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Book 1 Chapter 58: Edward and Quest


A note from Lone

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The two woke up at roughly 7 AM the following morning. Lone appeared to be very refreshed. He felt like yesterday had lasted for a year at the very least. That was just how stressed out he was from everything that had happened from freezing George to getting his status to the Fox clan Elder. Lone soon got up and went to take a bath and Sophie started to adjust herself to the morning. 

Lone went over what he wanted to do today in his head while he cleaned himself. He found bathing to be very relaxing and it was helping him to think more clearly and the start the day in a good mood. After coming up with a plan, Lone finished his bath before sending Sophie in to have hers. Lone then recreated his dark grey steel armour sleeve with its custom holes as the original one was completely destroying during his 'fight' with George. He then started to make some coins with the leftover mana from the armours creation.

After Sophie had finished her bath and braided her hair, the two got properly dressed before heading to the tailor shop since it was the first thing on Lone's agenda today. When they arrived, James wasn't there. He was presumably at his job in the town hall, but Victoria received them and gave Lone one of his and one of Sophie's outfits before he was taught a little bit more about leatherworking. The two then left at about 10 AM before they started heading for The Adventurer's Guild. Lone used a little bit of his recently recovered mana to cover half of his body in his bone armour, but oddly enough, it was entirely black.

'Huh? So it wasn't just my ears and tails that changed colours? Interesting... it feels stronger... more durable,' Lone commented in thought at his most recently discovered change. They received a few whispered remarks and observations as they entered presumably due to Lone's odd appearance.

"Hey, Jeff, who's that? He looks pretty tough," a young looking man asked the adventurer standing next to him. They both looked new and inexperienced, but they had an aura of excitement about them.

"Don't even think about it, you blockhead. He had sent the Goddess of Light packing before he got that new hero to kill himself. You think you can beat him?" Jeff responded. It would seem he was present the other day while the other young man wasn't.

"Well, that sounds interesting,"  the young looking man who had just said so, a tall a slim man of roughly 17 years, then approached Lone, despite his friend's warnings. He then stopping just in front of Lone before he lightly rested the tip of his sword on the floor with both of his hands holding the butt of the hilt.

"I, Edward, challenge you to a duel," he claimed towards Lone. Lone just looked at him for a moment before he moved past the man and started walking towards the bulletin board while holding Sophie's hand. Edward's face turned beet red as his friend, Jeff, approached him.

"Good for you. You only got publically ignored. It beats getting publically humiliated in a duel, eh?" Jeff teased as he smacked Edward's shoulder in good humour. Edward's face deepened into an even darker shade of crimson. He was a new adventurer, only I-ranked, but he, at the prime age of 17, had a dream. He wanted to become one of the best adventurers ever know. He wasn't asking for SSS rank status. B rank status would suit him just fine. 

And then suddenly a man of apparently great renown who possessed the ability to scare off a Goddess showed up. What was he to do? If he couldn't muster up the courage to ask the man to a duel, then he would forever be a coward, just like the adults in the village had called him. No, he had to challenge him. He had to duel him. He turned and ran towards the direction of Lone before he shouted.

"PLEASE! PLEASE DUEL ME!" he pleaded. He needed this. Even if he got miserably defeated, he wanted to experience this. A real fight without a risk of death before he went on a quest and risked his life.

Lone turned his head around and looked at the young man and was just about to refuse before he noticed the look of determination in the boy's eyes. Lone was annoyed at his look. Lone just wanted to do a simple quest today to familiarise himself with some of the other lower levelled monsters in preparation for his eventual leave for the academy. He walked up to the boy slowly. He stood in front of him for a moment before slapping him incredibly hard with the back side of his bone-clad hand. Edwards face issued a few cracking and snapping sounds before he weakly collapsed to the floor. If it wasn't for his beginner heavy armour and the fact that Lone had held back, then he might have been sent flying through the entire room.

"I win," Lone declared before he returned to Sophie, however, just before he reached her, he heard a weak voice calling out to him.

"... thank... you..." Edward said before he lost consciousness. Lone was feeling horrible. Not because he had just destroyed this young adventurer, no, he felt dreadful because something so bizarre had already happened, but the day was still very young. Lone could only pray that nothing else eventful happened. He then returned to Sophie and the bulletin board while he tried to forget exactly what had just transpired.

As Lone was looking at the board, he saw a notice that wasn't there yesterday. It looked somewhat interesting, and it sounded just perfect to test his current limits. It was an F-rank request that was asking the adventurer who accepted it to clear out a cave which was the base of a mining operation that was being occupied by orcs. Apparently, the owner of said mine felt that it was about time to clear them out before they lost any more money over this matter. Lone took the notice before heading over to a counter to officially accept it.

"Hello, how can I help you?" an attractive woman with glasses asked him. She seemed a little bit afraid of Lone, maybe because of the aura that he couldn't help from spilling out or perhaps due to his appearance. It could be his armour or his demihuman status, but Lone didn't really care. He handed her the request and his Status Card. She then took them before taking a few notes down. The receptionist then turned her head back to look at Lone before she spoke to him. 

"Sir, are you sure you want to take this request? To receive payment, you must visit the requests poster, and from my understanding, she isn't the fondest of non-humans," she said with a bit of concern in her voice. Whether her concern was for Lone or the mine's owner was up for debate. Lone raised his only visible eyebrow to this remark. Why did she care? That was all Lone could think of.

"I don't really care about the reward. I'm doing it more for the experience," Lone responded to her concerns in a dismissive manner. All he actually wanted was a little bit more battle experience.

"Ah of course. Trying to raise your level, I can understand that. Forgive me, Sir," she said after she finished processing things on her end before handing Lone back his Status Card.

'Ah... well, that too I guess.' Lone thought in embarrassment. He had completely forgotten about his level since his stats raised naturally by quite a bit anyway. After taking his Status Card back, he and Sophie then left the guild before moving to exit the city for the first time since their arrival. 

A note from Lone

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