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Book 1 Chapter 86: Auction and Peter


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The two awoke the next morning. Sophie was back to her child-like appearance, so her underwear and stockings were loosely hanging off of her body.

Lone got up wearily, and upon seeing his lover curled up in a ball on their bed, he chose to kiss her lightly on the head before he went to have a bath.

After he was finished bathing, Lone reentered the bedroom, and he spotted a now naked and clearly embarrassed Sophie sitting on her knees on their bed. It would seem that she had taken off her now over-sized undergarments and was mulling over something.

"What's wrong, Soph?" Lone asked as he approached her. He was fairly curious as to why she was so flustered when the two of them had already had sex. What more was there to be embarrassed about?

"Uuuuu, well, you know how I-I asked you to do-do it inside?" Sophie sheepishly asked Lone. He did indeed remember doing such a thing. After all, it would be incredibly hard to not remember something so wonderful as far as Lone was concerned.

"Yes, I do. It felt amazing, but I'm worried about pregnancy. Is that the issue?" Lone replied with his own question. He truly did enjoy last night, more so than he had imagined he would. Lone figured he would have sex with Sophie because she wanted to do so in order to strengthen their relationship, which he also wanted, but now Lone felt like he could do it purely for the fun of the action.

"Well, it was, but I used a lot of my power to stop that from happening..." Sophie mumbled which relieved Lone. He wasn't ready to have an actual child. Not now at least.

"Then what's the problem?" Lone asked before he got close enough to cuddle her. Sophie closed her eyes and enjoyed Lone's embrace for a moment before she answered him.

"I had to use all of the rest of my power to change my body with my transformation power to get rid of your... you know..." Sophie said in an embarrassed fashion. She then buried her head into Lone's chest. She was happy, very happy that everything last night had gone smoothly, but she was upset that her powers had been used up to deal with something so trivial.

"That's okay Soph; I'd rather you use up your power than the two of us gaining a new responsibility. The pet I get for you will be enough. Anyway, I'll ask Gilbert if there are any mana transfer techniques, and if so, then I'll learn them so you can always be at full power, okay?" Lone explained. Sophie hadn't considered these points, but now that she took a moment to think about it, they certainly made sense.

"You understand? Good. Now go have a bath, we're going to the tailor shop then the auction house in the afternoon. Hopefully, we'll be able to find you a pet," Lone said with a big smile. Sophie agreed before she got off of Lone and left to have her bath.

Sophie had soon finished her bath, and Lone stopped creating golden coins to give her one of her dresses while he put on one of his own outfits. The two then made their way to Victoria's tailor shop.

Upon reaching it, Lone didn't even have to explain to the couple why he had been missing for four days; he simply received his outfits and lessons before he was shooed away.

It would seem that Victoria knew that Lone had plans to go to the auction house. In fact, during the entire time the pair were at Victoria's shop, Lone had steadily been creating golden coins in his pocket only to store them immediately.

He had been trying to create as much capital as possible ever since he had heard about the auction. After all, he wanted to buy everything that was of note.

Lone and Sophie soon reached the auction house during the early afternoon. It was a large circular auditorium type building that was made entirely out of stone. It was very intimidating in its appearance.

Just as there had reached the door, they were greeted by a well-dressed man who was sporting a very fine moustache.

"Hello, sir, madam. May I please see your participant tickets?" the man asked with a slight bow. Lone immediately nodded before he took the two tickets Gilbert had gifted to him yesterday. They were a shiny red card of sorts except they had a golden border surrounded them.

"Ah, VIP'S? Please, follow me," the attendant said. He then turned around and began walking into the building. Lone and Sophie quickly followed after him. The inside of the building was incredible.

The entire floor and ceiled was covered in either a velvet red carpet or tiles of the same colour. There were hundreds of stands that were made of wood surrounding a semi-circular stage of sorts. The employee led Lone and Sophie up past those sitting areas to a booth of sorts.

This booth was very fancy and very high up. It had a clear view of the entire stage, and it seemed to have several waiters inside of presumably meant to cater to the VIP'S.

"This is your booth, sir, madam, please, enjoy yourselves," the moustached man requested before he quickly left to return to the front door. The duo quickly made their way to the front of the room only to met by the largest grin they had ever seen before.

'What the hell?'° Lone asked himself upon seeing Gilbert's face. He was confused as to why he was grinning so broadly.

"Well, you two know how I'm a purity dragonkin, yeah? I can smell the impurity on the both of you. HAHAHAHAHA!" Gilbert said before he burst out into a wild fit of laughter. Lone never failed to amuse him.

Lone merely looked at the Dragonkin as if he were dead. He knew the man was right, but being called impure left a rotten taste in Lone's mouth. 

"Hahaha... oh... by the way, have you got any more of that meat? I'll pay you with gold this time, or whatever else you want," Gilbert asked in an almost pleading tone. Lone had successfully addicted the dragon to chicken meat. Thankfully, unlike the koala, chickens didn't seem to exist on this planet. Lone closed his eyes and took a deep breath to forget about the earlier insult before he responded.

"Hmm, give me all of your gold, and I'll make as much chicken as you want today. I have a decent amount of money, but it's better to be safe, rather than sorry, right?" Lone replied happily. He did indeed have a ludicrous amount of gold. However, he wished to buy most, if not all of the items that were displayed today.

"Of course! Of course!" Gilbert happily exclaimed before he reached into his robe only to pull out a small sack. Lone eyed in sceptically and upon seeing Lone do so, Gilbert chose to explain what it was.

"This is an enchanted pouch. It has a small dimension in it. There are a few hundred thousand coins in here, take it. Keep the sack. Now, about that meat... ?" Gilbert questioned as drool started to roll its way past his lips and down onto his bearded chin.

"Wow. You really are an addict. Maybe I should make a chicken empire?" Lone quietly asked himself while he took a seat next to Gilbert and created a large platter of chicken on the table that was placed just between their seats.

"Fantastic!" Gilbert happily said before he instantly dug in. It wasn't a very pleasant sight to witness, but Lone was too busy right now examining the other VIP participants. Only a few other ones were sitting in his booth, but all of them gave him and Sophie, who was now sitting on his lap, greed filled stares.

'I understand me, but Soph? Is it because she's so beautiful? Too bad they'll all die if they lay a finger on her,' Lone morbidly thought to himself. A few minutes later, a fat bald man wearing a tuxedo started to slowly hobble his way onto the centre stage. Several lights began shining on him which surprised and pleased Lone. These lights seemed to be created from light magic, which was a type of magic that Lone had yet to earn an affinity for.

"Hello! I welcome all of the wonderful guests who have chosen to participate today. I am Peter Litmore, and I shall be your host today. Everyone, welcome to the Deposit auction house's second annual showing!" the overweight man shouted lightly. It would seem that his voice was being boosted by magic since Lone could hear him perfectly fine.

"Now, without further delay, let's begin the auction!" Peter shouted which elicited a large round of applause from the audience. It would seem that today's event was a very highly anticipated one. Lone was exceedingly excited.

Lone could finally fulfil one of his lifelong wishes from back when he was still a teenager. He could pretend to be the main character from a wuxia story and buy out the auction! Admittedly, Lone knew he was being very selfish by doing this. However, he was aware that all of the items would serve him far better than the pompous nobles and powerful adventurers that had shown up today. Besides, he already had plenty of enemies, what was so wrong about earning a few more?


A note from Lone

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