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After having realised just how powerful this woman was, Lone immediately activated his full bone armour, enveloping his body in a thick layer of blue and black armour. He then instantly took Dawn out from his dimension before entering a defensive stance.

Lone knew. He was aware that it would be ridiculously difficult to land a hit on her assuming if he was to go on the offensive, so he resorted to the only option he had left, defence. 

The last thing he wanted to do was to cheat by using his mental destruction or sky walking to bombard her with projectiles. This was going to be his first real fight, and he would be damned if he didn't enjoy it.

"Hoh... now that's a pretty interesting ability," the ordinary looking judge said to himself amongst the murmurs of the crowd.

Ella took a quick second to evaluate Lone. She felt like he was roughly 200 levels lower that her. Ella was a C-ranker with a level of 387. Her estimation of Lone's power was accurate, except his level was actually 300 levels below hers, that was just how insane his growth was with his pure stats.

"I look forward to a fair fight, Lone Wanderer," she said before she too prepared herself by taking her greatsword off from her back and entering a lunging stance.

"Participants, begin your battle, don't worry about killing each other as a judge shall prevent all fatalities," the magic-laced voice boomed as a signal to start the two's battle.

Ella leapt forward so quickly that Lone couldn't even see her until the very last second where she was swinging her blade down to meet his head. He managed to tilt his body to the side ever-so-slightly which only resulted in his bone armour being cut through at his right shoulder until it finally stopped halfway through his flesh. Upon seeing her half successful attack, Ella jumped back to land in her original position.

"I win," She said causing a large uproar from the crowd. She had assumed that now that she had disabled Lone's dominant arm, it was now clearly her victory.

"Hey hey hey. No jumping to conclusions now, we're only just beginning," Lone said. This statement caused everyone in the coliseum to look at him only to be shocked speechless while they watched his flesh contort and expand until it looked brand new. His bone armour then replaced itself. However, this time it now looked ever so slightly thicker in that one area, as if it was denser, more compactly bound.

"Interesting indeed," the judge claimed to himself.

"Let's see what happens first, eh? I learn how to read your movements before I run out of fuel to heal myself, or you run out of stamina before I get the chance to beat you normally," Lone teased. He was confident of his eventual victory. He wasn't even sure if he would die if his head were to be chopped off due to the fact that his regeneration was passive.

'How dare he mock me!' the female Knight, Ella, exclaimed in her mind. True, she had underestimated him, but that didn't mean he could just belittle her like that. Ella knew that Lone wasn't the only one with tricks like that up his sleeve.

"Wind enchant," she mumbled. Her blade then turned a bright shade of green. It would seem that Ella had infused it with the power of wind.

"Oh! Wind magic! How long can you keep that active? The longer, the better," Lone said in joy; he was letting his emotions get the better of him again. Lone was happy to witness yet another magic that he might be able to learn. Lone assumed he would be able to due to his 100% wind affinity. Lone also hoped he would earn an enchanting affinity if he did somehow learn the skill. 

Ella had clearly had enough of Lone's apparent taunting, so she once again launched herself in his direction. This time, her blade swung down at least twice as quickly as before. 

"Fuck, that's fast!" Lone managed to utter before his entire right arm fell to the floor this time. Just before Ella could land a follow-up blow, Lone had struck her as hard as he could with his left first, forcing her back several meters as a small trickle of blood traced itself down her mouth.

"Definitely faster. Well, I levelled up my Clear Vision skill, so that's a plus I guess? I wonder how high my Passive Regeneration will get after today?" Lone mumbled to himself just low enough that only he could hear. He then shocked the crowd once more when he grabbed his arm and slammed it onto his now gushing wound. Mere seconds later he let go, and miraculously it stayed attached. The bone armour then reconnected and the split area once more become even more robust.

"ARE YOU A ZOMBIE?!" Ella screamed before she coughed up a mouthful of blood. The last thing she expected Lone to do upon having his arm cut off, was to punch her square in her ribcage. Hence her sudden internal trauma which resulted in an internal injury.

"Zombie, huh? I prefer the term 'immortal', oh, but feel free to use holy magic if you have some," Lone said. 'I could use the resistance,' he finished in his mind.

"Well? Ready for round three?" Lone taunted after he gestured for her to come closer with his left hand.

'You're having too much fun... ' Sophie complained to Lone. She wasn't happy that he was having fun getting chopped up while she was busy trying to learn.

'Hey, so what if I'm having fun? I'm trying to taunt her into using her trump cards so I can learn them,' Lone replied in defence, he genuinely was having a good time, it was in his blood to enjoy fights that benefited him after all, and right now, the only thought on his mind was levelling up his clear vision skill and trying to learn that wind enchantment.

Sophie just remained silent after he had claimed as such while Ella's face had turned pure red.

"I refuse to be taunted by the likes of you!" she screamed and then she rushed to cleave him apart once again. 

'Well, that's ironic,'° Lone internally commented at how easily he had taunted her. She was soon upon him once more and started to attack him in a rapid flurry. It took all of Lone's concentration not to lose any more limbs. With each swing, he tried his best to parry them, but to no avail. His bone armour and flesh were constantly being torn apart and rebuilt before the crowd's very own eyes. However, the judge had noticed something.

'Incredible. George was right. Maybe I should train him? He's learning so quickly. If my eyes aren't lying, the boy is healing quicker, taking shallower cuts and gradually getting faster with his attempted parries. How interesting,' the judge commented in his mind.

'WHAT DO I DO? WHY CAN'T I HURT HIM?!' Ella screamed in her mind. She had been on a constant offensive drive for twenty minutes now and she was getting tired, very tired. It was very draining keeping her wind enchant up for that long. She wasn't very skilled with magic, hence why she only knew the one spell. Her primary focus was on pure strength, not speed. She was starting to sweat and pant as her energy was running low.

All of a sudden, her sword that was viciously swinging in Lone's general direction got deflected. He had managed to parry her for the very first time. It was at that point that her wind enchant got disabled as she slumped onto the floor.

She had lost all confidence. What was the point? She couldn't permanently hurt him, and he had grown so quickly that just penetrating his armour was proving to be a challenge. Now Lone had actually managed to parry her blow. What else could she do, if not give up? She had lost all hope of winning this fight.

"Whew, just in time," Lone said while he looked at the three new notifications that had appeared before him.

Due to astutely observing the combination of wind and enchantment magic, Gained Advanced Wind-Enchantment Magic Skill:
Skill: Wind Enchant
Effect 1: Enchants the host's weapon with the power of the wind increasing its attack speed to varying degree based on mastery
Mastery: Beginner Level 1
Increase Of Attack Speed: 2%
Gained Enchantment Magic Affinity
Affinity: 5%


Due to the host successfully parrying a blow from a being far more powerful than the host with a weapon, Gained Skill:
Skill: Weapon Parry
Effect 1: Passively increases the host's chances of successfully parrying a blow by using a weapon to varying degrees based on mastery
Mastery: Beginner Level 1
Increase Of Chance: 2%

As Lone happily thought about the various applications such skills would have, a voice cut his ponderings short.

"The victor Is The Lone Wanderer!" the ordinary-looking judge proclaimed after he suddenly appeared in the middle of the stage. At this declaration, the crowd boomed and roared in joy. They were truly getting their money's worth watching all of Lone's fights, or so most of them thought.

A note from Lone

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