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Book 1 Chapter 90: Unique and Henry


A note from Lone

There seems to be a little bit of confusion about book 1's ending. There are 8 more chapters until book 1's rewrite is complete, so chapter 98 will be the last chapter of book 1.

I hope you enjoy.

[Well, first things first, we need to free the Lord's kin. How should we do this?] The coldly toned voice of Lone asked, presumably to itself.

"Just force a contract on it... hehehe... hurry up... I want to murder some people... the last time I was released I got defeated without the chance to take any lives... " the softer tone replied. It seemed to be sour about its loss against George Leston the Second.

[What a crude method, but I suppose you're right. Yeah, we can't possess the boss for much longer anyway... You will address him as our Lord. Don't forget who is the stronger of the two of us. Yeah yeah, whatever. Hurry up with it; I'm getting urges... hehehe... " the two different tones of Lone's voice said together. Everyone who could hear Lone was so shocked that they didn't even know what to do. 

What on Altros was happening? That was all the people who could clearly hear Lone's conversation could currently think of. However, before they could mull over it for much Longer, a massive pressure descended upon the auditorium.

"No way... A Unique Rank Contract?" Peter had mumbled before he lost consciousness due to the pressure that was coming from that scroll. it would appear that he had some knowledge of the deep blue scroll that had appeared in Lone's hand. Several of the hidden S-Ranker's struggled to move Peter, but they successfully got him out of the affected area just before they too fell into unconsciousness.

"Great job dipshit, now everyone's asleep! How can I have fun killing them if you go and create one of your unique contracts, eh? You fucker! Be quiet. The Lord only desires to free and protect this creature; he does not desire to kill everyone present, so you will shut your mouth before I sever your connection] Lone said to himself. It would seem that the crazed tone was hungry for blood while the emotionless one merely wanted to do as its Lord desired.

The voices had stopped talking, and Lone's body walked closer to the Golden Fox before it kneeled in front of it. The Fox was curious; it seemed to be unaffected by the contracts pressure. Perhaps due to the nature of the contract, or maybe it was the voices doing.

[Touch this contract, and our Lord will take care of you for all eternity. I would suggest you do so, as such an offer does not appear very often] the cold tone said in a manner that hinted at jealousy. It would seem that it wasn't very happy with how quickly this Fox had been given such an opportunity.

The Fox in question didn't hesitate for a second. It instantly placed one of its small paws on the contract which resulted in the pure blue scroll emitting a light so powerful, that even the Goddess of Light, Astera, would have been blinded by it were she to gaze directly at it.

When the light had died down, the Fox was nowhere to be seen, and Lone had also disappeared.

[Dragonkin, the connection can't be held any longer. Protect the Lord during our absence... I can't believe I didn't get to kill anyone... and yeah, keep the boss safe, or else we'll destroy you the next time we're here... hehehe... " the beings possessing Lone ordered Gilbert before the power being emitted from him disappeared and he weakly slumped to the floor. It would seem that they had quickly returned Lone to Gilbert and Sophie after collecting the Fox.

"Oh, how am I going to clean this up? My reach only stretches so far. Well, at least he didn't kill anyone, that's an improvement, right?" Gilbert asked Sophie who was standing next to him.

She only nodded before she calmly walked over to Lone and placed his head on her lap before she started gently stroking his hair. From the look on her face, it was obvious to tell that Sophie barely cared about the consequences of Lone's actions today and was only happy to be in contact with the man that she loved once more.

Admittedly, Sophie was somewhat worried about the things that had control of Lone, but they didn't seem like they wanted to harm him, so she chose to trust them until things changed.

A few hours later, in a bedroom of a mansion in the upper-class district, Lone opened his eyes only to find himself in an unfamiliar bed. Sophie was sleeping on top of him, and his mouth felt unusually wet like he had just drunk something.

"Finally awake? You used up all of my mana. Just how messed up was your body that it would use all of my restorative water to heal you? Even Malcolm only needed a little bit..." a voice Lone knew grumbled. It sounded more relieved than anything.

"Hey Gilbert, what happened? And where are we?" Lone asked before he gently sat up since he didn't want to disturb the girl sleeping on his chest.

