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"Heh... that's kind of interesting. If you never told me about those items, I would never have even known they existed. I'd better start creating tonnes of gold coins. Oh, that's a secret too," Lone said. He and Gilbert had just finished sharing their information and Lone had been informed about several unusual items that were due to appear in tomorrow's auction. Gilbert had even given him a VIP ticket to share a booth with him so Lone could get advice on the spot.

Gilbert hadn't been too impressed with the bloodline awakening method of the Foxkin since it relied heavily on emotions and would kill anyone that wasn't Lone eventually. He was, however, interested in Lone's magic.

"You too. You're such a mystery. How can you create things so nonchalantly? I've never heard of such magic," Gilbert said in awe. He had never seen nor heard of such creation magic. Nature magic could do some things similar, as Gilbert himself was an expert in this particular type of magic, but no skill should be able to create things on the scale that Lone could.

"I don't trust you enough for that you old mushroom. However, I do respect you some. Work a bit harder, and maybe you'll become a respected being or perhaps even an accepted one. Oh, that's another secret. God, these Legendary Level five contracts are so useful. It's so annoying hiding everything from people you see almost every other day," Lone commented with a smile before he took a sip from a glass of what looked to be wine.

Sophie was sitting on his lap again because she had been unsummoned after the pressure and the scroll had disappeared. She was slurping on what looked like a carton of milk.

"You can even make food and all kinds of different drinks. You should know that nature magic can only create berries and life water. Both of which use up so much mana that it's not even worth it. The last time I created life water was two years ago on the owner of the auction house; A boy called Malcolm. He's about twice your age. Cute kid, if not a bit... detached. Maybe you'll see him tomorrow, though I don't know if he's still in the capital," Gilbert happily said while he continued eating the sliced chicken that Lone had created for him.

Lone found it rather funny, even if chickens and dragons had no direct relation, it was still very amusing to watch Gilbert eat it.

"That reminds me, what magic do you know? You said you'd teach me and I'm pretty sure you didn't use nature magic to counter the pressure from the contract," Lone asked after he had taken another sip of his red wine.

"Hmm? Oh, that was just a parlour trick. A simple gravity spell called 'gravity fold'. Nothing fancy," Gilbert nonchalantly explained before he moved to consume another slice of chicken. "This stuff is superb," he commented. This chicken meat was the final straw. Gilbert would now do anything for Lone that was within his power. He would only need to pay him in sliced chicken.

"Gravity magic... oh, right, why haven't you asked what my affinities are?" Lone asked while he refilled his glass with more mana created wine. He was admittedly getting a little bit tipsy. However, this was exceedingly tough to achieve because he had to focus all of his energy into deactivating his passive regeneration to achieve such a state.

"Oh, well, don't tell anyone that I told you, guild secret and all that, but the status cards. You know how they change colours when they get a user?" Gilbert asked as he stuffed several pieces of the meat into his mouth. Lone created a few more for him before he answered.

"Yeah, I do. Mine is amber, and Sophie's is black. What does it mean? Are the two connected?" Lone questioned. Sophie had received her status card, and they found out that her level was the exact same as Lone's, but every single one of her stats was below 100 except her Vigour which was several thousand points high which shocked Gilbert at first until he remembered just who she belonged to.

"Well, those colours represent the affinity you are most compatible with. Mine is green, so nature magic, Sophie's is a void black, so void magic, a rare one. However, yours. Yours is amber," Gilbert stated before he once more filled his mouth with the food Lone had graced him with.

"That colour means every single affinity. Every single freaking one. Do you think I'd take such an interest in you just because you're a demihuman or because you scare the shit out of me when you activate your aura? I know I can smush you like a bug if I wanted to. Your affinities are stupid. I've only ever heard of one person who had that colour before," Gilbert said with a smile plastered across his face. It would seem he was just as intoxicated as Lone, however, he was drunk on chicken.

"And who might that be?" Lone asked. His interest had been picked.

"The founder of The Academy. The guy's dead now or missing; it's been a few hundred thousand years since anyone saw him," Gilbert said in a way that spoke volumes of his interest in the subject. He apparently didn't care much. The guildmaster was far more interested in the amber status card user sitting in front of him.

"Wait. 'or missing'? How does anyone live that long?" Lone seriously questioned. That was a very long amount of time.

"Do you think SSS rank is the top? Another guild secret, but there are three known levels above that, mind you, only known ones. X, XX and XXX," Gilbert briefly described before he took a quick moment to gather his thoughts.

"Ignacio Primus, the guy in question, was XX ranked the last time anyone heard. By the way, that Goddess you sent packing, she would only be an X-Ranker if you gave her a status card," Gilbert blurted out after remembering the history lessons he had taken as a young Dragonkin all those centuries ago. He really was being rather loose-lipped today.

"Huh... So is X rank the Cosmos Level and XX the Divine one, or maybe the Cosmos has many grades?" Lone asked himself out loud. Sophie didn't care even when her rank had been stated. On her card, she was listed as an E-ranker just like Lone, so she only continued to slurp on her milk carton.

"I don't know what you're mumbling about, but no one's reached any of those ranks since the founder of The Academy. The enlightenment you need is crazy, or so I heard from the main branch's Guildmaster who is an SSS-Ranker," Gilbert replied to Lone's rhetorical questions.

'So if Sophie gets all of her powers back when I become an SSS-Ranker, what happens when I reach the Cosmos Level?' Lone asked in his mind. He truly was very curious about the whole thing. Knowledge was one of the few things Lone had a passion for, hence why he made his mana creation the way that it was.

"Anyway, I think it's time for me and Soph to leave, here, have this., Lone said and then he created a twenty-kilogramme slab of cooked chicken meat. "I'll see you tomorrow," he continued before he lightly grabbed one of Sophie's hands and led her away. Gilbert was merely staring at the slice of heaven that had descended upon his desk. However, his face darkened over when his secretary walked in with a new tower of papers in her arms.

Lone and Sophie quickly reached their home and made their way to the bedroom. Lone moved to sit at the end of the king sized bed he had created since Sophie now slept with him to cuddle his tails.

Lone took a quick moment to look at the small girl who's life was now shared with his only to see her being as bashful as he was. this warmed his heart, but it also worried him. Lone was worried that neither of them would know what they were they doing.

"Well then, mind transforming for me?" Lone sheepishly asked after steeling his courage to see this through, regardless of how awkward it got. He had no idea what to do in such a situation. He was as much a virgin as Mother Mary was.

'Uuuuu... you could at least try to be romantic, you idiot!' Sophie cried in her mind before she left to go inside of the bathroom. She quickly returned, except now she looked very different.

A note from Lone

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