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"So first of all, what are these awakenings that you keep talking about? I have a rough idea, but some more detail would be nice," Lone asked the question that he thought was the most important one first. He had found each awakening to all be very beneficial, well, only the third one, but he assumed that any follow important ones would be just as helpful to him.

"The awakening are a beastman thing. All beastmen demihuman clans have them, but they vary from bloodline to bloodline. For us Foxkin, they awaken when the Foxkin in question experiences extreme moments of stress or emotion," Lossa patiently explained. She then had a thought occur to her. "How did you know about your third if you don't know what they are?" she continued. She was quite curious to how he had managed to learn about it.

"Oh, when I awakened my third time, I got a notification telling me I did along with a new race page," Lone explained to which Lossa expression changed slightly but she remained silent. Seeing this, Lone prepared to ask his next question. "So, are there any other beastman clans or other clans for that matter, that would have noticed me like you did?" Lone asked one of his more pressing issues. He would find it to be quite annoying if several people just as powerful as Lossa has become aware of his presence. Lone knew that it was only a matter of time, but he would like to delay that moment for as long as possible.

"No, I used a magic that's unique to the Foxkin's inherent illusion magic, so you don't have to worry about that. And only a Foxkin with six or more tails can sense it when others experience an awakening," Lossa said which lifted a weight from Lone's shoulder. He was worried that he would have to cut his journey to power short, but thankfully it would seem that Lone could still enjoy it for some time, at least until he had made some larger splashes in the world's power ranks.

"Hmm... ah, how long do us Foxkin live usually?" Lone asked since he recalled Lossa mentioned lifespans. Lone figured that he was immortal as far as ageing went anyway, purely because his passive regeneration healed his cells perfectly, instead of deforming then as they typically regenerated which effectively made him immortal.

"Just how much did your parents not teach you? We Foxkin are immortal so long as we never experience an awakening. However, as soon as we do, our lifespan grows finite and slowly starts to dwindle the more awakenings we experience. It's the price that we have to pay for the power such awakenings give us. Well, most of us," Lossa said while she remembered Lone's earlier display and evident prove of being in the fourth awakening stage with little to no repercussions.

"Well, that's answered most of my concerns. Let's see, I have one last question. Can you activate my mana brain?" Lone asked. He was equalling expecting her to and equally expecting her not to. No one so far had offered, so he assumed there must be something special to activating it.

"I'm sorry, but the only two ways to unlock a mana brain is for it to naturally activate or for a very skilled life mage to forcefully stimulate it into awakening. I'm sure you can tell, but us Foxkin focus in illusion magic and the more experienced of us also specialise in body enhancement magic. We would have waited for you to unlock it naturally had you decided to come with me," Lossa replied in an apologetic tone. She was sorry that she wouldn't be of any help to Lone in this instance.

"Well, I figured as much. Anyway, you've been a great help. Do you have any more business with me, or will you be leaving now? My companion and I really need to get some rest soon," Lone said as he stroked his lap's occupant's head lightly. "As I said, it's been a busy day," he continued before he looked back up at Lossa.

"Of course. I'm glad you're safe, but if you ever need our help or decide to join us, break this," Lossa said while she handed Lone a glass globe that was pure red in colour. "It will send a signal straight to me if you break it and if you channel some mana into it, then it will point the way to our clan and with your talents, I'm sure it won't be long before you activate your mana brain. Don't worry if it gets stolen, only us Foxkin can use it," she finished with a smile. She was sad that she would be letting him go, but she was jubilant that he was healthy and happy. Even if he wasn't the Foxkin she thought he was, he was still a Foxkin none-the-less.

"Thanks, I'll use this if the situation every needs me to. I think I might visit when I leave this city, if that's okay," Lone replied to her as he took the orb before he stuffed in a pocket as he stored it in his dimension. This massively startled Lossa, she could feel the orb as she had a blood connection to it, but now it had suddenly disappeared.

"Of course that's fine, but I can't feel the orb anymore, how?" Lossa replied. This was incredible, how had Lone done that? Especially considering that she was standing right in front of him, she had no clue what he had done to accomplish making the orb's signature disappear.

"Oh? Well, every Fox has a secret or two. Don't worry, it will never be getting stolen. You saw your way in, so I'm sure you can find the way out, again, thank you for your concern and this orb, I'll be visiting soon," Lone said to dismiss her curiosity. She stopping moving for a moment before she spoke once more.

"Stay safe Lone. It would hurt me so much to see you die," she said before she turned and left.

"So, how did I do?" Lone quietly asked Sophie after Lossa had left. He had tried rather hard to not be too rude, but he wasn't very sure of how his attitude came across to others.

"You did okay. I don't think you offended her which is good," Sophie mumbled back. She was happy that Lone was trying to change, but she still loved him for who he was, so she didn't really care how he treated other people so long as he didn't cause any trouble he couldn't fix.

Lone just remained seated after hearing her response and he lightly cuddled and squeezed his stress ball called Sophie some more. She quietly hugged him back. His squeezing was approximately two point six times more enjoyable now with his black-tipped tails, or so Sophie calculated. They remained like that for a short while before they both went to bed. The day had been far too long and eventful for either of their likings.


A note from Lone

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