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Book 1 Chapter 88: Impatience and Fluffy


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"Hey, Soph," Lone called out to his lap's occupant. Sophie slowly looked up into his face with vast amounts of curiosity. 

"What?" she quietly asked. It would seem that Lone had something he wanted her to do.

"Well, I want to buy everything pretty quickly 'cause I wanna go home now. I'm getting kinda bored of this. So, I'm gonna go steal a bunch of money from the other participants for fun, and just in case we can't afford something. Don't worry; I'll turn invisible. If Gilbert can't find me, then no one here should be able to do so. Right?" Lone said while he turned to look at the dragonkin in question.

The elderly man briefly looked at him before nodding. Gilbert was genuinely surprised at how Lone had managed to sneak up on him a few days ago, but he cared more about his chicken now than he did about his dignity.

"But... what if you get caught or if someone comes to hurt me?" Sophie worriedly asked. She trusted Lone's abilities, but she also knew that they were painfully unaware of the different powers and skills that were on this planet.

"Gilbert," Lone coldly said. His tone forced the Guildmaster to straighten up and act a bit more seriously.

"Yes?" the Dragonkin asked Lone. He wanted to help however he could. Gilbert would even betray his race if it meant he'd earn Lone's favour, purely because having Lone's approval equated to having more chicken. Dragonkin were simple people.

"Protect her while I'm gone. If you don't, I'll fucking kill you. If you do, there are two tonnes of chicken meat waiting for you," Lone emotionlessly ordered the S-Ranker. He trusted Gilbert's love for chicken just enough to leave Sophie here. However, it was still very unlikely that Lone would do such a thing if there were actually any direct danger. 

Lone wanted Sophie to buy the items instead of Gilbert because he knew she needed to do something like this to help with her fears and besides, if Sophie bought them, then he wouldn't have to worry about Gilbert running off with his items. Even though such a situation was highly unlikely, Lone was the type to get paranoid over the smallest detail.

Lone then stood up which forced Sophie to also get on her feet. Lone then created a little suit of grey steel armour which covered Sophie's body. He knew it wouldn't help much, but it might reassure the girl.

"See. Gilbert will protect you, and if he can't, call into my mind immediately. I'll unsummon you and kill your attacker. So, you bid on whatever items show up while I'm busy. Here, take this," Lone said while he passed the sack full of all of his coins. It held several hundred thousand within its small dimension.

Lone had a few million in his inventory because he had discovered that he could create multiple items at once so Lone had mass-produced golden coins whenever he was able to spare the mana. However, he wanted to have some more fun, and one could never have too much money.

After leaving his VIP room, Lone immediately turned invisible. Lone knew that his sounds could be heard if he wasn't careful, so Lone decided to try to be as stealthy as he possibly could. Lone quickly crouched and began creeping his way towards the nearest VIP booth that wasn't his.

Upon reaching it, Lone waited a few minutes until a servant left the room, presumably to get more food or drinks. This opportunity was exactly what Lone needed to infiltrate the room.

When he entered, Lone noticed three powerful individuals who were most likely A-Rankers or lower. The man who held the money sack, presumably one enchanted with space magic, was a fat and well dressed middle-aged man. It would seem he was a merchant of some sort.

'How should I do this? Just grab it and run, or kill them all? I could use the strong bodies for if I ever learnt necromancy,'° Lone thought. His decision was decided for him by the merchant's next words.

"That girl. The one who's bidding right now. Even though she's wearing armour, it would seem that I recall seeing her with a Foxman. She was very gorgeous, no?" The fat man asked one of his guards with a lust filled grin.

"Indeed, sir. She was probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," the guard happily replied.

'She is the most beautiful girl, not 'probably'. Anyway, even if you guys getting her is impossible, death is the only answer to my dilemma now,' Lone decided. He quickly used his Mental Destruction Skill on all four of them, the three guards and the merchant. 

Lone was shocked. All four of them instantly died with no hassle. Blood didn't even start flowing from their heads which made Lone's job of hiding the evidence much simpler. Lone quickly stored the bodies and left the room.

'Did my Mental Destruction Skill get stronger? Maybe because of my soul, and hence my title, evolving?' Lone thought to himself while he approached the next room over.

