day," Lone reasoned. He wanted to spend more time with the both of them, but he knew it would be unwise to do so while he was in a city full of racists.

"Um, yeah, that makes sense. I'll just stay in the summoning room and practice or play with Kyu," Sophie replied with a smile. 

'Already giving her a nickname? Well, at least it will help them bond a bit better,'° Lone thought before he nodded and unsummoned Sophie. He then left the wooden manor and made his way towards the adventurers guild.

Thankfully, nothing eventful happened to Lone on his journey to the guild. Lone could only hope that the rest of his day would go as smoothly. Once he had reached the guild, Lone was directed to the Guildmaster's office. It would seem that the staff were starting to remember Lone's status as a distinguished guest of Gilbert's.

 Lone soon found himself to be sitting in front of his latest accepted being once again.

"So, Lone, why did you come see me so soon? I'm happy, but I know you didn't come by to give me food and have a nice chat, right?" Gilbert asked while he worked away on his paperwork. He had been neglecting it far too much recently.

"Well, I want to know who owned Kyuubi before," Lone calmly asked. He quickly realised that Gilbert had no idea who he was referencing to, so he chose to elaborate. "The Golden Fox. I'm raising her as my daughter, and I've named her Kyuubi. Now, who owned her?" Lone asked with a little bit more hostility in his voice. It wasn't aimed at Gilbert, but it was still clearly there.

"Daughter? Is it because she's a Golden Fox?" Gibler asked with a tone that oozed curiosity. He still continued to toil away his pen while he asked his question, though.

"I don't know. I think so, but I'll have to confirm it later. Anyway, who owned her?" Lone asked for the last and final time. He was getting a little bit impatient.

"Hah, fine. But if you kill them, do it discreetly? I can't cover up their murder for you," Gilbert seriously asked. Lone quickly nodded in response.

"Okay, the Fox was the property of one of the dukes you've yet to meet. Duke Oswald Fenton. He specialises in stealth and is more of a finance person, but he's still a low A-Ranker, and he has a few S-Ranker bodyguards. Do with that information what you will," Gilbert explained. He didn't want to get any more involved than that. He was already pushing things by being an accessory to treason.

"Thanks, Gilbert, I won't do anything until I leave. Thank you, I really appreciate it," Lone said before he stood up and turned to leave the adventurers guild. 

"Be careful, Lone. I'd hate to see you die," Gilbert had called out before Lone had left his office. Lone turned his head slightly and nodded before he left.

Lone then decided to go to the tailor shop to continue his leatherworking lessons; he would make today his last one because he had learnt pretty much everything Victoria had to offer.

Victoria was fine with Lone treating today as his final lesson, so after he was finished at the tailor shop, Lone soon made his was towards Grimsley's smithy. 

He noticed that a lot more of the bystanders that he passed gave him wary looks. It would seem that his recent actions at the auction house had reached the ears of the common populace.

Lone chose to ignore the stares and glares and quickly reached Grimsley's workshop. Upon doing so, he knocked on the door and was immediately greeted by Grimsley before he was lead inside.

"So, what do ye wan' lad?" Grimsley asked Lone after he had gotten himself comfy on the stool he was seated on. He was thankful for Lone's visit as it served to be a perfect excuse to take a quick break.

"Well, I happened to get my hands on one tonne of ebony ingots. I was wondering if you could show me a thing or two about smelting the metal? It would be really useful if I could create it on demand since it would be an upgrade from my grey steel armour," Lone explained. He appreciated the fact that he had gotten so much metal, but the knowledge of how to use it was much more appealing to him.

"Ebony? That's a pretty rare met'l. Ye get that from te auction?" Grimsley asked Lone. He had apparently also heard of Lone's recent antics at the auction house. He was mildly interested, but that interest was mostly aimed at the ebony Lone claimed to have.

"Yes, I did," Lone replied before he took a few ingots out from his dimension. "Please teach me how to forge it, and you can keep the rest of it that I have. I also got an old Dwarven book that has information about several hard metals and maybe some enchantments. Why don't we give that a read first, then we can dive into the ebony, okay?" Lone asked with a smile. For some reason, he was feeling very relaxed. It would seem that Lone was starting to get more and more comfortable with his accepted beings.

Grimsley had returned Lone's smile before he pulled out a pair of glasses that had a brass rim that looked almost machinery.

"Oh? Maybe limiting myself to creating fantasy items from this world was actually a great idea..." Lone mumbled to himself upon seeing Grimsley's clear reading glasses.

Lone soon pushed the thought to the back of his head and took the book out. Grimsley turned a small cog that was sitting on the top of one of his glasses legs. Lone was fascinated. Grimsley's glasses had changed colour and a second lens had split in front of the first one. It seemed to amplify magnification.

'I NEED A PAIR OF THOSE!' Lone thought before he stupidly created a pair that would fit him perfectly. One of Lone's earlier fantasies from his youth had been realised. Steampunk technology.

Lone had no idea how far this technology went, but he was more than content with the glasses. He would ask Grimsley later if he had any more gizmos like this. Lone could only thank his lucky stars that he had brought a book because if he hadn't, Lone figured he would never have had a reason to see Grimsley's glasses since he certainly didn't need them to help his forge work.

"What's with that fookin' weird look?" Grimsley asked upon seeing the way Lone was acting. Lone just stayed quiet and gave the book to Grimsley while he continued to fawn over his new eyeglasses. 

Lone had used 90% of his mana just to create this trinket, but it pleased him a ludicrous amount. It would seem accepted beings and killing wasn't his only outlet for stress relief anymore.

A note from Lone

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