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Lone hadn't lifted a finger. On the screen, Sophie had seen all of the guards suddenly turning before they started to kill each other with crazed smiles. Sophie was scared by this. However, she was thankful that Lone hadn't been hurt at all even if she knew that he would be okay regardless.

"How did he do that anyway? More magic?" Sophie asked herself while she put a hand on her chin. She looked rather cute doing this since she was currently sitting on her knees. Lone would have immediately wrapped her in his tails upon seeing such a motion.

Sophie then continued to watch Lone as she had concluded it would just be best to ask him about what he had done when she found an opportune moment to try to talk to him via telepathy or in person.

Lone had started to search the mansion and soon found a room in the basement. This room was full of cages and each one of these cages held some sort of demi-human. Oddly enough, each one was different from the other. Lone took little interest in them, but Sophie assumed he had now found the reason behind his attack, to become another part of this collection. After leaving this room, Lone had quickly found the Countess sitting in a study of sorts. Lone mumbled something once again; it seemed to be some kind of taunt. Sophie was quite annoyed that she couldn't hear anything. It appeared that the screen was purely for viewing and not listening. 

Lone then used one of the new and definitely more fluffy tails to cut the woman's head off which made Sophie a little bit queasy, but otherwise, she was more jealous than anything.

"I can't believe she got to touch his tails before me..." she mumbled to herself. Clearly, that had left a much larger impact on her than the massacre of the guards and the beheading of the Countess. Fluffiness was of the utmost importance. And the first experience of that fluffiness had been stolen by that now severed head. "Gununununununununununu..." Sophie started mumbling incoherently while the screen continued to tell Lone's current story.

After taking what looked like a potato sack out of his dimension, he stored the fluffiness's thief's head in it. He then left the mansion immediately and headed for the guild. Sophie assumed that he went to ask for this to be covered up but she didn't really care. 

When Lone reached the guild, he turned invisible suddenly which had an impact on Sophie's mood. She was worried. However, she soon noticed that the screen's video feed kept moving through the guild and up the stairs to the Guildmasters room. For some reason, Gilbert's door was open, so the presumably invisible Lone had just moved through it. He then suddenly appeared sitting opposite Gilbert. Lone immediately revealed the countess's head before speaking some more.

Sophie was fed up. She needed the tails now, so she contacted Lone.

'Lone! I want to come out, can I?' Sophie asked to his mind. She had experience with this due to her old dimension. It allowed such things, but she had never owned the power herself to do so.

'Soph? How? Did you regain a power? I remember you talking to my mind in your dimension, but you never said it was one of your powers,' Lone asked. He was exceedingly curious at this turn of events. How was she talking to him? The Guildmaster hadn't shown any reaction either; maybe it was undetectable?

'Later! For now, give me permission to leave, please!' she exclaimed. Sophie was getting impatient. The tails called to her; she was hearing fluffy voices in her head.

'Uh... sure?' upon mumbling that, Lone immediately noticed a bright white door had appeared out of seemingly nowhere. Oddly enough Gilbert had no reaction what-so-ever to it. The door swung open while Lone was still in mid-thought and a small girl in a red dress flew out of it before she tackled Lone's tails and started rubbing them all over her. Particularly on her face, because the fluffiness was the most noticeable there.

"SOOOOOO FLUFFY!" she practically screamed at the top of her lungs. Gilbert was too shocked for words. How did she just appear out of nowhere just like Lone?

'Am I really going senile? I'm only 582 years old. I need to get back into the field if these kids can outsmart me... ' Gilbert thought in depression. "Lone, I've just about had enough of your antics," Gilbert stated. He was getting very fed up. None of Lone's shenanigans pleased him in the slightest. Lone just ignored him as he looked at Sophie.

"Are you an addict or something?" Lone seriously questioned her. She stopped her immersion of his tails to briefly look up at him for a slight moment in utter disbelieve.

"I-It's your fault I'm like this... you sh-shouldn't have been so rough..." Sophie meekly said before she hid in her castle of fluffiness. This statement of her's made Gilbert's eyes shine like a pair of moons which wasn't too odd since they were originally pure white in colour due to his nature as an unawakened purity dragonkin. This was very exciting, what an amazing chance, or so he thought. An opportunity to tease Lone had arisen. He just smugly stared at Lone.

