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Lone soon found the mine that he was tasked with clearing. He had done so by following the trail of lingering orcs. He had no idea what they were doing out here away from the cave, perhaps they were scouts, maybe those orcs were outcasts, or they could even just be incredibly stupid and decided to talk a pleasant stroll. Lone was leaning towards the third option. All of his battles with them had been phenomenally easy, so he had decided to permanently stop using the alterion glaive unless he really needed to. 

"I wonder why everything I kill only drops money?" Lone mumbled while he twirled a silver coin around his fingers. He somewhat regretting choosing a loot option for one of his powers since he had only ever gotten coins as a reward for killing. The goblins, pirates, orcs and everything else had only dropped coins. "Maybe they're just too weak? I hope so, otherwise, that was a waste of a power choice," Lone continued to himself. Lone soon dropped the thought and continued moving.

He was now using a grey steel sword spear that he had previously created. It had a standard metal pole that was just thin enough for lone to wrap his hand around and running up the entire bottom half of the pole was a wide blade, it looked just like it had been torn off from a bastard sword before being welded onto the pole. Unfortunately, Lone was much more experienced in smithing armour and not weapons. However, it was a colossally better weapon than anything else he could create, and it worked just fine. It only looked a little bit odd.

'This place is so dark. Can the orcs see in this? I need to start straining my eyes to get a related skill. Fighting on my hearing alone would be a disaster in the making,' Lone concluded in thought. He couldn't speak aloud like he usually enjoyed to do now that he was inside the mine just in case it so happened that he got trapped in a well-prepared ambush which he doubted these orcs were capable of, but it was best to be cautious.

He walked around idly in a circle near the entrance of the cave while he waited for his desired skill to appear. Lone had no intentions of fighting with no sight. It didn't take too long for the skill he wanted to show itself thanks to his 'The Lone Wanderer' title.

Due to diligently straining the host's eyes in an attempt to see better while experiencing pure darkness, Gained Skill:
Skill: Clear vision
Effect 1: the host's eyes now produce a slightly clearer image of what they see
Effect 2: the host can now see further distances more clearly
Effect 3: Grants better vision in the darkness
Mastery: Beginner Level 1
Increased Sight: 2%

'That's a few more effects than I was expecting. Can I see further now? Too bad I can hardly see anything to tell,' Lone commented internally as he started to edge his way further into the mine slowly. He was taking it particularly gently because he wanted to level up his new skill to a decent amount before he started confronting the orcs. He wanted to see a noticeable change in his vision at the very least.

Lone had been attacked by a few stray orcs as he was accustoming himself to the dark and got hit a few times by their rusty weapons. Thankfully all wounds were healed, and Lone didn't have to worry about getting any viruses because his passive regeneration skill would destroy any illnesses were one to afflict him. He had finally gotten the clear vision skill up to beginner level 5 resulting in a 10% bonus so he could now vaguely see the walls. He deemed that this was enough to provide a sufficient challenge. Lone just hoped that there was a big group of orcs in the centre of this mining facility.

Lone quickly picked up his pace while he firmly grasped his sword spear in his right hand and clenched his left one. As he swiftly made his way into the depths of the cavern, he had been met by a few groups of three to five orcs which required a little bit more of Lone's attention to deal with, but he had gained some hope of what lied at the end of the literal tunnel. He expected for a group of maybe a few hundred at least.

His dreams had come true. Lone was now standing at the entrance of a large chamber that was brimming with orcs of varying shapes and sizes. Most of them were armed and had spotted Lone idling by the entrance. They, in their collective stupidity, all charged at him. A few of their smaller ones were knocked over and killed as their brethren crushed them, but none stop to care for those lost ones. Lone himself also charged. What else could he do? This was his ideal situation. It was time to earn some experience.

He was in the thick of a sea of orcs. At the sounds of the commotion of his battle, his war, the surrounding orcs had started to trickle into the chamber to join the fray.

Constant slashing, hacking and blood spurting could be heard coming from the chamber. Lone was surrounded by orcs and corpses. Lone was constantly killing the orcs while his clothing and skin were being torn to shreds during his long struggle of a fight. He was enduring all the damage being dealt upon his flesh. He, in a flash of desperation, activated his bone armour to its full potential, covering his body in the spike filled and skull adorned set of pure black heavy bone armour that he had used in his fight against George. Lone had done so as he was being pushed into a corner of the room. He was losing. Apparently Lone had made a terrible mistake.

As Lone was desperately clawing at his mind for a way out, he noticed something in the corner of his peripheral vision. A pile of something. Something fleshy. For some reason, it had caught his attention. He fought his way towards this pile. As soon as he reached the collection of flesh, his eyes instantly turned a deep shade of blue as his armour morphed into a wavy set of blue heavy scale mail while the spikes receded from it and the skulls adorning it suddenly disappeared.

[Who would dare perform such a thing. Was it you, creatures? No matter, you shall all die anyway, as is the will of my Lord] a sudden voice from Lone's body said. It apparently came from Lone, but it was certainly not his voice. It then raised Lone's right hand before slowly moving the sword spear in a wavy horizontal slash. The orcs couldn't even register anything that had just happened as their heads toppled onto the floor. All of them, dead. Hundreds, if not thousands of orcs, dead, just like that.

The being in control of Lone then walked closer to the heap of flesh that had caught Lone's attention earlier. It was a pile of forty or so women of varying races and ages. All stripped bare of clothing and dead. It was evident what had happened to them. Apparently Lone had experienced another extreme burst of emotions, but oddly enough, he didn't enter his usual rage form.

[Fear not my Lord. I shall handle this with the utmost care in your absence] the being said as it knelt with Lone's body on one knee. Then suddenly, forty-three wooden coffins appeared all of which were different in size. The bodies of the women then started to gently float into one of the coffins each while their bodies began to heal and reverse the composed state they were previously in. All of the coffins then disappeared once each was filled with a body.

[It is done, my Lord] the voice controlling Lone said. Lone's body then slumped to the floor. It would seem that the control had been returned to its initial inhabitant.

A note from Lone

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