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Lone soon followed after the judge since his waiting room was the same one as Cecil's. Lone noticed that most of the other combatants, particularly the stronger ones, didn't seem to care in the slightest at Lone's prior acts of cruelty which pleased him. 

'I guess events like that are akin to a car crash from back on Earth, huh? A lot of bang at the moment of its happening but is soon quickly forgotten afterwards. Thank fuck for that. I wonder if Foxkin are naturally hostile to wolfs? I really felt like I needed to kill that 'Fenrir',' Lone thought in relief. He truly had lost himself in the heat of the moment. He never really regretted it, but he would hate for his relationship with the local adventurers to sour even more so than it already had by killing the hero. Then again, even that event had quickly been forgotten. Perhaps a new hero had been summoned to replace the now dead one?

Lone quickly made his way back to his seat so he could take a quick moment to inspect the gains he had earned from his most recent match.

Due to carefully observing the summoning process of another being, Gained Beginner Contract Magic Skill:
Skill: Monster Tamer
Effect 1: Allows the host to contract with a monster or beast after defeating them in combat or gaining their trust
Mastery: Not available due to the nature of the skill

"No affinity huh? I guess that makes sense. I would have gotten it from always summoning Soph if there really was one," Lone concluded to himself. Now that he thought about it, it certainly made sense for there to not be a summoning affinity seeing as how he already failed to get one thus far. 

Lone then decided to check his status card again because he was curious if he had gained any levels. He found it to be several times more simple to just check via his card instead of the system as looking at the blue screens can be a bit disorienting at times, so he bit his thumb before smearing it over his card.

"Hmm? Level 94 huh. So four levels and my magic power increased again as well... how interesting. I guess that Fenrir was actually pretty powerful?" Lone commented while he inspected his updated status. He was getting very close to the ever so critical level 100. "Do I become an E-Ranker when I reach level 100?" lone asked himself. He soon chose to meditate which consequently resulted in his bones and tails glowing. A few of the other contestants marvelled at Lone's now glowing body, but otherwise didn't care much because there was a lot of unknown bloodlines and skills still remaining in the world.

Meanwhile, the female mage from earlier was flailing and fidgetting about.

'This has been so exciting!' the young female mage exclaimed to herself. She was rather pleased with how much fun she had been having today. She hadn't had to fight anyone who was at her power level thankfully, so she could have fun experimenting with her elemental magic. 'I hope daddy doesn't get mad when he finds out I snuck away from home to fight,' the mage thought in worry. Her father was one of the four dukes of Milindo. An exceedingly powerful S-Ranked lightning Warmage. 

Emma. That was the girl's name. Her father had a phenomenally rare magic class, the Lightning Warmage. So he was heavily valued by the King. Some people even claimed that he was more powerful than Gilbert, the Guildmaster. And Emma, his daughter, held even more potential than he himself did. 

Emma had, at the ripe age of twelve, awakened her class. It was an unprecedented event. No one before had ever done such a thing at such an age, not to mention what her class was. The Ruler Of Magic. 

It was a never before heard of class. It allowed Emma to gain mastery over every element and affinity in the world of Altros, much like how Lone could. However, because of how much potential this class held, her father had chosen to isolate her from the world until she received an invitation from The Academy to join them as a student. Her only experience with fights until today was when her father captured a strong monster and allowed her to kill it so she could level up.

"Participants, The Lone Wanderer and Emma, The Ruler. Please make your way to the arena," an announcement broke Emma out of her nostalgia. She cringed a bit at her name choice. She was still only sixteen-years-old, so she just chose a cool sounding name. However, upon hearing it being called the first time she immediately realised that her father would instantly know it belonged to her, hence her worry over his reaction.

Emma pushed the matter back and got up to participate in her ninth fight.  When she reached the arena, she noticed a familiar face was waiting for her.

'Kya! It's the handsome Foxman that likes me!' she screeched in her mind when she realised just who her opponent was. She had clearly remembered the way that he was looking at her when the tournament was just starting. Emma then noticed that a frown had found its way onto Lone's face. It almost seemed like he was being scolded by someone before he turned his attention towards her.

"Show me every spell you have. Repeatedly, please. I'd appreciate that," Lone asked her, which confused her a bit. Why did he want to see her magic that badly?

'Does he want me to win, so he'll lose when he sees me use a powerful spell on purpose? Kya! How charming!' she mistakenly concluded. Emma then tried to control the hearts in her eyes and blushed cheeks. Emma then weakly nodded before tightly gripping her staff.

"Participants, begin your battle, don't worry about killing each other as a judge shall prevent all fatalities," the magic-clad voice informed the two. Lone took out Dawn and set it's weight to one kilogramme like he did in each fight before he noticed the heated gaze Emma had directed towards him.

'Oh for fuck's sake. Soph literally just told me not to get too close to her. Does she love me or something? This charm stat is a curse,' Lone thought in dissatisfaction. Almost every girl he met fell in love with him, even if only falsely. It was very annoying.

Thankfully, it would seem that Emma had no plans to go easy on Lone as she had started to create several large stakes made entirely out of ice above her head.

'Oh! No chanting? That's new. Is that water, or ice magic?' Lone thought before he rushed to Emma's front while he clad his sword spear with a wind enchantment. Upon seeing Lone do so, Emma's eyes widened a bit and a larger amount of admiration clearly started to show in her eyes. She hadn't paid much attention to Lone's matches obviously. However, now that she had seen his usage of magic, Emma was apparently impressed that he knew how to use it to such a good degree and also without any chanting.

Lone chose to go for a regular stabbing attack because he was still clueless in regards to any form of spear techniques. Just before his blade connected with her chest, half of the ice shards moved to deflect Dawn while the other half moved to pierce Lone's entire body.

They all successfully hit, which scared the poor girl. She thought she might have killed the devilishly handsome man, however, before she could get any confirmation of her kill, Lone suddenly started to laugh.

Lone had chosen not to equip his bone armour for the remainder of his fights after fighting Ella simply because it was too strong for standard C-Ranker to penetrate now and that would only hinder his desired growth. He stored dawn back into his dimension before he jumped back.

Lone then began to slowly pull each one of the magic ice stakes out of his now hole ridden body while he laughed.

"Hahahaha! Yes. This is what I came here for. More. Use a few more different spells, will you? I'll be getting a little bit more serious now because I plan to only use magic from here on out," Lone declared before his body started to heal visibly. Lone then decided to store his custom armour sleeve as he knew it would only cause unneeded sounds which would disturb what he had planned next. It was a shame that he lacked any knowledge of sound magic so he could only hide it's clanging noises by getting rid of it for now.

Emma just looked at Lone with a dumbstruck expression. 

'Amazing! What kind of healing magic is that? Even I can use healing magic, but not even daddy can use it to that degree!' Emma said in her mind. She was enamoured with the spectacular sight that was Lone's Passive Regeneration Skill. However, before she could marvel any longer, Lone suddenly disappeared completely.

'What?! Where did he go?!' She exclaimed in thought. "URG!!!" she then spat out as she was sent flying through the air before landing messily onto the ground.

Her eyes weakly opened and she saw Lone now standing where she was mere moments ago. He had his fist outstretched in a position that clearly stated he had just socked her in the side, which had resulted in her sailing through the air to her current position.

"Come on. It's only a little bit of invisibility; surely you can handle this much, right? Hahahaha," Lone teased as his voice started to fade along with his visage. He was once more invisible.

"Uuuuu..." Emma was trying her hardest to think of a solution to get past this obstacle. This was her first time fighting an invisible opponent, that was for sure.


A note from Lone

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