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Book 1 Chapter 61: Bodies and Magic


A note from Lone

Got chapter two for paradox up, I really think that story will end up being far better than book 1 of TLW, not saying I prefer it, in fact during the time I've been rewriting, I've come up with the base story for 3 more books of this story which are far more enjoyable that this first book, so look forward to that, but yeah, go read Paradox, please, it needs some love. <3

I hope you enjoy.

Lone regained consciousness almost immediately after whatever was previously controlling it had stopped possessing his body. He was only able to get up so soon because his body was still in a decent state of health, unlike the time after his experience with George. Lone groggily got up and immediately noticed an extremely foul stench.

"What the... ?" he asked before he took a moment to readjust his eyes to the darkness. Lone soon spotted the corpses of the hundreds of orcs that were previously attacking him. They were all headless which Lone thought was very strange. Who had done this? He knew he had lost control upon seeing the bodies of the women, but he knew his rage form wasn't this powerful. While he was pondering over the cause, a few blue screens appeared in his vision, brightening up his immediate surroundings. Lone started to read them in hopes that they would shed some light on the situation.

Due to the host experiencing a fifth bloodline awakening, Race Evolved:
Evolved Race: Golden Sky Fox of the Void
Effect 1: Grants immunity to all forms of darkness or black magic
Effect 2: Grants the control and rage stats
Effect 3: Grants maximum affinity for darkness and black magic
Effect 4: Grants maximum affinity for wind, gravity and mind magic
Effect 5: Passively activates the mana brain
Effect 6: Enables the host to learn void related skills
Effect 7: Enables the host to learn sky related skills
Restriction 1: Makes it impossible to hide the host's racial traits with a skill, magic or by other means
Stat, Control: Grants extreme control over the host's own emotions and makes it easier to keep a clear mind
Stat, Rage: Grants extreme power when the host is in a rage induced state but makes it so that entering such a state is easier based on how angered the host is

"Well, that explains why my head hurts so much... mana brain, huh?" Lone commented as he lightly held his head with his bone-clad hand. He noticed that the previously pure black bone now had a few wavy streaks of a dark blue colour. Lone then took a moment to inspect his body and just like he predicted earlier, his tails now had a dark blue tip at the top of their black ends. He took a brief moment to stroke the roughly ten centimeter long tips only to realise that they were ridiculously soft, so much so that he had almost inadvertently lost himself in the pleasure of stroking them.

"Fuck. Sophie is gonna love this so much isn't she? It was definitely these tails that made her fall in love with me, wasn't it?" Lone rhetorically joked as he moved to check the remaining blue screens.

Due to experienced an extreme moment of sadness, Gained Skill:
Skill: Blind Control
Effect 1: The skill will automatically activate when the host is experiencing extreme feelings of sadness
Effect 2: When activated all stats will be multiplied by twenty
Mastery: Not available due to the nature of the skill

"Blind control, huh? Is that what happened? I feel like I would have needed more than twenty times my stats to kill all of these fuckers," Lone commented while he looked at all of the green bodies littering the ground. He started to store them because the smell emitted by the corpses was really getting to him. "I wonder why I can't remember what happened. I can always remember when I'm in a rage induced state... hmm... oh, It seems like I stored the bodies of the women... how strange, why are they all fully healed?" Lone asked himself since he knew that his mana didn't match what level it should be at assuming he used mana creation to repair them. He had noticed the addition of forty-three items to the SPECIAL folder while he was cleaning up the orcs hence why he was currently thinking about them.

After Lone had finished storing the orc bodies, he took a moment to check his status card to check his level and magic power stat before he continued to inspect the rest of the notifications because he was rather curious at just how many levels all of this had given him.

User Information
Adventurer Rank: Rank: F
Name: Lone Immortus 
Age:  25
Sex: Male 
Race: Golden Sky Fox of The Void 
Level:  78
HP:  1700/1700
SP:  7319/7420
MP: 20080/20080
User Stats
Stat, Strength: 232
 Stat, Vigour: 170
Stat, Dexterity: 352
Stat, Agility: 450
Stat, Vitality: 742
Stat, Luck: 123
Unlocked Stat, Charm: 73
Unlocked Stat, Charisma: 86
Unlocked Stat, Magic Power: 2008
Unlocked Stat, Control: 100
Unlocked Stat, Rage: 20

"Wow, thirty-four levels. Twenty to seventy more points in every stat too, except luck and the unlocked stats huh... but seventy to control and double magic power? I guess unlocking my mana brain was pretty important," Lone mumbled to himself as he marvelled at his new mana reserves. Lone could now distinctly feel something in the air, something that he couldn't feel before. "Is this mana? It feels so... odd?" Lone remarked before he began looking at the rest of the notifications.

Due to the host winning a battle of insurmountable odds, Gained Skill:
Skill: Undying Will
Effect 1: The lower the possibility the host has of winning a battle, the more powerful the host shall become
Mastery: Not available due to the nature of the skill

"Well, that compliments my Lord of Possibility title perfectly, now doesn't it? Hopefully, this will stop situations like this one from happening ever again. I'd rather not feel so helpless personally. Taking my time getting strong is fine, but that was just stupid," Lone said aloud while he thought about how he was fighting so many orcs at once. He really regretted his actions, but luckily it all turned out for the better this time.

"Only one more blue screen huh? What do you have for me this time?" Lone asked the notification in a fashion that could only be described as immature. He was evidently rather excited as he assumed it would be magic related.

Due to the activation of both the host's mana heart and mana brain, access to the system's magic has been granted
Does the host wish to see the magic skill sheet?
Yes No

"YES!" Lone happily shouted. He was happy that he didn't need to use his tenth and last power choice on getting access to the magic of this world. As soon as he had responded, several more blue screens flashed before his eyes.

A note from Lone

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