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Book 1 Chapter 91: Concentration and Curiosity


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Lone quickly reached his wooden home and made his way towards its bedroom. Lone just looked around a bit before sighing. He didn't really want to stay here much longer. Lone decided to leave the city immediately after his training with George's friend was finished.

Lone summoned his lover after he was done with his thoughts of leaving Milindo's Capital city. Sophie appeared in front of him, but she was holding a small golden fox in her arms, and she was smiling very brightly towards Lone.

"Look, Lone! It's so cute! It's not big enough to be a mount, but I love it!" Sophie happily said while she moved the fox in her arms towards lone. Lone gently took the creature from Sophie's hands before he gazed at it with affection evident in his eyes.

Sophie was very confused by this. Why? He had only met the fox a few hours ago. Why does he seem so attached to it already? 

"It's strange. My instinct is telling me to love and protect this girl. Not in the way that I do to you, more like as a brother, or father. I never felt like this towards the crimson foxkin. Is it due to our shared heritage?" Lone mumbled as a way to inform Sophie of the reason behind his apparent affection. However, he did it more so out of his habit to speak his thoughts aloud. 

It was a pleasant feeling. This was the first being that Lone had passively wanted to protect and care for after Sophie. All of his accepted beings were changed by the laws held in his title so he previously held no feelings to protect them and only did so after having accepted them. However, this was clearly different.

"Are you a summoned being contracted to me?" Lone gently asked the creature that was nuzzling into his chest. It seemed to nod it's head slightly. It was a very cute sight to behold, or so Sophie felt.

'Can you hear me?' Lone asked the Fox through telepathy. He was hoping that he would be able to talk to it and find out what had happened to her and so he could locate the vile existence that had done such a thing to his kin. 

The little Fox in his arms shook a little. Apparently, it had sensed or heard Lone's question. However, it seemed it didn't know how to speak or just didn't understand Lone, so it just nodded its head. The Fox quickly returned to nuzzling with him before it soon fell asleep.

"I wonder how old this poor girl was when this happened to her... It seems I need to make a pitstop at the Fox clan on my way to The Academy," Lone mumbled with determination. He had already been leaning towards that direction since he realised he had missed a golden opportunity to get close with them during his interaction with Lossa, and now he needed to find a method to reverse whatever had happened to the demihuman sleeping in his arms.

Lone also concluded that he could deal with the Foxkin slave girl as well that way. He could simply bring her with him and drop her off at the clan since he had no other idea where to bring the girl.

"Hey, Lone," Sophie softly called before she slowly approached him and began to gently stroke the Foxkin laying in his embrace. She was infatuated with the sight of such a thing.

"Do you think we can raise it as our daughter? You said it was a girl and look at how adorable it is. It's like it wants you to be her father too!" Sophie reasoned in excitement at the prospect. She really was a glutton for fluffiness. And it also served as a good reason to further strengthen the bond between her and her lover, not to mention all of the good it would do for healing and enhancing Lone's soul and tolerance levels.

"Hmm, I don's see why not? I already feel a strong connection to her. We'll try to talk to her a little bit more after she wakes up. If it doesn't work, then we'll just go with the flow," Lone happily replied, but he was having rather dark thoughts. He would have to visit Gilbert soon. Purely so he could find the person responsible for the Foxkin's capture and transformation.

Lone couldn't really explain why he felt the way he did towards the little Fox in his arms. He would have to ask Lossa, the crimson fox clan elder when he got a chance.

"For now, I'd like to practice until about ten o'clock, it's only about seven or so right now. Do you want me to unsummon you with the new swords we bought, or are you fine just watching? I'm gonna train my magic and bone manipulation by the way," Lone quietly said while he slowly stood up and started walking towards the stairs that led downstairs.

"I want to practice, but I think I'll stick to the wooden swords, for now, the new ones look dangerous, and I don't want to hurt myself," Sophie replied in a voice that was just as quiet as Lone's while she trailed after him. It would seem the two didn't want to disturb the newest addition to their family.

The pair soon found themselves in the garden of the wooden manor. Lone walked over to the wall of the building and created a small pile of blankets before he gently placed the Foxkin inside of them. He then approached Sophie and took the rack of status-enhancing potions out from his dimension before he gave them to her. Lone then unsummoned her before he sat on the grass covered ground.

After he was done doing that, Lone took out the mana gem and began slowly injecting mana into the device. While he did that with one hand, his other was creating and manipulating shields of different shapes and sizes with his bones. Lone was trying to figure out the optimal dimensions for his latest method of defence.

After two hours of doing as such, Lone had learned two new skills. This surprised Lone since he only expected to gain one. However, the second one was just as good, if not better than the first one.

Due to the user successfully injecting mana into an object designed to contain it several times, Gained Skill:
Skill: Mana Transfer
Effect 1: Allows the host to successfully inject mana to various items to different degrees based on mastery
Mastery: Beginner level 1
Increase In Transfer Efficiency: 2%
Due to the host performing two separate tasks to a satisfactory degree, Gained Skill:
Skill: Split Concentration
Effect 1: Allows the host to split his concentration to focus on two different tasks perfectly
Mastery: Not available due to the nature of the skill

The first skill Lone had expected, but the second one was a very welcome bonus. Lone could only imagine how useful such a skill would be during fights.

Lone slowly got up and went over to the still sleeping little Fox. He gently picked her up before storing the blankets he had made for her inside of his dimension.

"I wonder how old you are? Surely you're still just a child, four, maybe five years old? What happened to your biological parents? Well, no matter. You're my daughter now, and I'll soon find my answers from Gilbert and Lossa," Lone said. He was genuinely surprised with how naturally the word 'daughter' had been spoken by him.

Lone figured he would have to thank Grimsley at some point for what he had told Lone regarding family issues. He soon found himself in the bedroom, so he sent the Fox to the summoning room with the blankets she was laying on because it was still sleeping and would only get in the way of what Lone had planned next.

'Sophie, make sure she's comfortable and transform please, I'm going to resummon you,' Lone telepathically said to his lover before he sat on the bed. Shortly afterwards, Sophie had told him that she was finished doing what Lone had asked her to do, so he immediately summoned her. Thankfully Sophie had already consumed most of the mana from the gem earlier while Lone was unconscious.

The beautiful young girl soon reappeared, completely naked.

"L-Lone... I-I'm all sweaty..s-shouldn't I have a bath first?" Sophie asked with a crimson covered face. Lone just stood up and gently hugged her naked body before deeply kissing her.

"It's fine. Besides, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of sweat," Lone said with a lustful grin. The two then continued well into the night with their bedtime activities.

Meanwhile, in the summoning room, a little golden Fox was intently watching the display screen that showed Lone and Sophie. She was confused. What on Altros were the nice man and the woman doing? Why were their bodies doing those things? It was very curious.

It had to be known that the little Foxkin was very young and had no idea what was happening between them. It just continued to lazily watch on in curiosity.

A note from Lone

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