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"Now, ladies and gentlemen! Please behold our sixth item today!" Peter had shouted before the bunny woman came back onto the stage while she was once again, pushing the trolley towards him.

Peter quickly lifted the velvet sheet off from the hidden item when it reached him only to reveal a small glass box. This container had a marble sized blue spheroid gem floating in its centre, and it looked very mysterious.

All of the more powerful members of the audience instantly gazed at it with abundant amounts of greed in their eyes. It would seem that they were familiar with this mysterious object and knew of its purpose.

"As many of you can already tell, this here is a mana gem! And not only that, but it is one of the purest ones we've ever seen before!" Peter exclaimed, however, he didn't go into any more detail for some reason, so Lone turned to face Gilbert who had stopped eating mere moments ago. It would seem he was a fast eater.

"Gilbert, what's a mana gem?" Lone asked. He was rather intrigued by this item. If his guess were correct, then he would be able to use that thing to help Sophie out an incredible amount as far as her mana issues were concerned which would fix Lone's more recent worries regarding bedtime activities.

"Hmm? Seriously? I know you're twenty-five, but just how little do you know about these things? Ha-ah. You should be aware of all of this," Gilbert said with a sigh. He still didn't know about Lone's origins like Grimsley did so he could only imagine that Lone had a seclusive upbringing of some sort.

"Don't you dare play the fucking pronoun game with me. Explain," Lone unhappily ordered. He heavily disliked word games. Lone had asked for an explanation, so he expected to get one. It was hardly Lone's fault that he knew very little about the oddities of Altros. True, he could research this stuff, but Lone felt like he had better things to do with his time than doing that currently.

"Fine fine. Geez, it's a gem made from physical mana. They are created by a naturally occurring phenomenon. The things can store mana which can then be used later. That one looks like it's a grade four one with about 80% purity. Good item," Gilbert replied with a raised eyebrow. Such a high-quality gem was indeed good, rare even. He could only wonder where they had managed to get one. 

"Well, that's very helpful! You don't know how much mana it can store, do you?" Lone asked in a much happier mood. Lone had to admit that the Guildmaster was being very accommodating despite Lone's rude behaviour. Maybe it was time to respect or accept him?

"Hmm, I don't really know. Each grade can hold roughly 100,000 and since this one is a grade four with 80% purity... I'd say... 480,000? Give or take 10,000," Gilbert said with just as much curiosity as Lone currently held. It wasn't particularly unheard of to see such an item, but one of such a high grade was certainly rare.

Lone and Gilbert watched the bids continue to increase until the current bid had reached an astronomical amount of 600,000 gold coins.

"Well, I guess I'd better participate now," Lone mumbled since the last bid hadn't received any competition after its announcement. "Let's have some fun this time," he quietly finished.

"650,000!" Lone shouted to the surprise of the only remaining bidder.

"650,000 from Mr.Immortus! Do we have any following bids?" the auctioneer asked in joy. He would be earning a hefty commission today thanks to Lone's efforts, or so he had calculated.

The other contestant, a stunning middle-aged woman with blonde hair who was in a red dress eyed Lone dangerously while she hid her face behind a fan.

"675,000!" she called out from behind her fan.

"675,000 from Duchess Igness! Do we have any following bids?" Peter shouted. He was getting happier and happier as the seconds passed.

'Heh... a Duchess? Is she as strong as George? Well, I guess I'll end this here,' Lone thought. He didn't want to get into a bidding war with someone as strong as that, so he was just going to go all in to stop any following bids.

"1.25Million!" Lone exclaimed to the shock of everyone present. Such a tremendous amount. Surely this would knock him out of the race for the other items, no? The other guests could only hope so since he managed to obtain all of them so far through his own bids or Sophie's.

The Duchess looked at Lone with a different feeling in her eyes instead of the previous hostility. If Lone had to place it, he would assume it was interest that was now showing. It made sense, after all, Lone was a nobody foxkin who had the support of the Guildmaster and also had an extraordinary sum of gold that seemingly appeared from nowhere.

"1.25million from Mr Immortus! Any following bids? Going once, going twice, going thrice, GONE!" Peter shouted at the top of his lungs. He couldn't believe how much money he had just earned. It had to be understood that Peter received a 5% overall commission of the entire event which was usually a significant amount for a Deposit hosted event, but still, this was an astronomical amount.

The mana gem was soon packed up and delivered to Lone. Lone happily unboxed it and held it up to his eye for a moment. It was a dazzling blue colour and had a strange shine to it, but it seemed a bit lacking like something was missing from it.

"Hmm, I can't feel anything from it. Is it empty?" Lone mumbled. Just as he was about to attempt to inject some mana into it, he was slapped over the head, and the gem was snatched from his hand.