Lone turned to meet his face before his face contorted into one of displeasure. "... What?" he cautiously asked Gilbert.

"So, how far along is she? I'll have you know that we purity dragonkin are experts in childbirth techniq-" Gilbert was stopped midsentence by the massive amount of aura that Lone was releasing. It was a truly ridiculous amount. It was at least 5% stronger than the last time Gilbert had experienced it.

[Fuck. Off.] Lone slowly boomed with his bloodlust in full blast. had reached a boiling point apparently.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA CALM DOWN BOY AHAHAHAHA oh... hah... you're so easy to wind up... ahahaha..." Gilbert roared in laughter. This was why he was willing to stick his neck out for Lone. Never had he laughed so hard in years. He cared little for Lone's race, but his susceptibility to teasing? That, now that was a talent, or so Gilbert thought.

"Oh fuck you, you old goat," Lone said before his aura disappeared. He was still in a foul mood after the Countess; now he felt like he had just been slammed over a table and bent over backwards by a bandit. "I'll kill you one day, I swear," Lone said while he glared daggers at the antagonist of this event.

"Hahaha... oh..hahaha... I can't breathe... .oh... hahaha... you're... you're... ahahaha... free to try... ... ahahahahahah..." Gilbert said as he struggled to keep his lungs from malfunctioning and his lips from ripping clean off his face from all of the laughter.

"I really fucking hate you. One, clean this mess up," Lone said as he gestured to the head lying on the table. "Two, get me another status card for Soph. Three, go fuck yourself," Lone was very stressed out. He immediately forced Sophie to his front before he tightly hugged her. He then opened a window before he jumped out of it and started to walk through the sky in the direction of Grimsley's blacksmith.

"Ahahaha... hah... haha... oh... oh god... that's a new skill, and was it just me, or was his mana brain activated?" Gilbert asked himself after he had finally managed to calm himself down from his incredibly powerful fit of laughter.

"Are you okay Lone?" Sophie asked a question that had an obvious answer. He just looked at her before his eyes softened a bit. Lone then lowered his head a little bit before he lightly kissed her.

"I'm already feeling better," he said with a smile. He then started squeezing her a little bit tighter. This sentence made Sophie euphoric at the fact that she had been useful for at least relieving his anger and stress. 

'I guess killing and spending time with my accepted beings really is the only way for me to stay sane, huh?' Lone concluded in thought. He was all right with this, but he knew that for him to keep his sanity, he definitely had to either get more accepted beings that would permanently travel with him or kill things. Lots of things.

Lone soon had to Land as his SP couldn't keep up with his sky walking. After reaching the ground, Lone refused to let Sophie walk again, and he continued to hug her, despite all of the looks. As far as Lone was concerned, the whole world could go fuck itself. He had no intentions to stop cuddling his stress ball just because society wanted him to.

The pair soon reached Grimsley's smithy, and Lone removed one of his hands from Sophie's back and used it to knock on the door. He soon heard the sound of a few things being strewn around on the other side before the door finally opened.

"What te fook do ye bloody wan'? Canny ye see te fooking 'closed' sign?" a gruff voice loudly complained while its owner was opening the door. This person was obviously Grimsley. After opening the door, he took a moment to look at the visitor before noticing that it was Lone. His dear friend and benefactor in helping with his family issues.

"Ah, Lone! Shoulda said it were ye. 've been waitin' for ye. Need'd te thank ye. Come in, te both of ye, Though I dinny think 'at there koala is goin' any'were, eh?" Grimsley said while he joked at Sophie's condition before he ushered Lone indoors. Upon reaching the inside, Lone spotted a familiar face. It was Shana, Grimsley's niece and she was staring right back into Lone's eyes.

A note from Lone

Very brief explanation to the Countess's attempt at kidnapping Lone. I hope it's good enough.

Point out any grammar mistakes I missed, please. And any duplicate paragraphs, Grammarly copies them whenever I split paragraphs and I can't stop it, so point it out if I miss any of those.

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