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It didn't take long for Gilbert to return, except now he had two well dressed little girls with slave collars around their necks following after him. They were dressed in plain sundresses which looked rather nice and they clearly better than most articles of clothing available to the common populace.

Sophie immediately noticed how beautiful the two girls looked now that they had properly been cleaned up. So she did the only sensible thing to do in such a situation. Sophie grabbed as many tails as she could from Lone's lap where she was sitting. The poor things had been defiled enough, Sophie had to protect them. It was her duty.

"Here you go, Lone. Cera and Breena," Gilbert said as he gestured to the Elf first before he gestured to the Foxkin. Lone took a moment to appraise them before he decided which one to free.

"Elf girl, Cera. Come here," Lone ordered the somewhat frightened Elf girl. She nervously made her way to the still sitting Lone and stopped just in front of him. Lone immediately placed one of his hands on her head which startled her, true, Cera had seen him do so to Shana the other week, but this was different.

She was an Elf, and despite the fact that she had been violated, she still held her absent purity in a very high regard. However, she knew that letting Lone touch her head was the right thing to do, because it would free her of her slave status.

"Contract release," Lone said. The collar around Cera's neck then began shining a golden colour before it shattered and turned to dust much like Shana's had. Lone then started waving his hand back and forth in what looked like an attempt to relieve it of some physical stress before he placed in back around Sophie's waist. 

Cera began crying. Her neck felt so free now that the collar was gone. She had never expected freedom from her slavery to feel so good. It had been twenty years since her capture, and unfortunately, she had almost forgotten exactly what this sense of independence felt like. Due to the fact that Cera was an Elf, she could live a healthy life of four-hundred years, hence why her appearance was still one of a youth since she was only forty-two years of age.

"Gilbert," Lone called. He had a matter to discuss with the Dragonkin regarding the Elf's future.

"Hmm? Yes? Something else you need me to clean up, master? Like the Countess?" Gilbert said in a snarky fashion. He did enjoy doing things like this, but he still didn't like the fact that he was essentially doing everything an E-Ranker was asking of him.

"Oh right. I completely forgot about her. What happened to that head and why did she attack me anyway? Was it because of my race like I suspected?" Lone requested in a manner that clearly said he didn't care further than he could remember about the matter. 

"Well, I knew you didn't care, but seriously? Anyway, I spoke to the King about this issue, and he forgave the whole thing. The Count? Maybe not. But that's your problem, not mine. Also, it seems she attacked you for your fur. There have been some wild rumours floating about regarding the softness of your hair and tails," Gilbert said while he flashed a smile. He knew exactly how and where these rumours originated from.

"Victoria..." Lone mumbled before he started shivering. This only caused Sophie to clutch his tails even tighter. "I don't want to remember. Moving on. This girl, Cera," Lone said which elicited a jolt from Cera. She was hoping Lone wouldn't tell Gilbert to do anything that would worsen her future because she knew the Guildmaster highly valued Lone for some reason. 

"Find a man called 'Cecil Evergreen'. He was a summoner I defeated with ease during the competition. He's an Elf. Just get him to look after this girl, or take care of her yourself. I don't really care," Lone suggested when he remembered the man who's spirit he had utterly broken.

 "F-Father?" Cera asked with a stutter. A summoner named Cecil Evergreen who was an elf. There was only one man who Cera knew which matched such a description.

"Oho. Lone, just how high is your luck stat? The first one had an uncle you knew, the second a father, what about Breena? Anyone you know in her family?" Gilbert asked with a laugh. He was clearly finding this situation to be quite funny. The guildmaster was more than prepared to take care of the girls if Lone asked him to. However, that wasn't very fun. He was finding far more joy in the fact that Lone was so well connected.

"Hmm, that depends. I'm pretty friendly with the elder of the Crimson Foxkin clan, Lossa. You have red fur, so I'm guessing you're from that clan, yeah?" Lone asked the girl without even turning his head. It was busy resting on Sophie's hair after all.

"Y-yes, sir. I-I'm from that clan..." the fox girl meekly answered. This sent Gilbert into a fit of laughter, and it took him a few minutes to calm down. He just found it so ridiculous that Lone knew someone related to each of the slaves.

"Now that I think about it, Lone. Why do you need my help at all when you know Lossa? She's pretty strong as far as our little beastman alliance goes," Gilbert commented while he retook his seat behind the desk that sat in the centre of the room.

"Hmm, well I'm not from any of the clans. Lossa found me after I experienced my fourth awakening and she promised to help me if I ever needed her to. Mind you; I don't even require your help, it's merely a convenience, for the both of us. I don't have to deal with all of that shit, and you get to let loose a bit, right?" Lone asked. He had stupidly said more than he should have. However, Lone was feeling that Gilbert was very close to becoming a respected, or even accepted being.

"Fourth awakening? Wow, you're a scary boy. The foxes never tell us other beastkin how their awakenings work. Hey, wanna make a trade? You tell me how it works, in detail, and I'll tell you everything I know about the auction, and I'll even teach you a bit of magic," Gilbert said in an apparent attempt to get Lone to betray his race. Breena was very concerned with what lone's answer would be.

"Sure thing. I don't mind," Lone was sold as soon as Gilbert had mentioned 'magic'. That was one of Lone's biggest interests right now. He didn't care how Gilbert knew he could use it now nor did he care what kind of magic he would bequeath him with; magic was magic as far as Lone was concerned. "However, I will have to get you to sign a Legendary Level five contract on this. I can't have you blabbed to others and ruining my relationship with the foxes, now can I?" Lone added with a smirk. he was not about to fooled by this old goat, not today. 

Gilbert sat silently for a moment in shock. He was wondering where Lone would find such a contract. After stroking his beard a little bit more, he had decided.

"That's fine, but where will such a contract come from?" Gilbert asked. He truly was very curious as to how Lone would get such a thing.

 "From here," Lone said before a scroll of paper appeared in his hand. It emitted a huge pressure that affected everyone present except for Lone himself. Lone unsummoned Sophie and Gilbert told the girls to leave the room. Lone then stood up and approached the already standing Gilbert.

"You need to swear to not reveal anything I tell you about the awakening and you need to make an oath that you will tell me what you promised," Gilbert nodded in full seriousness to Lone's orders. This was a very dangerous power that Lone had access too, so he was being very careful as far as signing a Legendary Level five contract went. Signing such a thing would bind one for life. Regardless if you were an SSS-Ranker or an I-Ranker.

Upon seeing the guildmaster nod, Lone started to recite his oath.

"I, Lone Immortus, hereby swear to tell the other being contracted by this agreement about the process of my bloodline awakenings, lest I be struck down by the power held in this contract," Lone Boomed in a voice that wasn't his just like the time with Grimsley, however, it felt more like Lone's will was a part of the contract this time around. Lone then signed the floating scroll with a pen from Gilbert's desk before the roll of paper turned around to face the guildmaster.

"I, Gilbert Zeebram, hereby swear to tell the other being contracted by this agreement everything that I know about tomorrow's upcoming auction and to keep everything related to the other beings secrets to myself. I also swear to teach the other being contracted by this agreement some magic spells, lest I be struck down by the power held in this contract," Gilbert followed up Lone's oath with his own, but he did so in a new language, presumably some sort of dragon tongue and his voice distinctly held hints of his own personality, not just the voice that usually took control during the oath.

The contract then began spinning after Gilbert had signed it before it issued the usual obscene levels of pressure. This time, though, it would seem that Gilbert was counteracting it somehow. It made sense that he would, after all, it was his office, and Lone assumed he didn't want it to be destroyed.

A note from Lone

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