"You idiot! Look, you don't just go filling a gem up with magic when you have no idea how to! I'll fill it up half way for you, and I'll teach you how to fill the rest up over the next few days. Okay?" Gilbert said. His brow was covered in sweat. How was he supposed to know that Lone would immediately try to blow himself up?

"Oh, that would be a great help. I was just gonna trial and error it. Your help makes things much easier, but you don't have to teach me, just keep adding mana to it in small amounts. I haven't told you, I guess this is a secret, but I can learn anything so long as I watch the skill or magic or whatever is being done enough times," Lone nonchalantly claimed. He had forgotten about the contract shared between them momentarily. However, now that Lone had remembered about its existence, he figured he might as well make Gilbert's job a little bit easier.

"Of course you can. Fine then, for now, finish up buying the stuff here then I'll show you how to fill this little guy up," Gilbert said in a normal voice. He didn't even bother doubting Lone's words, not after all of the crazy things he had already done thus far. Gilbert then lightly threw the stone back to Lone. Lone caught it and stored before he refocused his attention onto the auction.

Roughly one hour and three items later, Lone had learnt a simple technique that was used to inject mana into items. It seemed to be just the basics though as no skill had been learnt. The other thing that had happened was almost, if not all of the other participants, were eyeing Lone with a murderous look. If not for him buying every item, then in greed at the ridiculous amount of money and items he now held. Lone just ignored them all as he could defeat them all or force the fight to end immediately by freezing the opponent if he stood no chance, so he wasn't too worried.

"You really are crazy... well, I guess I'll teach you the rest later, the last item is being brought up now since Malcolm only ever sells ten items at once. Smart kid. He holds back on content only to sell the real stuff at a later date," Gilbert said with some worry evident in his voice which bothered Lone. However, he never asked what his worry was about.

'Heh, like a game? You have to buy the DLC's three months later when you don't care about the game anymore, but you buy it anyway since you've been told it's better than the real game. What was that game called? Dest... Dest... Destin... Fate?' Lone thought. He truly was intrigued by this Malcolm Deposit character.

'He hasn't gone berserk yet, here's hoping I don't have to apologise to Malcolm,'° Gilbert continued in thought. It would seem that he knew what the final item was and he was anxious over how Lone would react to its nature.

Lone watched as a massive box covered in a much larger sheet of velvet was rolled onto the stage. Peter excitedly approached it before removing the sheet.

Lone's blood instantly boiled and his eyes turned into a mixture of black and blue. [How dare they do this... " the same voice said but in two different pitches. These voices came from Lone. Gilbert immediately grabbed Sophie and moved away upon feeling the changes Lone had experienced.

"Fuck. I knew this would happen," Gilbert whispered in defeat. Of course, Lone would react like that upon seeing the item. Gilbert had no idea what the voice meant, but he knew that death would be the only result if he went against whatever Lone currently was. It felt roughly 100 times stronger than the standard Lone which said a lot since Lone was normally about as powerful as a C or low B-ranker. Gilbert could only estimate him as being a high SS-Ranker now. So Gilbert decided just to move Sophie and wait out the coming storm since he could do nothing to prevent it.

As soon as Lone noticed Sophie's disappearance, he turned his head to stare straight at Gilbert. The Dragonkin in question was having trouble breathing upon seeing Lone's face. Half of his face wore a wicked grin while the other half looked dead and emotionless. It was creepy, to say the least.

[Protect her. We'll kill you if you don't hehehe..." the voice ordered before Lone once more turned to face the stage. What was revealed was a large cage that housed a small golden-yellow fox. Lone could immediately tell somehow that it was a golden foxkin like himself, but for some reason, it had taken the shape of an actual fox. Lone knew that this change had been forced upon the creature and Lone immediately lost himself in his mixed emotions of rage and dispair which resulted in both emotions gaining control.

Lone slowly stood up before he quickly disappeared only to appear inside of the cage with the fox. Peter was instantly alarmed. What the hell had happened? It had to be known that the auction house had several S-Rankers hiding around the stage to deal with any potential thieves.

[The Lord demands your release. So we'll free you. Just keep quiet and let us handle this hehe... hehe... .You always creep me out, why the Lord accepted you is beyond me] the voice said to itself. It was odd seeing one body speak so fiercely only to follow up with the coldest tone imaginable.

"Ha-ah, why couldn't you have just bought the fox?" Gilbert complained to himself while he watched Lone from above.

A note from Lone

Changed the description of Lone's voice from plural to singular since it really is only one voice, not two, it's just that it sounds different and the tone changes, so yeah, it's not separate voices speaking. Still Lone talking, just the bold and italic "personalities" use Lone's voice in different ways.

Point out any grammar mistakes I missed, please. And any duplicate paragraphs, Grammarly copies them whenever I split paragraphs and I can't stop it, so point it out if I miss any of those.

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