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Book 1 Chapter 66: Irrationality and Ring


A note from Lone

Basic Grimsley guide:

Ye = You    Te = To or The

Apostrophes generally replace "h"'s, "e"'s and "t"'s

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"Hello," Lone bluntly said to Shana with little to no emotion. He didn't really care about her at all. He was happy that he had freed Shana from her torture and accidentally reunited her with her family, but that was all. The thread was cut. No more connection remained as far as Lone was concerned. After all, she wasn't someone who would be especially helpful to him, nor was she an accepted being.

"H-hello, sir Immortus," she sheepishly replied before she retreated further into the smithy. Lone turned to face Grimsley before raising an eyebrow in his general direction. Grimsley returned the raised eyebrow in kind.

"Ask 'er yer'self; I've got nay clue why she call'd ye 'at," Grimsley said and then he moved a bit further into the workshop. He soon returned and threw a small metal box to Lone as hard as his stocky arms would allow him to. Lone simply caught it with one hand in a manner that stated doing so took little to no effort.

"Fook ye. I 'ope te next 'ero ain't as dumb as 'at 'Daisuke' fellow, 'cause yer definit'ly gonna make 'em cry at 'ow slow they gain strength compar'd te ye," Grimsley joked when he noticed just how much Lone had grown since the last few days he'd seen him. Lone just smirked before he took the alterion glaive out of his dimension. He then threw it at Grimsley with about 25% of his total strength.

"WHAT TE FOOK D-" Grimsley's shout was cut short as the flat side of the glaive's blade smacked into his chest forcing him to rocket through the air and slam into the wall. Shana quickly came back to the sounds of the commotion.

"Ahh... really, why is throwing spears at you so satisfying, Grim?" Lone joked as he remembered the oddly similar event during the Legendary Rank 5 Contract fiasco.  Grimsley just groggily got up before sending a death glare at Lone. The two then stared at each other for a while. 

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" the two roared in unison. Sophie was annoyed. She knew that this was only another way for Lone to have some fun, by interacting and bonding with his accepted beings. However, she was still allowed to be jealous, no? She just continued to cling onto Lone's chest firmly.

"'Ow much of yer strength did ye use in 'at throw, lad?" Grimsley said as a confused Shana continued to watch the situation. She had no idea why her uncle was so chipper after just being launched across the room. Maybe it was a dwarf thing? Shana wouldn't know because she had been a slave ever since she was six and had never before seen her uncle look so genuinely happy to get hurt before.

"Hmm, about 25%? You better start bulking up, next time I'll use forty," Lone gleefully said with a smile. "Oh, and can you melt that down and make it into a sword spear for me? I forgot to mention it, but I can only use one hand to wield spear type weapons, it's a class thing," Lone said with a helpless expression. He just couldn't properly use the weapon due to its centre of balance needing two hands. He figured he could somehow manage with a sword spear if he gripped it right and the end of its shaft, just before the blade.

"'Course I dinny mind. But I'll need mor' alterion ore," Grimsley said in a matter-of-factly manner. Shana chose to remain quiet and only started cleaning up the mess that Lone and Grimsley had made.

"That should be okay. Oh, while you're at it, add a small blade on the end of it so I can stab people behind me if I need to. I'm gonna unsummon you now Sophie, I might lose consciousness after I create what I'm thinking of creating," everyone looked at Lone a bit strangely after he had said that. Sophie then suddenly disappeared which shocked Shana but obviously not Grimsley. Grimsley had a stinking suspicion of what Lone was up to.

"So a dual end'd sword spear? Fine, but... 'ow will ye get me te ore?" Grimley asked with distrust lacing his voice. He had figured out what Lone was up to.

"You're getting sharper and sharper the more time I spend with you; you know that, right? Anyway, who said I'd give you ore?" Lone said before he started to imagine something completely different.

"Oh for fook's sake. Shana, prepare a stretch'r. I'm no carrying this fool back 'ome again," Grimsley ordered his befuddled niece. She didn't know what was going on, but she followed her beloved uncle's orders to the letter and went to find a stretcher that Grimsley had bought two days ago.

"Here you go. Take good care of me, okay?" Lone said moments before he slumped to the floor, apparently unconscious. He felt like he really needed a break, so he did what he thought was the only logical thing to do. Lone overdrew his mana by recreating the alterion glaive. His brain would have exploded from the stress had he not activated the latent mana residing within it and had he not possessed his regeneration skill to heal any of it's dying cells from his rash action.

