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Book 1 Chapter 62: Illusion and Affinity


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Due to the host's race, Gained Beginner Illusion Magic Skill:
Skill: Body Illusion
Effect 1: Grants the ability to change the appearance of the host's body to varying degrees based on mastery
Restriction Cannot be used on the host's racial features
Mastery: Beginner Level 1

"Well, that's a pretty bad start. So I can change my height and body except for my ears and tails? Then what's the point?" Lone grumbled in dissatisfaction. He could only hope that the rest of his new magic skills wouldn't be quite as disappointing. He figured this skill would serve absolutely no purpose as he knew that he was the only person on the planet probably who had his particular tails and ears. "Ha-ah... let's just move on," he sadly said to himself.

Due to the host's race, Gained Intermediate Illusion Magic Skill:
Skill: Illusory Item Creation
Effect 1:  Grants the host the ability to create non-corporal items
 Mastery: Beginner Level 1

"I think this gets outshined quite a bit by my mana creation... hmm... maybe I could use it for intimidation purposes? Like, make a dragon or something," Lone mused to himself. This skill pleased him a lot more than the previous one as he could clearly see some use for it. He looked at the following skill after thinking over his most recent one for a few more moments.

Due to the host's race, Gained Advanced Illusion Magic Skill:
Skill: Muddled Perception
Effect 1: Allows the host to change what another being sees so long as they are weaker than the host and are weak willed
Mastery: Beginner Level 1

"Ohh! A fun one!" Lone exclaimed in joy. He had finally gotten a skill that he could gain some entertainment with by using it, the only flaw that he could see was that the targetted being had to be weaker than him which mostly meant almost everyone for now, or so Lone assumed.

Due to the host's race, Gained Expert Illusion Magic Skill:
Skill: Invisibility
Effect 1: Allows the host to hide their presence completely. 
Mastery: Not available due to the nature of the skill

"Completely? I bet that one costs a load of mana. I'll have to check if Sophie's mana sensing can detect me when I have it active," Lone concluded. He was very pleased with this one even if he could only use it sparingly. It sounded exceedingly useful for a multitude of purposes.

Due to the host's race, Gained Master Illusion Magic Skill:
Skill: Illusion Detection
Effect 1: the host can detect all types and levels of illusions
Mastery: Not available due to the nature of the skill

"Well, this is unexpectedly good. So I can instantly know if say, for example, a dragon is pretending to be a human? How interesting," Lone said while he thought about the practicality of his master level magic skill. The Fox clan elder would be astonished by this skill if she knew Lone had received it. As far as she knew, only golden foxkin that had lived for centuries upon centuries could even possibly learn this skill which would be nigh impossible due to dying from age after their second awakening.

"Why did I only get five skills? I would have assumed there would be more. Is it because these are the only ones linked to my race?" Lone pondered aloud. He was quite satisfied with these skills, but he had assumed he had more waiting to be unlocked. While Lone was thinking, a new blue screen appeared in front of his eyes. He immediately checked it to see just what it was.

User's Magic Affinity Sheet
Magic Affinity Amount of Affinity
Illusion 100%
Darkness 100%
Black 100%
Wind 100%
Gravity 100%
Mind 100%
Contract 100%
Life 43%
Air 20%
Water 16%
Fire 7%
Space 4%
Time 1%
Pure Mana 0.0004%

"I can understand the air, water and fire from all of the times I've fallen. Contract and life are obvious. I can also understand the space affinity from my dimension, time maybe from freezing George? But how on earth did I get pure mana affinity? What even is it?" Lone said in utter confusion at his abysmally low affinity for the magic. He had no idea how he had come into contact with it, nor what kind of skills it would grant him were he to learn anything related to it. "Oh well, no point mulling over what I don't know. Time to leave this cave I think," Lone declared before he started to use his poor vision to navigate his way out of the cave system.

It took him approximately twenty minutes to leave because he performed a quick scan of the nearby tunnels to make sure that all of the orcs were dead, and they were. Each one had their head displaced from their shoulders. Lone stored them all before he finally exited the mine.

"Well, this is interesting. Want to come out to play, or shall I come to you?" Lone loudly asked towards the direction of the trees just past the clearing opposite him. After he had done so, five figures appeared about thirty meters ahead of him, all fully clad in black clothing. It would seem that his pursuers had finally decided to make a move upon Lone pointing out their existence.

"Make sure not to harm him," the apparent leader reminded in a distinctly female voice. The other four nodded as a form of replying before they all rushed to attack Lone. Lone responded by taking out his sword spear from his dimension before smiling.

"Be sure to entertain me, okay? I've had a stressful morning," Lone joked as he moved to greet them since they apparently had no intentions of stopping to chat.

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