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Book 1 Chapter 78: Lives and Vihaan


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"System. I've decided what I want for my last power," Lone quietly whispered. He was a little bit more concerned about people hearing him talk to the system than he was about revealing his current powers, but he had to get this last one right now. It apparently couldn't wait. That was just important Lone viewed his final choice to be.

"... Friend... please tell me... tenth power... nature?" a voice replied in his head. It sounded like it belonged to a young boy of maybe thirteen years and it was clearly less mechanical than previously. However, Lone knew it belonged to one of his three accepted beings. 

"Did your speaking improve, System? Anyway, my tenth power. I want the ability to reverse my own death. I want a life counter. Every month I gain one more life and each time I die I lose a life, make this translate to all of my accepted beings too if you can, please," Lone quietly asked. He was very concerned about dying after his fight with Emma. He was a mere inch away from death during that battle, or so he felt.

Lone honestly believed that if his Passive Regeneration Skill were even one level lower in mastery than it was, then he'd either be dead or lying on a stretcher after being saved by the judge. Lone really wanted to enjoy his rise to fame and power, and thus far he had done so. However, he didn't want to worry about his or his loved one's eventual or untimely demise.

"And don't worry. I'll find a way for us to travel together eventually. Don't worry. We're friends, after all, right?" Lone mumbled happily in an effort to reassure the system that he was definitely not forgotten. Lone really did intend to find and free the system from its duties somehow, but using his final power was not the way he was going to do it.

"... Friends..." the system emotionally replied. It meant the world to him being acknowledged as such after he had gained feelings. "... Learn the language by watching friend... .or practising. Power... making a title... for friend..." the system happily explained before he informed Lone of his last power's creation.

"Title created... friend... my name... give, please... I want... identity," the system actively requested before the connection was cut. He was using all of his power to keep it open while he waited to be granted a name by the most important person in his life, his one and only friend.

"A name... I can tell how badly you want one... let's see..." Lone said before he began to ponder over the matter. The connection was growing weaker, but the system was trying his best to be patient as it knew this would matter a lot so he didn't want to rush Lone.

A light had flashed in Lone's eyes because he remembered a name from the history lessons he taught back during his brief time as a teacher.

"Vihaan. It means the dawn of a new beginning. It symbolises the start to my new life and to your new changes. What do you think?" Lone proudly asked. He thought that this name was perfect for his friend. 

"Vihaan... thank you... Lone... I'll be... waiting... for... you..." Vihaan mumbled almost inaudibly before the connection between the two was severed.

"Don't worry. I'll come for you. Just keep waiting for me," Lone said to himself which ignited a new goal and Lone chose prioritised it. There were few things Lone cared about past his own wants, but his accepted beings were definitely one of these things.

Lone then took a moment to look at his newest, and most likely, the last title that he would receive for a while.

Due to the host's desires, the title, Lord of Life and Death, has been created
Title: Lord of Life and Death
Effect 1: Grants the host a new stat, the life stat
Effect 2: the host shall gain one point into the life stat per lunar cycle and shall lose one upon each death
Effect 3: the host can grant two years of lifespan to any being upon exchanged ten life stat points
Effect 4: All accepted beings are affected by these laws in the same way that the host is

"Oh... there's an additional effect. Two years of life span, huh? For ten months worth of stat points? Well, neither Sophie nor I should need it. Maybe Grimsley will?" Lone thought. He was quite happy with his final choice. Lone had realised just how killable he was, and he really didn't want to die, but he also never wanted to cheat and cut his fun short, so he compromised with a half measure.

Now Lone was semi-immortal. If the situation called for it, he could now play possum if he really jumped into the deep end and this also granted Sophie some form of immortality and the system a kind of insurance. Lone wasn't sure when Sophie would regain her original immortality ability, and he also wasn't clear on whether or not the System's changes were allowed, so this power killed several birds with a single stone for him. 

After finishing admiring his latest title in the ever-growing Lord series, Lone signalled for the earlier skills to resurface so he could inspect them more precisely. It would seem he didn't get the best view of them when he was roasted alive earlier.

Due to the host surviving being pierced by multiple ice stakes, Gained Skill:
 Skill: Ice Resistance
Effect 1: Dampens all ice damage to varying degrees based on mastery level
Mastery: Beginner Level 2
Ice Damage Dampened: 4%
Gained Ice Magic Affinity
Affinity: 4%

"Well, there's another affinity I can cross off my to-get list. I guess every magic type I can think of has an affinity, huh?" Lone thought out loud while he began checking his second latest resistance.

Due to the host surviving several powerful bolts of lightning, Gained Skill:
 Skill: Lightning Resistance
Effect 1: Dampens all lightning damage to varying degrees based on mastery level
Mastery: Beginner Level 9
Lightning Damage Dampened: 18%
Gained Lightning Magic Affinity
Affinity: 9%

"Wow. Beginner level 9 after only one attack? Just how strong was that skill that Emma used?" Lone mumbled in shock. He knew it was powerful, so much so that he nearly instantly died upon being hit by it. He could only thank his lucky stars that he survived and invested his last power into a title that would prevent such fears in the future, hopefully. Lone then immediately checked his latest addition to his magical arsenal. 

Due to the host's body remembering the formation of this skill after being attacked with it, Gained Expert Lightning Magic Skill:
Skill: Lightning Storm
Effect 1: Calls forth a storm of lightning to destroy the selected area to vary degrees based on mastery
Mastery: Beginner Level 2
Increase Of Storm's Effects: 4%

"Huh? Level two? I never expected that... well, I guess I'll try to avoid using it during the tournament. No need blowing the stage up like Emma did," Lone commented before he decided to check how much if any of his new stat he now had.

"Fifteen? Hmm, is it because I've already been on this planet for fifteen months? Well, it will certainly come in handy for my trip to The Academy," Lone concluded after he checked his now updated status card. It would also seem that he had gained two more levels leaving him at level 96, however Lone was paying little attention to that.

After Lone had finished inspecting his latest rewards, he chose to meditate so he could recover his mana since most of it had been used up on healing himself, he was also running dangerously low on stamina.

'I really need to get a stamina recovery technique, don't I?'° Lone thought before he drifted off into a state of absolute zen due to the perfection held in his meditation technique. Lone stayed like that for roughly an hour. It was quickly approaching afternoon, but Lone didn't mind because he knew that he only had three of four matches left, and the extra waiting time gave him plenty of time to recover.

"Participants, The Lone Wanderer and Saint Eko. Please make your way to the arena," the all too familiar voice boomed through the waiting area, releasing Lone from his concentrated meditation.

"Saint Eko? Is it that weird monk guy from before?" Lone asked himself before he made his way to the arena again.

Lone was right. Standing opposite him was indeed, the bald dark-skinned monk who had rudely attempted to speak to him earlier. The only difference was that he was clearly far more powerful now than he was then.

"Well, this should be tough I guess," Lone said under his breath after he had fully armed himself with his bone armour and took out dawn and had taken a defensive stance.

A note from Lone

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