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Book 1 Chapter 74: Gains and Summoner


It took a fair amount of coaxing to get Ella to stand up finally. After she had gotten back up onto her feet, she slowly made her way back to her waiting area. Since she had been defeated, she had officially lost. However, all losing contestants were still allowed to stay in the waiting areas and watch the rest of the fights. 

Ella soon found her seat again and was quickly approached by her childhood friend and fiance, Claude. A handsome man who shared her hair colour as he was a member of Ella's branch family. He sat next to her and gently patted her armoured back.

"It's okay. We've all lost like that once in a while; I'm sure he has lost in just as a humiliating manner, I lose to you like that every day. So cheer up Ella," he said with a very charming smile strewn across his face. He was exceedingly anxious. Ella had never lost in such a humiliating fashion before, at least not to Claude's knowledge so he could only try to convince her that she wasn't the only one who had endured such a thing.

"Claude... you're right... I... I was conceited, arrogant even... thank you," she said before she lightly kissed him which forced a blush to emerge on his cheeks. The two then sat there as they watched the following matches in peace.

"DON'T STOP ME! I'LL DO IT! I SWEAR!" Ella shouted as she held her sword to her neck. The peace had ended apparently. Claude was trying his best to restrain her with a few of the other contestants. Watching the following matches was a mistake. She hated herself right now, and the only thing Ella wanted was to end the feelings of depression and weakness she was currently experiencing.

Lone was quite clearly using Ella's wind enchant which took her several years to learn, yet he was using it in every fight, and each time it got better. His sword spear moved faster as he toyed with the weaker opponents he was pitted against. This obviously had a negative impact on the poor woman. She just wanted to die in shame. Not only had he defeated her, but he had also even stolen her carefully learnt magic technique somehow.

"CALM DOWN! YOU DON'T NEED TO DIE! SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER!" Claude shouted back at her. It took him and four other adventurers to calm her down. They then immediately left in fear of her flaring up again after seeing Lone improve in her technique.

The couple then made their way back to their family home while Claude continuously tried to be affectionate and especially caring towards his future wife as he really didn't want to wake up only to find her with a sword in her gut.

Meanwhile, in Lone's waiting area, Lone was sitting on a bench thinking to himself.

"I wonder how many more rounds are left? Four, maybe five?" Lone thought out loud. He had battled seven times so far with the only one that was of note so far being the one with Ella. Lone was thankful for this as he got to level up his newest skills and a few old ones. He took a quick moment to check exactly what level these skills had reached.

Skill: Wind Enchant
Effect 1: Enchants the host's weapon with the power of the wind increasing its attack speed to varying degree based on mastery
Mastery: Intermediate Level 2
Increase Of Attack Speed: 24%

He had been practising this new ability continuously for the past five fights, so it had grown the most out of all of them.

Skill: Weapon Parry
Effect 1: Passively increases the host's chances of successfully parrying a blow by using a weapon to varying degrees based on mastery
Mastery: Beginner Level 4
Increase Of Chance: 8%

Unfortunately, there was only one opponent who Lone felt it would benefit him to let attack him. As a result, this skill had levelled up while he parried the attacks of that particular combatant.

Skill: Passive Regeneration
Effect 1: Passively heals all wounds to varying degrees based on mastery
Effect 2: Passively regenerates limbs at varying degrees depending on mastery
Effect 3: Can be temporarily boosted by sacrificing SP, or at a much less efficient rate, by sacrificing MP
Mastery: Expert Level 4
Increased Regeneration Rate:

Passively heals 136HP each second

Passively heals wounds and regrows limbs at 136% of maximum efficiency

Lone was jubilant with how much this skill had levelled up. It was only so high now because he had taken a lot of damage during his war with the orcs and then during his fight with Ella, which resulted in it skyrocketing through the advanced stage straight to the expert one.

