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Book 1 Chapter 87: Potions and Book


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"Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the first item!" Peter exclaimed while a demihuman, a woman with bunny ears walked onto the stage as she was pushing a small trolley to the centre of it, right next to Peter. It seemed that no one really cared that she was a demihuman. If Lone wasn't wrong, she also appeared to be a slave.

Lone didn't really care. She looked happy enough, and Lone wasn't about the spend the rest of his eternal life in this city freeing slaves since he could only break one contract per week. Only the really abused and desperate ones would catch his interest, so Lone too, chose to ignore her presence and only focused on the trolley she had brought with her.

It was a standard metal one, made from steel, maybe silver. There was a large bump on it that was clearly covered by a red silk piece of cloth.

"Now, here we have our first item!" Peter said as he gently but theatrically lifted the cloth off from the trolley only to reveal to be what looked like a potion rack. It had several glass tubes inside of it that were each filled with a different coloured liquid. If Lone were to count how many were there, he would estimate the number to be around fifty or so.

"OOOHHHH!" the crowd exclaimed in shock. It would seem that it was a familiar item.

"As you can all see, here we have a collection of status-enhancing potions donated very generously by the Alchemy guild located in Stratos Village. The reclusive group of warlocks and alchemists," Peter briefly explained which only sent the crowd into a deeper commotion.

"So it is true that the owner has a connection with those witches and warlocks..."

"I wonder what else we'll see if this is the first item."

"Indeed, I wish I brought more money, how much do you think one thousand gold can buy me?"

Lone could hear the mutterings of the audience with his Good Hearing Skill, and he was quite honestly surprised. Lone wanted to meet the owner of this establishment more and more. This Deposit character seemed to be able to get his hands on some superb items, and maybe even skills, or so Lone hoped.

"Now now, settle down, please. These items, for those who are unaware, hold the ability to increase your status points permanently!" Peter further explained which greatly pleased Lone. He wasn't worried about his stats, but now maybe he could help Sophie's increase to a point where they weren't quite so useless.

"Now then! We'll begin the bidding for the entire set at five hundred gold coins!" Peter shouted, to which many spectators signed in disappointment. five hundred gold coins were no small amount for the regular citizens. However, the nobles quickly began a bidding war.

"One thousand!"

"Two thousand!"

"Five thousand!"

The bids continued to increase until only two men were bidding. Gilbert had told Lone that the skinnier and more muscular of the two was a Count, the very same Count whose wife Lone murdered. The other was a wealthy middle-class merchant. The more important people present didn't see the items as being worth bidding over as they knew better things were to come.

"Forty thousand!" the Count shouted. The merchant could only grind his teeth at that. He had only brought thirty-eight thousand coins, and he was hoping to increase his son's abilities in magic somehow so the boy could be sent off to The Academy. It would seem that he had to concede for now and hope that he would win the next item that met his requirements.

"Forty thousand from Count Lapis! Any other bids? Going once! Going twice! Going thric-! "Fifty thousand!" Peter was interrupted by a heavily amused voice. Lone had decided to be the biggest annoyance he could possibly be towards the husband of the head he had delivered to Gilbert.

Lone also concluded that doing something like this would make him stand out more. If there was anything Lone loved just as much as he loved Sophie and gaining power, it was gaining fame.

The Count just stared in shock at Lone. He hadn't noticed him before due to the size of the building, but now that he had spoken up in a way that was clearly intended to embarrass him, the Count couldn't help but notice the nine tailed Foxkin.

"YOU!" the Count had screamed before he sent a fireball shooting straight towards Lone. Lone merely looked at it lazily for a moment. He then had a brilliant idea. Without even moving his body, Lone simply lifted his right hand and forced his bones to shoot out from it and create a shield roughly four meters away from him. The fireball collided with it to which Lone laughed.

"So I can use a spear in one hand and a shield made from bones in the other? How interesting!" Lone said aloud. Several men dressed in black then quickly approached the Count and subdued him before he was taken outside of the venue.

"My apologies Sir Immortus. To think someone would do such a thing on Deposit property. It shall not happen again!" Peter had apologised before someone brought the potions up to Lone as no further bids were made. Lone paid the attendant that had brought the rack to him the full amount of fifty thousand gold coins via the pouch he had been gifted from Gilbert. 

"Here, Sophie, drink these. They'll help you get stronger. I don't need them," Lone claimed before he moved the potion rack to sit on the desk that was occupied by an empty plate. Lone refilled the dish with chicken meat before he told Sophie to drink them again. 

Sophie knew Lone wouldn't accept anything but a yes from her, so she did as told and drank a blue potion first.

"It's sweet!" Sophie had exclaimed before she started to chug down the rest of the potions. Before long, ten of them were empty, but Sophie was now full and feeling a little bit sick, so Lone stored the rack before he praised Sophie for drinking so many of them.

"You really do act like a father and daughter. You guys sure you had sex? I can definitely sense the impurity..." Gilbert asked in a confused and tactless manner while he was consuming the chicken meat like there was no tomorrow.

"You too? Why does everyone think like that? I can express my love any way I want to," Lone replied grumpily. He did treat Sophie like a child sometimes, but she looked like one most of the time, and she didn't seem to mind. Lone knew that her personality had regressed back to her childhood one for the most part. Anyone could tell that if they heard her story. All Lone could do was love and accommodate her to the best of his ability until something changed within her.

Shortly afterwards, the auction continued. The lady with the bunny ears quickly returned with another trolley. Peter quickly approached it before he turned back to face the audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Here I have the second item on today's list!" Peter exclaimed before he gently removed the velvet cloth that was hiding its appearance. What was revealed was a glass case that held a book. It was an ancient and worn out looking tome. If Lone were forced to guess, he would age it about four-five hundred years old. 

"Here we have a very rare book that was found in a long abandoned dwarven stronghold which was located in the monster lands! It contains the knowledge of how to smith with several of the hardest metals known to all of Altros! It also includes what we believe to be detailed formations for enchantment magic!" Peter excitedly listed. He was very happy to be working at such a wonderful place. Not only did he get to work for one of the most influential people on the continent, but he also got to sell items of such rarity, which was a passion of his.

"Now, let's start the bidding at ten thousand gold coins!" Peter shouted to which the crowd immediately started bidding in a frenzy. They all hoped they could obtain such rare and precious knowledge.

'I really wish I knew how to make white gold,' Lone lamented in his mind. Unfortunately, Grimsley didn't have any to show Lone how to create the metal, so he had to settle for making one-hundred gold coins instead since it was far cheaper than making a single white gold one. Lone just wished for the knowledge as it would increase his money making efficiency by one-hundred times.

"Well, I better win this now and move on, no point dilly-dallying over one item, eh?" Lone whispered to himself. It was already getting late, and this was only the second item so Lone wanted to purchase as much as he could quickly. The current bid was sitting at forty-thousand and steadily climbing.

"Two-hundred thousand!" Lone shouted. This shocked a lot of the wealthier participants. The way Lone had made his bid clearly stated that he held far more money than this and the only thing he wanted was to move on quickly after buying the item. For whatever reason, he seemed to be in a rush.

No further bids came in which resulted in lone's obvious win. He quickly handed over the stupidly large amount of coins. Lone could only assume that the enchanted sacks held anti-gravity magic in them or else such an amount would obviously be impossible to move so simply due to the weight.

'Ah... this is really fun, but I kinda wanna go home and experiment with inserting mana into things. If I don't, it'll only be cuddles and kisses for a while,' Lone depressedly thought. He assumed buying every item would be more fun. Now he only wanted to experiment and maybe play with some of the items he was going to buy.

A note from Lone

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