A note from Lone

I find it funny how a lot of criticism for this story is "You tried to make the main character too edgy and cool." Like, what? I never tried that at all lol I tried to make Lone a selfish asshole who only does what he wants and slowly changes to be more likeable. People and their assumptions, it'll be the death of us humans, our biggest enemy, assumptions.

I hope you enjoy.

"Hey, Soph," Lone suddenly said while the pair were making their way towards the city's southern gate. He unmistakably had a question, or so Sophie assumed. He always had a question when he started off with 'Hey, Soph,'. When she wanted to, Sophie could also be perceptive, usually about useless things, but that was beside the point.

"... yes?" she asked after taking a moment to marvel over her newfound perceptiveness.

"I was wondering if you wanted to try getting a Status Card as well. I never really thought about it since you're my summon, by you have blood and you're also human too, or at least you used to be. So, do you want to give it a go when we get back? I can mention it to Gilbert,"  Lone reasoned. It was a reasonably good observation. It was just a shame that Lone had only noticed now and not when he got his own status card. Sophie thought about it for a moment before turning to answer Lone.

"No, I think I'll b-" she was then interrupted by Lone mid-sentence. "Without one, you'll always have to hide in the summoning room when I leave or exit the city," he quickly said in an attempt to let her know exactly what not getting one would entail. "... e fine with one, so please get me one, Lone," Sophie finished with a much sweeter tone that she had started with. She obviously still didn't like the summoning room very much.

"Don't worry. We'll see as soon as we're back if we can get you one," Lone said before he started rubbing her head lightly with his hand that was previously holding her hand. He soon stopped and started holding her hand again. The two then continued on their way towards the southern gate. Just before they reached it, Lone unsummoned Sophie, but before he did, he gave her a pair of wooden shortswords and asked her to practice using them just in case she ever had to fight. He figured it would be better to be safe rather than to be sorry. Shortly after that, he left the city after showing his status card to the gate guards. Lone noticed that several people had started to follow him out of the city, but he cared very little about these people right now.

"Well, here goes nothing I suppose," Lone mumbled before he took his glaive out from his dimension. He then started running through the nearby forest as he made his way towards the area the mine was said to be in. He was forced to stop midway by what looked to be a Dire Wolf of sorts. It was very large, and it seemed to be exceedingly hostile towards Lone. Perhaps because of his Fox origins? Lone could only assume so because he too was feeling urges to kill the creature.

"Well this should be interesting... the Tusk Hogs weren't really battle oriented, so you'll be my first opponent who uses mostly instinct to fight, huh?" Lone said in a low voice as he prepared to counter attack the wolf whenever it chose to attack him.

They circled each other for a while before the wolf's hind legs suddenly pressed into the ground and the beast launched into Lone's direction from his left side like a coiled spring that had just been released. Lone instantly reacted by stretching his bone covered arm out in its direction. It's neck perfectly landed in Lone's hand, and the beast started to tremble as it attempted to bite and claw the hand that held it in place off. It was obviously unsuccessful as Lone's armour was several times stronger than the Dire Wolf's weapons of choice, its claws. Lone just used one of his many black-tipped tails to stab the beast in the chest since the angle would have been a bit awkward for him to use his glaive.

"Well, that was disappointing. Maybe I need to fight something faster? I'm just too quick right now to really test myself, either that or get swarmed. Right, let's do that with the orcs. I'll attack them all at once," Lone decided in a manner that clearly said he held no regard for his life. He just assumed that all of the enemies would freeze if he couldn't win, but unfortunately, that was just a theory that was yet to be proven.

Lone continued on his mini-adventure after he had stored the wolf's body in his dimension. He had run for about thirty or so more minutes after that battle and had eventually reached a clearing. Off in the distance, he could make out a mountain.

"Is that where the cave is? Well, I guess so since the map says it is. Well, here goes nothing," he said before he ran as quickly as his feet would take him, which only helped to further his agility stat. Another five minutes and he had reached the base of the mountain. He looked around for a bit, but couldn't find the entrance anywhere in his immediate surroundings. Just as he was about to move to a different part of the mountain, he saw a movement of green about twenty meters away from him to his right.

An orc. It looked like a bulkier version of a goblin and generally just larger than goblins all round, at least that's how Lone would describe it. Lone only hoped that they held more intelligence than those creatures as he wanted to challenge himself here. The orc soon noticed Lone as well and readied it's very poor quality sword and started charging towards him.

"Very simple-minded aren't we?" Lone had commented before he decided this wouldn't be much of a fight. He then threw his glaive in a spinning motion towards the orc. This move stunned it as it had no idea what to do. When had an opponent ever thrown its weapon at him? He just continued charging only to find himself with a mouthful of dirt. He looked around for a moment before he noticed a pair of legs and a waist that looked oddly familiar. They were his. He had apparently been cut clean in two and was now lying on the ground as nothing more than a torso with arms and a head. Lone then, after confirming the orc's defeat, walked over to it and picked up his glaive.

"Yup. I definitely need to get all of them to attack at once," he firmly said while the life escaped the orc's still shocked eyes, presumably from blood loss. That was a pitiable excuse for a fight or so Lone thought. He seriously considered using a regular quality weapon or no weapon at all to get his much-needed battle experience.

A note from Lone

Point out any grammar mistakes I missed, please. And any duplicate paragraphs, Grammarly copies them whenever I split paragraphs and I can't stop it, so point it out if I miss any of those.

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