Grimsley just walked over to Lone before picking up the small metal box he had previously thrown at him. He then smiled warmly as he looked at his best friend. He had obviously noticed the results of Lone's awakenings, but what did he care? He was also a demi-human and as far as he was concerned, Lone could destroy half of the world and he wouldn't care even in the slightest. He had decided to do everything he could to be the best friend he could be to the strange otherworlder that had already changed his life in the short two weeks he had known him.

"I guess I'll give ye this lat'r, eh, lad?" Grimsley said to himself while he looked at the small box in his hand.

Three day's later, Lone woke up from his previous state of mana exhaustion.

"Well, this is a familiar looking room. God, I feel so refreshed. That was definitely the right choice," Lone said to himself; he then grabbed the status card that was sitting on a table right next to the bed he was laying on. He assumed that Grimsley had taken it and put it there, so he didn't somehow damage or lose it by mistake. Lone cut his palm with one of his tails and smeared some blood on the card to update it; he then checked his mana.

User Information
Adventurer Rank: Rank: F
Name: Lone Immortus 
Age:  25
Sex: Male 
Race: Golden Sky Fox of The Void 
Level:  81
HP:  1710/1710
SP:  7450/7450
MP: 4/20200
User Stats
Stat, Strength: 232
 Stat, Vigour: 171
Stat, Dexterity: 352
Stat, Agility: 450
Stat, Vitality: 745
Stat, Luck: 125
Unlocked Stat, Charm: 73
Unlocked Stat, Charisma: 86
Unlocked Stat, Magic Power: 2020
Unlocked Stat, Control: 100
Unlocked Stat, Rage: 20

"Huh? Did I gain three levels? Why? Oh... the guards... so I get the experience even if I didn't kill them myself? Hmm..." Lone mumbled in thought as he noticed his increase in level, he then looked at his mana before he panicked a little bit. "What? Four? What? How is my brain not mush? I expected it to clean me out, but surely I've been unconscious for a while, just how much mana did that stupid glaive cost me to create? Like, 100,000? Fuck," Lone thanked whatever had kept him alive. He was glad to know that he could create such expensive things and survive, but Lone had honestly never expected to use up that much on a weapon he had used for a few days at least. 

Lone knew for a fact that he had the knowledge of the weapons weight, density, length and everything else about it save for the actual material itself.

"Just how complex is alterion anyway?" Lone asked himself while he held his head lightly. He had maxed out his mental pain resistance apparently, but even this event didn't warrant an evolution, or so it would seem.

"Stupidly so. Almos' as stupid as ye 're, lad. An' 'at's sayin' a fookin' lot," Grimsley claimed as he walked into his bedroom only to find Lone mumbling to himself. He found it odd that Lone did that so much, but he figured that everyone had a few quirks about them. Some more than others, or so it would seem since Lone was a man just overflowing with quirks.

"Grim? Thanks for taking care of me. Besides nearly dying, this little break was nice. I can do a lot today now that I've been away for... ?" Lone said quizzically. He obviously hoped that he hadn't been unconscious for too long.

"Three days," Grimsley finished the sentence that Lone apparently wanted him to end.

"Right, three days. That's three leatherworking lessons," Grimsley raised an eyebrow to this, but he did remember Lone asking about something of the sort a few days ago. "And three to six outfits for Soph and I. I should also be able to break a contract again and most importantly, the auction should be tomorrow," Lone happily listed what he could do now.

"Right, well, 'ere. Op'n this. Ye forg't te when ye wen' te sleep," Grimsley said before he lightly threw the metal box at Lone once more. Lone caught it and opened it only to reveal a pure grey ring. It was circular in design and had a few engravings on it that looked dwarven.

"Look, Grim, I really appreciate the gesture, but I can't possibly marry you," Lone said with an oddly serious face. Grimsley just looked at him with a blank expression before his brain caught up with what Lone had just said.

"OH FOOK OFF! IT'S AN ANTI-GRAVITY RING YE FOOKIN' COCKSUCK'R!" Grimsley shouted before he stormed out of the room.

"Hahaha... no wonder Gilbert loves to do this. It's pretty amusing," Lone chuckled to himself. "Anti-gravity, huh?" Lone said and then he looked at the ring that was nestled in his hand.

A note from Lone

Just remember, Lone is still quite irrational and quick to make decisions at times, even if they're stupid, also, the writer had (and still has) poor writing skills when this chapter was written.

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