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Inside of the summoning room, Sophie was standing in her underwear since she didn't want to dirty her new dark red dress while she practised with the wooden shortswords that Lone had given to her. She was trying her best to try to learn a related skill, if she even could, but unfortunately, Sophie didn't possess Lone's unfair title, so she had to work hard if she wanted to see any results genuinely.

"HA! HA! HA!" she shouted while she swung the blades as hard as she could with her little arms.

Sophie was getting quite tired. She no longer had her immortality power which should have been obvious to Lone, but for some reason, he had failed to point out the fact that she had grown an inch and was now looking like an eleven-year-old young girl. 

Sophie was worried about this because neither she nor Lone knew how to get her powers back. What if she grew old and died when Lone stayed handsome and young? What if he left her for another, younger more beautiful woman? Sophie was experiencing such thoughts almost always. She didn't doubt Lone. No, she doubted herself, her worth.

Sophie did the only thing she thought she could to keep his interest even if she knew he didn't love her for her appearance; she trained like he had asked her to. She swung and swung and swung. She swung until her hands started to bleed and her arms began to swell. She had to stop. Sophie knew she did, it was the last thing the hard-working girl wanted, but she had no choice. It would be stupid to hurt herself seriously. That would only have the exact opposite effect of the desired result.

As she was taking her break, a large white screen suddenly appeared and similarly, a large white door also made itself known. Sophie was very confused; the room had never changed ever since she had come here, so why now?

A blue screen suddenly appeared in the middle of the chamber, so Sophie inspected it to see if it had the answers.

Due to the Master of the summoning room unlocking its contract affinity, the summoning room has evolved:
Effect 1: All summoned beings can now locate their master regardless of where they are
Effect 2: The summoning room may now be exited from the inside so long as the summon gains its Master's permission prior to its exit
Effect 3: All summoned beings may now contact their Master via telepathy
Effect 4: The summoning room may be used to view the current actions of the contracted Master

"What? T-This is amazing!" Sophie exclaimed at the newest updates to the summoning room. She figured that the door was for leaving and the screen was for viewing Lone. Sophie knew he was busy outside, but she was very curious as to how he had unlocked his affinity, so she decided to view the screen.

As she approached it, an image of Lone appeared inside of a cave. It was very dark apparently, but the screen displayed the whole thing in night vision or used some form of magic since Sophie could see Lone and his surroundings clearly.

Lone was mumbling to himself while he was cleaning up the bodies of several hundred green monsters that looked like large goblins. Sophie had then noticed that his tails now contained tips that shared the same colour as the centre of his eyes did.

"Those tails... did he have another awakening? I wonder how fluffy they are now..." Sophie thought while she brushed aside the fact that Lone was in a sea of corpses. She then sat on the floor after drying her sweat off and getting dressed again. She started to watch Lone as he moved about on the screen intently.

He had soon left the cave he was in only to be immediately attacked by a group of five strange people. He then started to fight them.

"C-Come on Lone! You can do it!" Sophie cheered to herself in the summoning room. It would seem that she was quite into the show being displayed to her. Lone had promptly dispatched of the pursuers. However, he only killed four which confused Sophie. Was this really Lone? That was her only thought because she knew he would have killed all five of them normally. She soon made sense of the situation when Lone started to interrogate the fifth assailant.

It would seem that the five were hired to attack Lone by a woman known as Countess Layla. A horrible woman or so Sophie assumed. She then watched as her Master killed the last of the five before storing her body and then he ran off towards the city. It didn't take him Long to reach it since it seemed his speed was rather notably quick while he crossed the forest.

He appeared to be in a foul mood because he didn't even bother to go in by the regular routes, he instead chose to turn invisible and, what seemed to look like, ran through the air and over the city wall. These actions shocked Sophie.

'Just when had he learnt how to do that? Does he have magic now? Another awakening?' Sophie was happy that Lone had gained more trump cards but also upset that he was leaving her even further behind, making her even more useless than she already believed herself to be.

Lone soon undid his invisibility and quickly made his way towards a large mansion in the noble district. Sophie Immediately knew what he was going to do. He was clearly going to claim his revenge and Sophie knew she wouldn't be able to persuade him otherwise so she chose to stay in the summoning room, away from harm's way.

Lone had reached the gates and stood in front of them in silence. He looked like he was in thought before he nodded his head and looked at the gates before he just destroyed them. Lone had punched them with his fully bone-clad left arm leaving them in a deformed state as a huge hole the size of a large man had appeared on them. Lone then confidently swaggered his way inside of the new door he had created before covering himself entirely in his new set of heavy bone armour which Sophie had seen during his fight with the would-be kidnappers.

After he had done so, several heavily armoured guards had appeared and surrounded him.

"He'll be fine, right?" Sophie asked herself as a fair amount of unnecessary worry flowed freely from her voice. After a few round of shouting from the guards and from Lone, the two attacked each other. The results were obvious after only two very short minutes. Sophie was instantly stunned by them.

A note from Lone

Explanation to the Countess's reasoning should be next chapter or the chapter afterwards. I think I'll be brief about it since it wasn't a huge conspiracy or something.

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