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"Well, give me a minute to dress. I can't exactly fight in my underwear, now can I?" Lone asked Grimsley with a chuckle. Grimsley stood up at this because he planned to leave the room.

"I dinny know; I'm sure ye'd find a way some'ow," Grimsley said while he returned Lone's chuckle with one of his own before he left the room. Lone then took out one of his undershirt and shirt combos before putting on his grey trousers and similarly coloured overcoat. Lone then chose to create a pair of grey boots to brush up his leatherworking knowledge instead of just taking a couple out from his dimension. For some reason, grey had become his favourite colour without him even noticing it. He then equipped himself with his custom design armour sleeve that was lying on the same table that his status card was originally on.

'Hey, Soph. I'm entering a tournament. It shouldn't be dangerous; I'm just going to test my limits and probably win. You wanna come out?' Lone asked Sophie in his mind. He wasn't sure if she wanted to see it live or through the footage she could apparently see in her summoning room.

'No thank you. I wanna train more with the swords. I'll cheer you on from in here,' she replied. Lone could tell that she had smiled at the end of her sentence which made him happy.

'She's really trying to increase her strength, huh? I really need to get that pet for her, so she isn't too lonely in that room,' Lone concluded in thought before he left the bedroom. He soon spotted Grimsley walking towards himself with a bundle of cloth in his hands. It was apparently housing something rather long.

"Well, that was certainly quick, only took you three days to reforge it?" Lone asked before he put his armoured hand on his chin and held his left elbow with his right hand. He obviously knew what lay inside the cloth.

"Aye, it's nay te hard when ye've got te materials. 'Ere, use it in te tourn'y. It'll help a lot," Grimsley said before he handed the cloth-wrapped item to Lone. Upon receiving it, Lone unwrapped it only to reveal a pure grey sword spear with an intimidatingly long and sharp blade on either end of it. The longer of the two blades measured in at roughly a staggering 80 centimeters while the smaller of the two was likely to be 50 or so. It had a small area that measured about 15 centimeters in the centre which seemed to serve as the grip. The weapon had been designed for use with a single hand, or so it would appear. As soon as he held in his right hand, Lone almost immediately lost his balance upon the monstrosities weight.

"Jesus Christ! This weighs nearly twice what the glaive did! What did you feed this thing?" Lone asked and then stored the weapon into his dimension. He then bit his right thumb before smearing some blood on the anti-gravity ring to bind it, as was the norm with magical items.

"Hahaha. That's what ye get for not usin' a dec'nt amount of yer strength te hold it. It used a lot more alterion than 'at glaive did, 'at's for sure," Grimsley said with a laugh. The two then began walking towards the coliseum that the tournament was being hosted in.

"So, how do I use this ring? I've marked it with my blood, but what now?" Lone asked as they made their way through the streets of Milindo's capital.

"Ah, ye jus' 'ave te think 'bout the item in yer 'and weighin' less. It's 'at simple," Grimsley explained to Lone briefly. It truly did sound rather simple when Lone heard Grimsley's explanation. "Also, I sign'd ye up under yer title, 'The Lone Wanderer'. I thought It'd add a wee bit more life te yer performances. Despite it bein' a once a month event, som'times even C-rankers participate. Which is roughly 200 levels high'r than ye, so watch yer'self, lad," Grimsley claimed. Despite feeling a brotherly bond with Lone, he was honestly rather eager to see the arrogant fool get smacked upside the head.

"Sounds like fun," Lone said with a grin. If he could injure George slightly who claimed to be 600 levels higher than him when he was still in his second awakening and only at level 54, then Lone could only shudder in anticipation when he thought about how he was in his fifth one and currently at level 81. "Oh, I guess I'll be using this dual ended sword spear for a while, maybe I should give it a name? Hmm, let's call you 'Dawn'. To signify the beginning of my rise to power," Lone said to the weapon. The weapon that would, little to his knowledge, serve him for the rest of his eternal life.

"Shite namin' sense. I'da call'd it 'The Grim Beginning'," Grimsley said in a rare moment of narcissism.

"Fuck off. I'm not naming it after you, even if you did craft it," Lone said with a laugh to which Grimsley joined in. The two then quickly made their way to the Coliseum. It was a tremendously large building made of marble as far as Lone could tell. This building looked strikingly similar to the Amphitheater located in Rome, or so Lone thought. The only apparent difference was that it wasn't nearly as decrepit and clearly was subject to good maintenance. 

"Hey, beast, show me your audience or participant badge," a suddenly disgusted voice said to Lone. He turned around only to be met with the sight of an unusually skinny man, a human, so so he would appear to be.

'A racist? I'm glad I abandoned my humanity. Such primitive filth,' Lone thought before he stretched his hand out to Grimsley's general direction. Grimsley noticed the angered expression on Lone's face and immediately complied by giving up the badge he had purchased earlier to him.

'Heh, so ev'n though he wasn't a Foxkin originally, he still pick'd up their hate for discriminat'n? Interestin',' Grimsley commented in thought as this was the first time he had seen Lone interact with a human that wasn't Sophie.

Lone didn't want to kill the man, that would just equate to more work for Gilbert and maybe force him to hide until the whole mess got cleaned up, assuming he'd get punished for ending the fools life. He really did only come here to test his strength and try out his new weapon, Dawn, alongside his new anti-gravity ring.

So he instead decided to frighten the unprofessional employee of the Coliseum in an effort to vent his growing anger. He activated his aura of domination to the highest degree he possibly could and isolated its effects solely to affect the man standing just ahead of him before slowly walking towards the apparent employee.

'FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! WHAT IS THIS PRESSURE?!' the man in question thought during a burst of panic. He was raised by the church as an orphan, so he was taught that all demihumans were lower than them. It was only natural for him to berate them whenever possible, no?

The employee had always thought it was strange that all of the human countries currently had a non-aggression pact with a few of the demihuman tribes and clans. They were only allowed to enslave a certain number of the beasts per year. He didn't regret his tone that he had used to address Lone with, since he was clearly in the right as far as this situation was concerned in his opinion. He just didn't understand why the beast had suddenly become several times more frightening.

"D-don't hurt me! Y-you'll be e-executed!" he managed to mutter. A crowd quickly surrounded the two before they started discussing the happenings.

"Hey, what's going on?"

"I dunno, I think the employee was bein' rude to that participant?"

"What, to the Foxkin? Why?"

"Who knows, a church fanatic, maybe?"

"Isn't that the guy that killed the hero for no reason?"

"No way, he had pure gold tails, or so I heard."

"Yeah, but who else do you know that has nine fox tails and a single armour sleeve?"

"That's not... hmm... you make a good point now that I think about it. That attendant's fucked."

A few of the spectators said in passing after they saw the happenings before them. There were also a few people amongst the crowd who were eying Lone very carefully. They could tell that he was exceedingly powerful, so much so that he could somehow isolate his aura to the sole employee, but they could still sense it regardless of its isolation.

[Keep your filthy tongue to yourself, lest you lose it one day] Lone commanded before he handed the badge over to the now weeping man. He then walked through the gate that led to the fighters waiting area. Grimsley paid for a spectator's seat before going off to the stands. The employee was just slumped on the floor, in a pile of various liquids.

"Hmm, how interesting. Maybe I can actually have a fight this time..." a 25-year-old looking man with a head of black hair mumbled to himself before he entered the VIP viewing area. He had entered it with practically no-one taking any notice of him, which was very strange. Only a very select few people at his level of power could accomplish something like that.

A note from Lone

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