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Book 1 Chapter 75: Fenrir and Cruelty


Lone quickly moved to slash Cecil across his chest with Dawn since even thought the elf was a summoner, his level was definitely near the range of Ella's. And even if this man didn't focus on strength like her, Lone knew it would still be tough to kill him with such an attack outright.

Just before Lone's attack could connect, a pair of sharp teeth suddenly clamped down on Lone's weapon, Dawn, preventing any harm to befall onto Cecil.

"Hmm? Well hello there little doggie," Lone said playfully to the owner of the jaws that now held his sword spear. He then stored Dawn before jumping up ever so slightly. Lone then ran backwards by using his skywalk ability purely to get some distance from the new player in this fight between demihumans.

When Lone was about ten or so meters away, he took in the full sight of what could only be Cecil's summon. It was a large grey wolf that measured about five meters in length and had its whole body coiled around its master. It looked at Lone hatefully before snarling at him.

"Huh? Snarling? At me? You bitch. Let me show you who the king here actually is. To think a mongrol like you would snarl at me," lone stated as his bestial instincts started to take over. For some reason, he felt a deep hatred for the creature in front of him, almost as if it was an instinctual reaction. He still held some sense, but he only wanted to fight Cecil and watch his summoning ritual repeatedly. However, he didn't get to see the ritual, so he now had to force Cecil to do it again. How else could he look at the summoning if the being was already summoned?

"Time to see what happens when a summon dies..." Lone mumbled. He then activated his Mental Destruction Skill with the wolf as the target. For some reason, Lone really wanted the thing to die.

'Maybe It's a part of my Foxkin genes?' Lone wondered before the wolf started to froth at the mouth while blood began pouring out of its facial orifices.

"What?! What did you do to Fenrir?!" Cecil screamed lightly in a panic before he immediately unsummoned the wolf. He then performed the summoning ritual once more. It was completely different from Lone's one as far as he could tell. Cecil gently placed his left hand on his forehead for a moment before pulling something unseeable out. Then Fenrir appeared once more, only this time he was slightly smaller. He now measured in at about 4.8meters in length.

"That's Fenrir? Fuck off. If he's Fenrir, then I'm the Queen of England," Lone sarcastically commented before once again killing Fenrir via smushing his brains with Mental Destruction.

'Hey, Soph. I'm sure you're too busy practising, but I think if you were to die then you'd be fine. You'd only get younger a bit and lose some power I think,' Lone informed his hearts inhabitant of his recent discovery.

'I don't wanna die... ' Sophie weakly replied. She was in the middle of practising with her swords and she was paying very little attention to Lone's fights as they were all very boring to her after the one with Ella.

She was happy that her death wouldn't be permanent apparently upon hearing Lone's telepathic message, but the prospect of her life coming to a close, even if only temporarily, scared her.

'You won't. I promise. I'll protect you until you regain your immortality, but until then, it's reassuring knowing you can't die,' Lone softly said to her.

'Thank you,' Sophie shyly replied. It was clearly a little bit embarrassing being told that you would be protected.

'By the way, I think I've found a way to get a skill that will help you get a pet, but I'll need to get cruel to earn it. Do you mind?' Lone asked her upon thinking that she may have some issues with what he had planned for Cecil.

'Huh? No? Why would I mind? I'll support you no matter what you do... I love you after all... ' Sophie strongly said before gradually letting her voice grow weaker as she professed her love for Lone once again.

'Thank you, Soph,'° Lone said. He could tell that she had nodded and smiled somehow, perhaps it was some form of soul sensing? Lone just knew she had done so.

"You... you... HOW DARE YOU!" Cecil screamed in rage before launching himself in Lone's direction after a small blue metal dagger made itself known in his left hand.

Lone was upset; he wanted to see the ritual for even longer. How else would he get a skill, and maybe another affinity? So Lone figured it would be okay to cheat, but only in this match since Cecil seemingly didn't want to continue summoning his pet. That was just how much pleasing Sophie meant to him now. Lone had to acquire the summoning knowledge regardless of the cost. Lone activated his Aura of Dominance Skill to its highest potential.

Cecil suddenly stopped moving, the crowd all stopped breathing for a moment, and the judge and the mysterious black haired man started to sweat.

