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Book 1 Chapter 77: Lightning and Maturity


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'Where is he? Where is he? Where is he?!' Emma frantically thought while scanning her immediate surroundings. "GUHH!" she screamed as her face suddenly started to cave in and her body was once more flung across the arena. She started to heal the immediate damage to her facial structure while she just lay there on the floor, unsure of what to do.

"Oh come on. Look, I'll give you a hint. You see that magic staff in your hands? I think it's used to activate magic, might be an idea, eh? Hahahaha," Lone sarcastically noted from the shadows. He was still invisible and was clearly not pleased with the mage's very amateur attitude. It reminded him of his fight against the pirate crew which resulted in him losing his hand when he lost his cool. Lone genuinely thought it was a miracle that such a newbie at fighting had made it this far in the tournament.

"... Uuuu... please... stop... stop hitting me... .you promised to only... uuuu..to only use magic..." Emma cried. She had never been smacked like that before. Not even her father had hit her across the face. She was also exceedingly naive, even more so than Sophie. Sophie's naivety was generally an escapism method to deal with her past trauma, but this young girl was genuinely clueless.

"You're joking, right? Hahahaha why, why on earth would I keep my promise? We are fighting, are we not? If this was a real battle, sweetheart, you'd already be dead. Hahahaha," Lone laughed at her ignorance. She was just like a stupider version of George Leston the Third as far as Lone was concerned.

'Gununununununu... don't give her a pet name... ' a particular Cosmos Level Being mumbled into Lone's mind. She was jealous. Lone had never given her a pet name beyond her nickname, so naturally, she was feeling envious at the child that had just received one.

'Sorry, Soph. I'm trying to break her psyche to get her to use some powerful spells on me. I don't wanna go to The Academy with just illusion spells and a wind enchantment. Besides, you should already know how meaningless pet names are to me unless you want me to start calling you 'pipsqueak' or something?' Lone explained. Lone didn't care for pet names at all. He thought they were childish and merely excuses to compliment your better half when rightfully you shouldn't have to force out a 'darling' here or a 'love' there. A word loses it's meaning when it is overused, or so Lone liked to think.

'Please don't. Soph is okay,' Sophie replied with teary eyes. She didn't want to be made fun of for her short stature. She knew that was the only thing keeping her and Lone from advancing in their relationship, so it was the last thing she wanted to be reminded of.

Lone just smiled a bit at that which Sophie obviously saw through the viewing screen in the summoning room that she was watching intently, just to ensure that the vixen didn't try to seduce Lone somehow.

Emma was struck motionless upon hearing Lone's observations. He was right. Absolutely right, or so Emma concluded. She would have easily been killed for her earlier hesitance to get serious. Emma chided herself for being so foolish, she had completely forgotten that a judge would prevent all fatalities, so what was she worried about?

Emma shakily got on her feet before she held her staff out in front of her horizontally. She then spun it around a few times until she finally stopped and slammed the butt end of it onto the ground. Her entire body became covered in snake-like tattoos after these set of motions. They were shining bright blue and were pulsing with power.

Lone merely stayed still in his invisible form as he watched her doing so, he was finally getting what he had asked for.

'Sorry daddy, I'll be using your spell for a second,' Emma apologised in her mind before she lightly lifted the metal staff off from the ground.

"LIGHTNING STORM!" she screamed. The snake tattoos then left her body before shooting up into the clouds which caused the sky above the Coliseum to immediately turn pitch black, and several short crackling sounds could be heard. The judge immediately erected a doughnut-shaped barrier that covered the entire Coliseum save for the stage itself purely to protect the audience with the help of a few of the B-ranker mages that were contributing to supervising the event.

'It's decided then, huh? I need to teach you how to fight, boy. I can't let you die with all that potential of yours, merely because you insist on antagonising every opponent you face,' the ordinary, silver armoured judge concluded in thought.

"Well, this is going to hurt. Yay for lightning affinity, I guess?" Lone mumbled before he braced himself for the barrage of lightning he was sure to have to endure shortly. Lone knew it would hurt because the only basic resistance he held was for mental pain, he didn't even have one for physical pain let alone magic.

Just as Lone had finished gritting his teeth, several ginormous white bolts of lightning flashed down and obliterated the entire arena save for the one spot where Emma was standing. The whole stage was gone. Nothing was left except a charred mess of a fighting ring.

Emma was exhausted both mentally and physically from using such a spell as her mana could only support it being used once. It was her father's spell after all.

"Oh no! He isn't dead is he... please no... I didn't want to kill him... it's not my fault... I can't control the output..." Emma uttered rapidly in a complete panic. She had never killed a human or a Demihuman before, and she didn't want to have to do so ever again. 

Emma felt sick, disgusted at herself. Even if many would praise her, even her father, for killing a Demihuman as she had done, she still found the whole thing to be absolutely revolting. Emma never was one to discriminate since her class made all of the magic in existence accept her, why couldn't she accept all of the things magic was a part of? Every living being was merely a creation of magic and power, so Emma thought it was wise to respect all of them, not just the humans.

"Oi... who said I was dead?" A distinctly male voice asked as a part of the black flooring started to rise up and part itself from it.

"L-Lone Wanderer?" Emma muttered in disbelief. No one below a B-Ranker should have been able to survive that attack, let alone him even if he was absurdly astute with healing magic.

"Ah that was good, I even got the skill on top of two resistances. Thank you, Emma, now, surrender for me, yeah? You don't look like you can move much," Lone said as he wobbled up to his feet. He was entirely black and bald, on top of being naked. It was an absolute miracle that he wasn't dead.

"Y-You can hardly talk!" Emma weakly shouted back to him, she could see that he was staring death in the face unlike her who was only exhausted.

"Oh really?" Lone said as he began to walk towards her slowly. His body started to crack as all of the black flesh began to moult off from him, and his hair began regrowing at a visible rate back to its normal shoulder length blonde swept back style. An outfit then soon found it's way onto his body reversing his naked status before he was within inches of Emma's face.

"Do you want to surrender now, or when I've left you half dead? I'm feeling pretty fucking generous right now," Lone said with a beaming smile. He was very pleased with his newest skills that he had been gifted with. Lone had also decided on his tenth and final power after experiencing such a thing.

Emma started sweating at the juvenile tone that Lone had just spoken with before she reasoned that it was definitely impossible to beat him now that he had apparently fully recovered.

"I-I surrender," Emma weakly said. Thankfully, unlike the other two powerful opponents, Lone had faced against, he had left this one without a permanent mental scar. In fact, he may have even helped her mature a little bit.

"Lovely," Lone said before he began walking back to the waiting area. He didn't even stop to hear the judge's decision of who the victor was because it was a clear conclusion as to who deserved to move on in the competition, surrendering was fairly self-explanatory after all.

When he reached his seat again, Lone chose to first contact the system, he would inspect his newest skills after he had concluded his business with his trusted friend.

A note from Lone

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