Oddly enough, his The Lone Spear Technique Skill hadn't levelled up at all. He assumed it must have been because he didn't know how to use such a technique properly and unlike the first skill mastery, this was an evolved skill, so it required more finesse.

Lone was bored while he was waiting for his next fight. He was assuming it would be more challenging now because he calculated that there was now only about 32 remaining participants due to the fact that his waiting area had 1,000 people in it originally. That would mean that there was roughly the same number on the other side, so he just divided 2,000 by two, seven times.

To stave off his boredom, for now, he decided to check out his status and affinity card and sheet respectively.

User Information
Adventurer Rank: Rank: F
Name: Lone Immortus 
Age:  25
Sex: Male 
Race: Golden Sky Fox of The Void 
Level:  90
HP:  1500/2000
SP:  9710/9710
MP: 19045/22200
User Stats
Stat, Strength: 262
 Stat, Vigour: 200
Stat, Dexterity: 392
Stat, Agility: 500
Stat, Vitality: 971
Stat, Luck: 132
Unlocked Stat, Charm: 75
Unlocked Stat, Charisma: 86
Unlocked Stat, Magic Power: 2220
Unlocked Stat, Control: 101
Unlocked Stat, Rage: 22

"Fuck me. Did I gain nine levels? How? My fight with Ella? Hmm... enlightment?" Lone pondered aloud. He was pleased that every single stat had risen by a little bit since this morning. Even rage and control has increased ever so slightly. His vitality shocked him the most. It had risen by a whopping 200, his magic power did as well, but he was used to that increasing a stupidly large amount. Lone could only chalk it up to how much he had used his regeneration power today to heal himself after his fight with Ella.

Lone figured that he would get his answer to his new levels after his next fight, assuming it was another tough opponent, so he finished up by checking his affinities.

User's Magic Affinity Sheet
Magic Affinity Amount of Affinity
Illusion 100%
Darkness 100%
Black 100%
Wind 100%
Gravity 100%
Mind 100%
Contract 100%
Life 48%
Air 20%
Water 16%
Enchanting 11%
Fire 7%
Space 4.5%
Time 1%
Pure Mana 0.0005%

"Hmm, so life, space and pure mana increased and I gained enchanting. It also looks like my enchanting affinity rose by 6%... is it not a difficult one to get like the three bottom ones? That's a bit disappointing," Lone mumbled as he pondered over what other types of affinities were out there.

"Participants, The Lone Wanderer and The Master Summoner. Please make your way to the arena," ordered the announcer. Lone was excited, could this summoner be Cecil? Hopefully, he could glean some insight into his summoning techniques to enhance the way Sophie's room looked and to get her much-desired pet.

When Lone had finally reached the arena, the elf he had spotted earlier was indeed standing there, waiting for him. It would seem he was seated much closer to the entrance of the stage as he had apparently been waiting for a while.

"Participants, begin your battle, don't worry about killing each other as a judge shall prevent all fatalities," the same voice Lone had already heard seven times called an eighth time. Lone armoured himself before once more taking Dawn out. However, instead of attacking, he first chose to rile up the elf in hopes he would go all out with his intermediate level summons.

"Hello, Cecil. Show me everything you've got, okay? I plan to learn a lot during this fight," Lone spoke out to the elf in perfect Elfish. 

"How do you know our tongue?! You must die for knowing my secret!" Cecil returned Lone's Elfish with his very own. The dialect was somewhat different, but it was close enough for Lone to understand exactly what had just been said and he didn't really understand. 

Lone was a unique Foxkin that was walking about without a care in the world, but this one elf deemed his life to be necessary in order to continue pretending not to be an elf? How curious. 

'I suppose this just goes to show what having an S-ranker and an A-ranker behind you does,' Lone thought. He didn't really care if the elf before him chose to ambush him outside of this event. Were that to happen, he would just activate his mana destruction and turn his brain into goop like he had done with the elf in the group that attacked him from the Countess.

"Well, let's start, shall we?" Lone said in the local speech before he began running towards Cecil.

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