"You tell me. You suddenly became an SS-Ranker, and you stole the Golden Fox that was on display before you came back and collapsed. Oh, also, you had two personalities talking in your body, one was powerful and seemed honourable, the other seemed vile and evil. Very strange. You don't know what that was all about, do you?" Gilbert asked while he stroked his beard. The Guildmaster was exceedingly curious about this entire matter.

Just before Lone answered, a blue screen flashed in front of his eyes.

Due to the host simultaneously activating the skills Blind Control and Blind Rage, Gained Skill:
Skill: Blind Enraged Control
Effect 1: the host enters a state of combined rage and control upon activation
Effect 2: Activates automatically when the host experiences extreme feelings of rage and despair
Effect 3: When active, this skill multiplies the host's stats by 100
Restriction 1: Can only be activated automatically
Restriction 2: Can only be activated once every six months
Mastery: Not available due to the nature of the skill

"It was a skill. Still, two personalities? Were they me or someone else... ?" Lone had said before he started mumbling. Gilbert could tell that Lone seemed to know just as little as he did, so he just decided to answer Lone's second question.

"You asked where we were? This is the Melek family estate," Gilbert stated. He quickly noticed Lone's questioning face and remembered how clueless Lone was on such topics, so the Guildmaster decided to elaborate a little bit.

"The Melek family is one of the four Duke households of the Milindo Kingdom. For some reason, the Duke, Henry Melek, decided to help me clean this whole mess up for you. Just when did you get friendly with him?" Gilbert asked after explaining his whereabouts in a bit more detail. He was surprised at Lone receiving Henry's help because Henry was known to be an avid demihuman hater.

"Another Duke? Well, he helped me, so I guess he wants something from me," Lone said in an upset manner. He hated debts, regardless of the form of debt. This was mostly due to his experience with the bank back on Earth, but Lone knew that it would be a little bit harder to deal with a debt that was due to be paid to a Duke.

"Don't worry; I didn't do it to earn a favour. I would have stayed uninvolved if my daughter hadn't begged me to interfere," a voice claimed. The door to the bedroom soon opened to reveal a tall and handsome man who was wearing a robe and held a magnificent looking staff. He seemed to be a mage of some sort.

"I have to thank you. If you hadn't dealt with my daughter the way you had, then she might still be a stupid little girl. It seems you helped her mature some. Very commendable for a beastman," the apparent Duke said in a tone that obviously belittled Lone.

"Hey Gilbert, is this fucker immune to magic like George? If not, I'm killing him," Lone icily said. He detested racism and any thoughts of thanking the man had instantly evaporated.

"Henry, don't push him. Lone here can certainly kill you if you do so. The boy has a ridiculous amount of trump cards. You felt how powerful he was at the auction too didn't you?" Gilbert said with hints of amusement in his voice. It was very refreshing to him seeing another S-Ranker being taken lightly by Lone who wasn't himself for once.

Henry looked between Gilbert and Lone for a moment and was about to refute him before he recalled what had happened to George after he had antagonised the beastman in front of him. The Duke decided to hold his tongue, and he soon left the room.

"Well, at least some of the racists here have a brain in their heads. I guess I'm gonna leave now. I'll see you tomorrow Gilbert. I don't really like this place," Lone claimed. He then unsummoned the sleeping Sophie. However, just before he left, he turned to Gilbert. before he turned invisible and disappeared.

"Gilbert, I accept you as a friend," Lone said which forced a black and blue shine to flicker within the dragonkin's eyes. It soon receded and Lone had apparently disappeared since Gilbert could no longer sense his presense or hear him at all.

"A friend, huh? Hmm? I feel compelled to help Lone even more than I already have done so. How strange," Gilbert mumbled while he continued to stroke his beard. A few seconds later the door opened again only to reveal Emma, the young mage who had been defeated by Lone in the tournament.

"Huh? Where's Lone? Daddy said he was awake!" Emma exclaimed. She had been rather excited to see the charming Foxman once again, but it would seem that he wasn't here.

'Did he go to the toilet?' Emma thought to herself. For some reason, she didn't even register that the Guildmaster was present.

"He left. It seems Lone didn't like your father's attitude," Gilbert said while he stood up, presumably to leave.

After Gilbert had claimed as such, Emma's face turned a shade of black before she stormed off. It would seem her father's actions weren't being doubted at all and Emma was angry at him having scared Lone away.

Gilbert soon left the estate just like Lone, and he returned to his most hated enemy, paperwork.


A note from Lone

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