Lone didn't run into any trouble as he robbed the other rooms. He did have to kill a few of the participants much like the merchant, but he only did so when they spoke negatively of Sophie. Lone was exceedingly protective of her now that their relationship had reached a new level of deepness.

On his plundering spree, Lone had learnt two new skills and even gained a new title.

Due to the host moving incredibly discretely in an attempt to hide the host's sounds and movements,  Gained Skill:
Skill: Stealth
Effects: Dampens sound and visibility of the host to varying degrees when activated based on mastery
Mastery: Beginner Level 4
Sound And Visibility Dampened when activated: 8%
Due to the host killing several beings while using the Stealth Skill,  Gained Skill:
Skill: Assassinate
Effects: Deals more damage when attacking an unaware being while the host has the stealth skill active to varying degrees when activated based on mastery
Mastery: Beginner Level 2
Increased Damage when activated: 4%

These two skills surprised Lone. He had completely forgotten about the rogue based classes purely because he was always focusing on his battle and magic oriented skills. However, what actually surprised him was his newest title.

Due to the host stealing more than ten million golden coins from several people more powerful than the host, Gained Title:
Title: Master Thief
Effect 1: Allows the host to steal with more ease
Effect 2: the host gains 120% more experience in all rogue related skills
Effect 3: Increases the efficiency of all rogue related skills

Lone had completely unexpected this particular gain. At most, he could anticipate a skill or two, but a title? Lone had no idea such a thing would happen. Now he was glad that he had risked stealing from a couple S-Rankers. Lone knew that he wouldn't be immediately detected due to being able to fool even Gilbert, the master at perceiving the unperceivable. However, he tried to avoid them and only robbed two in fears that he would be discovered.

Lone quickly returned to his room only to be immediately tackled by a moving suit of armour.

"Hey Soph. I missed you too," Lone said while he stored all of the armour that was on Sophie's body.

'Well, this is useful. Can I store enemy weapons and armour too?' Lone thought to himself. This was an interesting find as far as Lone was concerned since it may save him from wasting several life stat points in the future from dying when he could just disarm his opponent, but further testing was needed to prove this theory.

Sophie quickly stopped hugging him and pulled him over to the seat. She then quickly jumped up onto his lap and grabbed several of lone's tails. Upon doing so, her face visibly relaxed. It would seem that squeezing her with his tails didn't only relieve stress for Lone.

"What did you manage to win for me?" Lone gently asked the still shaken girl. It would seem that getting her to bid on a few items had quite clearly put her rather far outside of her comfort zone.

"... Three things... real dragon bone marrow... one tonne of ebony ingots... magic staff blade... that staff belonged to an S-Ranker..." Sophie mumbled. She wasn't too focused right now. Currently, the only thing she desired to do was cuddle Lone's tails. No one would separate her from her fluffy Kingdom, Not for a while at least.

"Lone," Gilbert said in an almost pleading manner. He didn't dare beg directly, but Lone did promise him.

"Yes yes. Maybe I should make you Sophie's pet? Too bad you're not fluffy. Now details on the items," Lone replied. He picked up the small bag that presumably held the purchased items in it before he created a huge, two-tonne slab of chicken meat for Gilbert to consume as promised.

"The bone comes from a real dragon, not a dragonkin like me. One of the big monsters. Pretty strong beasts, I wonder how they got the bone? Anyway, it belonged to a mana dragon. They are beings of pure mana," Gilbert claimed in a fashion that spoke volumes about his feelings for real dragons. Apparently, they weren't on the best of terms.

Lone's eyes lit up at this statement. He also gained an idea of how to use it.

"The ebony, you should know about. Apparently one of the royal Smiths died, and Malcolm managed to get his hands on the man's collection after his death. I wonder how he always does that?" Gilbert asked himself while he began consuming the meat prepared before him.

"The staff was as Sophie said. It belonged to a nature mage who was an S-Ranker. I don't see him dying by natural causes since he graduated from The Academy. Probably assassinated," Gilbert nonchalantly finished before he dedicated his full attention to his meal.

"Well, at least all of these items are relatively useful. Thank you, Soph, you were really brave buying this stuff in my place," Lone softly praised before he lightly kissed her head. Sophie just blushed a little before gently squeezing one of Lone's cuddly tails. She then continued hiding in her fluffy fortress.

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