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God, this had a lot of grammatical errors. From the original, you can clearly tell this was written from inspiration and almost immediately posted.

I hope you enjoy.

"Soph, where on earth did you get that?" Lone asked the beautiful young girl standing across from him.

Sophie now looked to be about sixteen years old. Her golden brown hair was flowing wildly and only stopped until it reached her ankles. She looked no different that her usual self except she had grown by maybe five or six inches and her chest was now a noticeable B-cup.

However, these were not what had shocked Lone into the stupor that he was now locked in. Sophie was wearing a very suggestive set of black lace lingerie. It didn't reveal anything in her more private areas. However, it was very thought provoking. She was also wearing a pair of thigh high stockings that were clearly different from her usual ones. Lone couldn't quite tell what the difference was, but he could recognise that they were meant to accentuate the wearer's thighs. Which they did amazingly well while on Sophie's legs.

Sophie's embarrassment wouldn't allow her to keep standing in full view of Lone, so she chose to move towards him quickly and collapsed onto his chest.

"I got James to sell it to me... when... when you were busy with your leatherworking training..." Sophie quietly explained while her soft belly was pressing itself against Lone's shirt.

Lone had no idea what to do. Should he start undressing? Tease Sophie? He had no idea. Porn could only teach you so much, or so Lone thought.

Luckily, Lone didn't have to worry for much longer because Sophie's little hands had started to remove his clothes for him, but she was quite clearly struggling. It made sense; she had never undressed another person before.

"Ah, s-sorry. I'll do that," Lone mumbled before he stored all of his clothes save for his underwear. Lone thought this was a mistake immediately afterwards. Sophie's smooth stomach and thighs were rubbing against his chest and legs because Sophie was still lying on top of him. This had obviously elicited a reaction from both Lone and Sophie. The two were still very inexperienced and attractive after all.

"W-What now?" Sophie meekly asked while looked up at Lone's face. Although she had the foresight to acquire the explicit underwear, she clearly had no idea what to do from this point onwards.

"Well, I guess kissing and cuddling for now?" Lone asked in a tone that clearly said he was unsure. Sophie weakly nodded in response. She too was just as clueless as he was.

Lone then moved his face to meet Sophie's upon seeing her consent and began lightly kissing her. As he was kissing her, he slowly moved his body into a sitting position which forced Sophie to end up sitting on top of his lap with her chest glued to his. 

The two were getting into it the more they kissed, and now they were even daring to use their tongues. Nothing too severe, just the occasional stroke of the tips, however, this was enough to send the both of them into a flurry of blushes. The furthest they had ever gone before was merely pecking each other and cuddling.

A few minutes blissfully passed like that until Sophie decided to grow a little bit bolder and she wrapped her legs around Lone's waist which briefly startled him until he decided to move his hands to rest lightly on her lower back. Lone then slowly inched his hands down to rest on Sophie's black laced panties.

"Ah!" Sophie exclaimed in a mixture of shock and delight. She lightly clawed at Lone's back after he had gently grabbed the area his hands were resting on.

"S-Sorry! Did I hurt you?" Lone asked in worry. Despite having watched his fair share of porn, he wasn't in the best of conditions to be able to identify the difference between a pain filled moan and a pleasure filled one.

"No... it... it felt good," Sophie said to Lone as she buried her head into his collar. Since she didn't really know what to do, she simply began licking his collar while he slowly moved his hands in a rubbing motion.

Lone was entranced by Sophie. His hands couldn't stop their actions even if he wanted them too and it certainly didn't help that she was now covering his neck in her saliva. He jerked his shoulder up and swiftly restarted kissing his partner. It would seem a fire had been lit in Lone's heart. Either accidentally or purposefully, Lone activate his petting ability which consequently made Sophie's already red face flush an even deeper shade of velvet as several jolts were sent through her spine.

"D-Did you just-" Lone started to ask before he got cut off with a deep kiss.

