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Book 1 Chapter 72: Monk and Discovery


A note from Lone

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Lone quickly found his way back to his seat only to find it was now occupied by someone else. It was one of the other three contestants that he was weary of. A man who was dressed just like a monk who had no weapons visible on him. Lone didn't really care about his seat much, so he walked off to find another only to find that the monk was now standing right in front of him.

"Hoho, you don't seem scared at all. How mysterious. Hey, were you really trying to kill that kid? We could all see your fight on the illusion screen," the monk said in a very immature fashion unbecoming of his apparent status as a monk. Lone just ignored him and made his way around the dark-skinned bald man. Lone was interested at the mention of this 'illusion screen', but otherwise, didn't wish to interact with the person at all.

Lone was fed up with people. Currently, the earlier attendant was still annoying him a little bit as he remembered his first blatant case of racism so he couldn't really be bothered using his acting skill to fake smile through this interaction.

The monk wasn't very happy with this. He decided to teach Lone a little lesson, just to teach him not to ignore a C-ranker like him. However, before he could move much farther, he suddenly felt oppressed, even more oppressed than he had ever felt while being taught for the twenty long years he had spent on top of the Zenbu mountain range with his master.

[Save it for later, I cannot be bothered dealing with you right now. Wait until we're matched up] Lone ordered. He then retracted his aura before he left to find another seat.

"Haha... well, that was... different," the monk whispered before he moved back to Lone's old seat. He wasn't affected by the aura too much since he had a strong will and wasn't important enough to be affected by Lone's Lord of The Cosmos title but never-the-less, it was still the highest degree of mental pressure he had had to endure before. 

'This might be just what I needed to break through the level 400 barrier and become a B-ranker! Thank you, Lone Wanderer.,' the monk thanked Lone in thought. He had been stuck at level 399 for a very long time now. It was widely known that to break each 100th level; you had to experience an enlightenment of sorts, which was exactly what he had just experienced. The monk proceeded to sit down cross-legged and began meditating over his newest epiphany.

'Well, he was tough. Let's hope he's fun to fight against,' Lone thought after he had finished finding a new place to sit down. Despite not wanting to interact with the monk, Lone was more than willing to test his strength against a powerful opponent; Lone could merely hope that he stood a chance against him, or else the monk would simply end up frozen like George did.

'Lone, you need to stop using your aura to solve every problem, I think, you might annoy the wrong person eventually,' a soft voice which was full of concern and care noted in Lone's head.

'You're right, but I just really didn't like the way he thought he had the right to talk to me. I don't even know the guy,' Lone replied to Sophie. He genuinely was quite irked that he had to resort to using his title to get the man to back down, Lone just wanted to ignore him and move on.

'Ju-Just be careful... okay?' Sophie gently asked. She was more worried about Lone than anything else.

'I will,' Lone just replied with a reassuring tone. Lone then chose to sit patiently and watch this 'illusion screen'. There were several of them littering the entire waiting room, so Lone had no trouble finding one. He had been watching them intently for an hour or so; he wasn't actually paying attention to the matches displayed because he didn't want to ruin his further fights with prior knowledge, he was inspecting how the things worked. 

Due to the host accurately examining an illusion based magic, Gained Intermediate Illusion Magic Skill:
Skill: Image Projection
Effect 1: Allows the host to create a magical screen that projects the surroundings of another nearby area
Effect 2: The range and clarity will vary depending on mastery
Mastery: Beginner Level 1
Increase of range and image clarity: 2%

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Lone shouted out in glee. He was genuinely happy that he had managed to learn a skill by merely observing it. The surrounding contestants had apparently heard Lone's sudden outburst of manic laughter.

"What happened to him?"

"Did he hit his head in a fight?"

"Tch, beastkin."

Lone tried his best to contain his anger at the last statement while he controlled his happiness. He had once again, lost control of his emotions; he was just too happy at this newfound discovery.

'I'll remember your face you fucker,' Lone said to himself while he stared daggers at the latest racist to insult him. 'I'm gonna have a blast at The Academy now that I know this,' Lone thought when he realised just how absurd this discovery was. He thought his newest skill was fairly useless for now. Lone could see a use for it as far as covert operations went, but he was more of the loud and proud variant, unlike the vast majority of his race.

 What he was truly interested in was the fact that he could learn by watching, not just by doing. This fascinated him.

"Participants, The Lone Wanderer and Ella. Please make your way to the arena," the magic controlled voice said. It would seem that it was time for Lone's second battle.

Lone quickly got up and made his way back to the stage where he would inevitably fight his next opponent. Upon reached the designated fighting area, Lone saw a fully armoured woman who had a massive greatsword strapped to her back slowly walk her way up the stairs leading to the platform. She was fairly good looking and had long blonde hair that was tied into a ponytail which reached her waist.

'She's strong,' Was the only thing Lone's was thinking about upon seeing her. He could clearly tell that she was roughly around the same power level as the five other fighters that were in his waiting area. After he had thought about it, it apparently made sense for there to be such warriors in the other waiting area too, why only Lone's?

 Lone was jubilant; there should be even more strong people for him to fight. He could experience his first real battle to test himself, or so he hoped.

A note from Lone

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