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The five assailants quickly reached Lone and started attacking him with various, small blunt weapons, maybe in an attempt to harm him internally instead of externally. Lone was able to easily dodge them all by swiftly taking advantage of his agility to jump left, right, and quickly shuffle around in a manner that forced his body to avoid all of the attacks. Lone assumed that his attackers were somewhere between level forty and fifty, just the range he expected of people foolish enough to attack him despite his backing. The group continued to attack Lone for several minutes until one of them, a man, slipped, Lone then, upon seeing an opening, filleted this attacker with his sword spear like a fish.

"There goes one. Only four left," Lone said with a light chuckle. "How should I kill the rest of you? I need to make this fun," he continued before he licked the blood on his weapon's blade in a motion that would make it appear like the natural thing to do. The remained four were clearly scared. They weren't sure what to do. The reports never mentioned the target's battle strength, hence why their mistress ordered them to capture him regardless of the fact that he was a nine-tails foxkin.

"FUCK! HE KILLED LESTOR!" the smallest member of the attackers screamed. The voice was clearly feminine and filled with hate and fear. Lone assumed she was this 'Lestor's lover or something similar.

"Two! Magic!" the leader of the group loudly ordered the panicking woman with coldness clearly audible in her voice. It wold seems that the leader was also a woman. The smaller woman's body shook before she gripped the staff in her hand tighter and closed her eyes. Lone could then hear some light chanting coming from her. He only stood still while deflecting all of the blows from the other three members of the group. Lone was quite curious as to exactly what magic would be used on him. Maybe he could glean some insight from it while he witnessed it? He certainly hoped so.

"Es tein fu ra le sien mal... UPROOT!" the female mage shouted before a fair amount of roots and trees started to sprout from the ground and immediately covered Lone in his entirety. The darkly clothed attackers all sighed a breath of relief at having successfully captured their target. Just as they were about to start moving him, the tree prison suddenly began to tremble. It then shattered, and a fully armoured Lone emerged from the wreckage of its destruction.

His armour looked very frightening. It was entirely black on his left side with its usual spikes and skulls except it had a few wavy blue streaks in it, but his right side, his right side was the complete opposite. It was completely blue in the same wavy manner as the streaks on the black side, and it too housed streaks of the different part of the armour. It had a few void black stripes lining its borders.

"Aha! Nature resistance get!" Lone happy said with a toothy grin that was hidden behind his mask of bones. "As thanks, I'll kill you painlessly," Lone generously claimed. As soon as he had, the mage suddenly slumped to the ground as blood started pouring out of her eyeballs and ears. Everyone was shocked. How? How had he killed their mage in a mere moment? 

"So mental destruction really is useful. Fuck you, George," Lone mumbled to himself. He was quite happy at how effective it was; it seemed like the ideal mage killing skill. Lone merely disliked the fact that George was immune to it, for now. Lone hadn't really had a chance to properly test this skill he obtained from his 'The Lone Wanderer' title since he had always had a feeling that it was very powerful which would disrupt his plans of slowly getting stronger if he constantly used it.

"Well, I only really need the leader," Lone said after he had concluded his thoughts. At the mention of herself, the leader started to sweat buckets and immediately fled because she held no confidence in beating Lone after seeing how easily he had killed the mage. "Oho, how fun. A chase, with a fox?" Lone happily teased. He then jumped to the still stunned other two assailants and stabbed both of them with a few tails each, killing them both. Lone then ran after the leader.

It didn't take him long to catch her, but he was surprised at how far she had actually managed to move while Lone was killing her companions. Upon reaching her, Lone thought it would be funny to imitate George and immediately kicked the woman to the ground before repeating his kick, only this time he launched her into the air at full power. 

"Fuck. This is so fun. No wonder you did this to me you fucking asshole," Lone commented as he watched the girl soar through the air. High, high up into the air. "Oh shit. She's going to die, isn't she? Fuck. Let's try to save her then; I kinda need her," Lone decided as he realised his mistake. "Please work," he pleaded to no one in particular before he started to jump into the air with one thought in his mind.

Due to the host's attempt to traverse the sky, the host's desires and race, Gained Skill:
Skill: Sky Walk
Effect 1: the host can walk through the sky at varying speeds by sacrificing SP to varying degrees based on mastery
Mastery: Beginner Level 1
Decrease of Difficulty 2%

"Fuck yeah! This is exactly what I wanted. My current SP should be enough to save her, right?" Lone then jumped into the sky and started to run through it. He felt incredible. Lone felt so free and unrestricted as he sailed through the sky towards the woman.

It was an exhilarating experience, or so Lone felt. He soon caught up with the quickly moving blob of black and grabbed her before returning to the ground. After he had done so, He noticed he had almost run out of stamina entirely despite only traversing through the sky for about thirty seconds or so. Lone decided to heal the woman before he began interrogated her.

"This isn't fun," Lone said as he healed her. "Can I only release my stress by squeezing Soph or killing things? I-I'm not messed up in the head am I?" Lone asked himself the most important question he had ever asked in his entire twenty-five-year-long life.

The leader soon woke up after Lone had finished healing her. The first thing she noticed was that she wasn't in the air, nor was she dead, which she thought was a decent start. The leader immediately then saw the reason for these things. Lone was sitting on a chair right next to her with his bone armour clearly disabled.

"Awake now? Well, I have one question, who do you work for?" Lone asked while he eyed the woman with contempt in his gaze. The woman once again began sweating profusely.

Roughly two hours later, in Gilbert's office, Gilbert sat at his desk with a look of depression on his face.

"Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork," the Guildmaster sighed to himself. He wanted something a little bit more exciting to happen, like that Malcolm man he met two years ago to appear or for something similar to Lone's situation to happen again.

"Hello, Gilbert," a familiar voice said. Lone had suddenly appeared on the chair sitting opposite of him. This greatly alarmed Gilbert.

"How..?" Gilbert asked because he had failed to sense Lone's approach what-so-ever. Lone then raised a round sack above his desk before tipped it. A female head rolled out of it and onto his desk.

"The Countess and I just came here to offer our greetings. Didn't we?" Lone asked the severed head. The Guildmaster just stupidly looked at the head on his desk for a minute or so while he tried to understand what the hell was going on.

"Not exactly the kind of excitement I was expecting. Mind explaining what happened, Lone?" Gilbert asked after finally coming to terms with the fact that Lone had brought him more trouble.

A note from Lone

Don't worry, I'll go into more detail about Lone's encounter with the Countess and I'll get him to turn in his quest reward for clearing the mine of its orc infestation. I didn't really explain these things in the original version, so I'm sorry if that takes some time, gotta write a bunch of new content for that, maybe. I might be brief.

Point out any grammar mistakes I missed, please. And any duplicate paragraphs, Grammarly copies them whenever I split paragraphs and I can't stop it, so point it out if I miss any of those.

A big thank you to all of my patrons.

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