"Shut up. Idiot," Sophie mumbled between kisses. She knew perfectly well what just happened, so Sophie decided to take another leap of faith, and she took one of her hands from Lone's back and moved it to his chest before she began lightly tracing it down until it positioned itself in Lone's underwear.

"Sophie..." Lone said in a pleasure filled tone. He hadn't expected her to grab him so boldly. Next Sophie moved his member out from his underwear which Lone just chose to store as it apparently served no purpose now.

Sophie then used her other hand to move her panties aside before she lifted herself. Sophie then gently began lowering herself onto Lone.

'Ouch!' the two of them thought in unison. Sophie felt like she had been split in two. She honestly felt like this hurt more than that time God had tried to kill her for six consecutive days. It might have even hurt more than when her eyes were constantly destroyed.

'Nobody said it hurts for the guys too!'° Lone complained internally. He had been shocked before, but this was like discovering a new species or something just as ludicrous. Why had no one told him about the pain on his end? However, Lone decided to brave it and continued to lustfully look at Sophie's alluring body to ensure that the pain didn't kill his gained momentum.

"Are you okay Sophie?" Lone asked as he moved one of his hands to try to take off Sophie's bra. He was awkward with his movements, but after some fumbling around he had managed to succeed. Sophie weakly opened her eyes, and Lone immediately noticed a few tears were building up in the corners of her big beautiful verdant eyes.

"I-I'm fine. I-it just hurts a-a little bit," Sophie weakly replied before she began lightly moving. The only thing she wanted to do right now, was to please the target of her affection, regardless of the pain she had to endure to do so.

"It's fine. We can stop if it's too much for you," Lone said with care overflowing from his voice. He didn't value the experience enough to hurt Sophie in order to do it. He lightly hugged her and wiped her tears away. Lone had his other hand firmly planted on her supple waist.

"N-No. I'm fine... I-I'm sure I'll feel good too... eventually. J-Just let me please you, okay?" Sophie asked with upturned eyes. She wanted to do this more than anything. She truly loved Lone, and if she couldn't help him in battle, she would help him anyway that she could. Besides, she had wanted to do this for a while now. Granted, Sophie never predicted the tremendous pain she would experience, but she was more than willing to do so if it was for her loved one.

"Sophie..." Lone whispered before he lightly kissed her once more. "I love you," he said before he gently grabbed one of her breasts and began moving his hips as well.

"I... .I... ah... I love... ah... you too..." Sophie weakly mumbled amidst moans of pain and pleasure. She was started to feel light headed. The pain had all of a sudden turned to pure euphoria.

This was incredible, or so the both of them thought.

"I might get addicted to this. Haha," Lone lightly laughed before he squeezed Sophie in his embrace and he then moved his hips slightly faster and rougher. He was enjoying himself much more now than he was at the beginning. The pain had receded, and now only ecstasy remained. It didn't help that Sophie was so ridiculously tight, Lone could tell that he was close to reaching his climax.

"Me too," Sophie happily replied with a loose smile. All of her feelings of discomfort had vanished, and she was now being swept away in a myriad of sensual and erotic feelings.

"Sophie, I'm getting close..." Lone mumbled between his moans and light gasps, however, he was almost difficult to hear over how load Sophies cries of pleasure were.

"It's...'s okay... you... you can do it inside... ahhhn..." Sophie managed to utter before she lost her sense and began violently shaking her hips. Lone could only feel jealous at how much she was enjoying it now. However, he too was having his fair share of joy, as made evident by his earlier statement.

Lone didn't reply and only continued to kiss her. Their tongues danced, sweat mingled, bodies joined. Lone had reached a pivotal point.

"AHHHHN!" Sophie screamed as Lone and she simultaneously experienced a climax. Sophie could feel it flowing through her. It was so warm, and comforting. Lone could only weakly collapse onto his back which only resulted in Sophie falling on top of him. The two had ragged breath and were covered in sweat, but both of them had a pleasant smile on their faces.

'Wait. She won't get pregnant, will she?' Lone thought before the two fell asleep.

A note from Lone

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