[You will do exactly as I say, elf. Summon the wolf. And continue to do so until I order you to stop, lest I make you share his fate,]  Lone boomed to Cecil in Elvish. He wanted the summoning knowledge and nothing more. Lone assumed this would be the fastest solution.

"But..but... he's... he's... m-my... friend... I... I can't let... .I can't let you kill him!" Cecil cried back in Elvish to Lone amidst his chattering teeth. Lone was surprised that he wasn't being as submissive as he would have ideally liked. He figured he had to push the elf one more time.

[Judge. Do you have the confidence to stop what I used to kill the wolf if I were to use it against this man?] Lone asked the ordinary judge who he knew was hiding in the crowd somewhere. Cecil's face paled over a bit. He hadn't considered this. He could only hope that the judge answered positively.

"I honestly have no idea what you even did to the wolf. So no. I don't have the confidence to stop it." He replied. 'However, I know George could. You're playing a dangerous game, boy,' he finished in his mind.

[You have two choices. One, I kill 'Fenrir' repeatedly until I am satisfied. Two, I kill you. Decide,Lone ordered once more. He only really needed to get the elf to unsummon the wolf and resummon it several times, but for some reason, Lone felt a strong urge to kill the creature repeatedly.

He really enjoyed ordering people around. It was a shame that there was a time and a place for everything and that his mana couldn't permanently keep up his aura to its maximum output.

"... Fine..." Cecil uttered out with a cry before he began summoning his childhood friend once more. He loved Fenrir like a father would a son, however, no matter how much he loved him, he was still merely a person. Cecil was just the same as far as his morals went just like every other human or demihuman. The most important person in his life was he himself.

"Excellent," Lone said and then he deactivated his aura. He needed as much mana as he could save to destroy Fenrir mentally until he gained the skill he wanted.

Fenrir appeared once more, this time he was another twenty centimeters smaller and had a pained expression on his face. Before he could even yip in agony, he was once more dead. Fenrir now lay across the arena grounds as nothing more than a corpse.

"... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I don't have a choice... I'm sorry... " Cecil murmured as his eyes started to lose some of the life they once held. 

This scene then repeated itself twenty-one times. Many of the spectators began to complain while other cheered lone on for his barbaric and cruel actions. Unfortunately, the judge couldn't do anything since the summoner's life clearly wasn't in any danger so the complaining customers either had to leave or put up with it.

Fenrir now only measured in at a measly twenty centimeters. No one wanted to know what would happen if he were to be killed one more time. Even if they knew it was merely a summoned creature, bound for life to serve Cecil, they couldn't help but avoid wanting to witness it's permanent erasure as they only came here today to watch some entertaining fights.

"Finally," upon hearing Lone say this, Cecil jumped a bit. It was the first thing Lone had said since he started massacring Fenrir.

"You can surrender now. I''m finished," Lone told Cecil as a smile began forming on his handsome face. It would seem that Lone had acquired the skill he so dearly sought after.

"I SURRENDER!" Cecil shouted at the top of his lungs. He was damn near euphoric at having been freed from his endless torture finally. He felt like he was the one who had killed Fenrir twenty-four times. His feelings weren't wrong. His summon would never trust its master again, not after what it had just been forced to endure. To experience the feeling of having your soul ripped apart twenty-four times only to be restored in a weaker state each time. It was unimaginable.

"The victor is The Lone Wanderer!" The unextraordinary judge declared and then he moved to help Cecil go back to his waiting area. 'Just why did you break this poor elf? What was so important to elicit such actions?' The judge asked Lone in his mind. He had also noticed that Cecil was an elf somehow, however he cared little about that fact. He was just very concerned about Lone's motives for such a cruel and unneeded fight.

A note from Lone

A lot of people got offended by this chapter in the original, I tried to make it clear, but just in case, normally, Lone would not have killed Fenrir like this, it was his Foxkin bloodline directing him to do so, like with the Direwolf earlier, in fact, Lone managed to control it quite well and avoided erasing Fenrir's existence completely.

Point out any grammar mistakes I missed, please. And any duplicate paragraphs, Grammarly copies them whenever I split paragraphs and I can't stop it, so point it out if I miss any of those.

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