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Book 1 Chapter 56: Questions and Bond


A note from Lone

I added a fair amount here, most chapters recently require minimal adjustments. This was refreshing. I really like the thought I added at the end.

I hope you enjoy.

"It's just my race. I know less than you probably, but if you were wondering, it did change when I experienced my third awakening. Seeing as how you don't seem too dangerous, I'm gonna resummon my companion," Lone said in a matter-of-factly manner as a response to Lossa's previous question about his race before he started to perform the ritual needed to summon Sophie. Lossa just eyed him sceptically. She could tell that he had an unactivated mana brain, all mages could detect that.

"How will you summon them?" she asked Lone. Lossa knew there were many methods to summon beings and creatures, but a vast majority of them required the usage of mana, hence her curiosity. Lone didn't answer her, he just continued on with his bizarre ritual. Then suddenly, a small girl who was as equally beautiful as Lone appeared sitting on his lap.

"Like this," Lone finally answered with a smile. "Sorry about that Sophie, it was a false alarm. She's just the Fox clan Elder. Lossa, Sophie. Sophie, Lossa," Lone continued before he apologised to Sophie. He then introduced the two to each other. They just stupidly stared at each other for a moment before Sophie got up off of Lone. She then turned around before jumping back onto him but this time with her body facing him. Lossa was a bit shocked. She had no idea who this was. The siblings hadn't mentioned a girl. She was also shocked at how she had just appeared and almost instantly turned to face away from her. Summoning humans was beyond Lossa's knowledge which was the cause of her confusion.

"Sorry about that. We've had a busy day, and she isn't the best around people. Anyway, continue with your questions, then I'll ask mine," Lone said as he lightly hugged Sophie who was trying to hide inside of his tails that had wrapped themselves around his front. 

"Right... well, the most important question would be, how are you still alive?" Lossa asked before her face hardening into a serious one. Her atmosphere also changed slightly. Lone could now tell that she was actually rather powerful. He guessed that there would be no real reason to lie. He briefly whispered something to Sophie before turned to face the Elder. He then took out a steel dagger.

"This is how," he said. He then swiftly cut his entire right hand off.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE..doing... what?" the Elder bellowed in anger. She was angry that he had just done something so tremendously stupid, but before she could finish her shout, Lone's hand suddenly started to regrow at a rapid rate. 

"How on Altros..." Lossa softly mumbled while she watched the spectacle before her eyes. She couldn't make heads nor tails of what he was doing. Lone was apparently using magic somehow. But how exactly? He clearly shouldn't have the ability to without his mana brain being activated. This was a truly remarkable power. And a very depressing one. He had just cut his own hand off, but he didn't even cringe at the pain. Just what had he gone through to be so numb to it? Upon seeing her grief-stricken face, Lone thought that it might be wise to enlighten her on a few things.

"I can do a few tricks similar in curiosity to this by using magic or stamina, but I can't actually use magic. If you're wondering why I'm not feeling this," Lone said as he raised his right arm a little bit. "Then you try getting hit by George Leston the Second four times and being blown off, nearly into space. See if you don't go a little bit numb after that," Lone said in an amused fashion while he mused over his recent experiences with the Duke.

"He did what? I'll kill the bastard if you're telling the truth," the Elder replied as all emotion left her face and her aura developed into one that sent chills down Lone's spine. He felt even more pressured by her than by the Guildmaster which said a lot. That meant that she was at the very least, a higher tier of an S-ranker than Gilbert, maybe even an SS rank.

"Stop that. It's scary. Anyway, I got a little bit of my revenge on the fucker, but I still need him. We're on friendly terms, kinda? He's the second influential person that I mentioned I had the attention of," Lone explained before he activated his Lord of The Cosmos Title to its maximum potential to calm the woman. She broke out into a cold sweat upon feeling his aura. She knew he was weaker than her, but his attempts to scare her had worked enough to break her out of her anger.

"Sorry. Thank you. Us Foxkin get quite emotional when it concerns our own, now don't we? Haha," she laughed somewhat awkwardly before she sat back down since she had taken to her feet in her anger. She was surprised by Lone's power, but it made some sense when she thought about it. There's no was he would catch the attention of big fishes like George and his second backer if not for some special reason.

"Only then? More like all the time..." Lone mumbled while he thought about his constant mood swings over the past year and a half. "Any more questions?" he continued. He felt that this conversation was dragging on quite a bit.

"I can see how impatient you are. I only have a few more questions. Was your grandfather a man called Istal Lodus?" She asked before a feeling of love started to escape from her eyes. She soon noticed this and tried to hide it, but regardless, Lone had already seen it and thought it to be quite curious. 

"No. My grandfather was a man called John McCullen. Next question," Lone quickly replied. He was quickly losing his good mood. Today had truly been far too long for both Sophie and him. He didn't harbour any bad feelings for Lossa since she only had intentions to help him as far as he could see, but he was still getting quite mentally drained. Lone is still a person after all and like everyone else, if not more so than other people, he experienced stress.

"Oh... then how... no matter. Do you wish to join the Fox clan?" Lossa asked with hope in her voice. Were he to say yes, he would immediately become the next in line to become the Patriarch and would receive all of their secrets teachings. If there was one thing that the Foxkin were known for, it was their strong feelings of love for their own kind. Even Trella who had been mutilated by Lone held no real sense of hate for him. It was simply a question of how could one truly hate one's own family?

"No. I have plans. And settling down wouldn't be one of them. I also dislike being a puppet. I shall not be your next leader nor shall I do your bidding, but I appreciate the offer, we'll stay in contact after this if you don't mind," Lone refused. He did want to stay in contact though since it really did seem like this Foxkin only cared for his well-being and Lone felt like this would be true even if he lacked his particular variation of their race which Lone found surprising. Lossa was clearly about to refute his claims, but Lone decided to interrupt her. "Any more questions?" Lone rudely asked to which Lossa just sighed before shaking her head. 

'Really, what did you go through to become the person that you are? You are so full of hate. Don't worry though, us Foxkin will never reject you, besides, it looks like you're already changing,' Lossa thought while she warmly looked at Sophie. She wasn't sure how this human had created such a strong bond with Lone, but Lossa couldn't be happier about it.

"Lovely, my turn then," lone happily said which brought Lossa away from her train of thought. It was now his turn to get some answers. He gave Sophie one more squeeze, for good luck of course, before he started to ask his own questions.


A note from Lone

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