A note from Lone

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Due to the host being accepted by a Divine Level Being who rules all of the mana in existence, Gained Skill
Skill: Perfect Mana Meditation
Effect 1: the host can enter a deep state of meditation which helps clear and calms the mind
Effect 2: Regerates the host's mana at 5x the normal speed while experience effect 1
Mastery Unavailable due to nature of the skill

This skill was the result of Sophie's Interference, and it was the reason why Lone was so happy right now. He had no idea how powerful a divine being was, but he knew how useful this skill would be as far as his mana creation was concerned. It also seemed to have some hidden effect, or perhaps the Divine Level Being had done something that wasn't registered by the system, but Lone could tell that he was now more calm passively. It seemed it would be a little bit harder to enrage him in the future. Lone immediately told Sophie all about the gift that she had inadvertently given him. She was quite clearly overjoyed at the prospect of her not being a hindrance but being a help to the man that she loved.

The two then talked for a short while later before Lone told Sophie that he wished to meditate now to continue creating more golden coins, so she went back to the sofa and started to read once more. It was a few hours and about fifty coins later that the two heard a very clear knock at the door before it immediately opened. The two were instantly alarmed. Lone unsummoned Sophie before he took out his alterion glaive in preparation for a battle. He then quickly took a fighting stance and prepared to overdraw his mana to use mental destruction if needed.

"Hello? Nine tails, are you here?" a distinctly female voice asked. It was clearly a very powerful being, who was on the other side of the living room door. Lone's back was dripping with sweat. He hoped that they had no ill intentions or were vastly superior to him. If they were just within his capabilities, then he and his house would be in serious trouble.

"I mean you no harm! I can smell your fear. I'm the fox clan elder, I've come here to help you," she said after she had sensed Lone's reaction to her intrusion. She then slowly opened the door to the living room, revealing a seven-tailed young looking woman. She had long flowing crimson red hair and was wearing a yellow robe, a kimono perhaps? The thing that Lone took most notice of was the yellow circle that centred her otherwise fiery red eyes. It would seem that she had experienced her first, or maybe even second awakening. 

She soon saw what he looked like as well. She immediately felt a strong sense of doubt. She had never seen nor heard of a black tipped foxkin before. She had assumed that she, of all people, had known of all of the variations in existence. This discovery was soon overshadowed by her shock and fear as she noticed the third colour in his eyes.

"Impossible... the fourth awakening... how... how are you still alive? How hasn't your lifespan run completely dry?" she asked in shock. She was quite happy that such a Foxkin existed but none-the-less, she was upset because she thought about what Lone must have gone through to both trigger the awakenings, and at how he survived them. She was also confused about how she had failed to discover his fourth awakening. Maybe something had interfered with her sensing?

"The fourth awakening? I thought it was just the third," Lone said before he picked a coin up off from the pile that he had created before bringing it up to his eye level. He then saw the reflection of his eyes and apparently spotted an additional colour. "Well, that's interesting. I wonder what will happen when I reach the fifth level? I'd guess my black tips will get dark blue tips?" Lone continued his thought aloud. He was genuinely interested in this change. The elder was shocked. Exceedingly so. How did he know that he had experienced his third awakening? That was top secret clan information. Only her and the Matriarch, her daughter knew.

"So, you're the elder, please, take a seat," Lone said while he gestured to one of the three sofas. He then stored his glaive before he sat down himself. The elder did as requested and sat on the gestured seat before hiding her racial traits. She had only unleashed them as a show of faith to the nine tails that she now sat opposite to.

"You're not going to hide your traits?" she asked Lone. She knew how petty humans could be so she would always protect her racial features whenever possible. Hence why she was a bit confused by Lone blatantly displaying them in a human city, it mattered not that this was his home.

"Ah. I'm not sure if it's unique to me, or just the third awakening in general but I can't possibly hide my traits any longer. No skill, title, magic or anything else will work. Very mysterious, right?" Lone asked with joy. He was quite happy at his most recent skill, so much so that he didn't mind meeting and talking to the elder in a somewhat friendly manner.

"What? But then how... how are you still free? Why hasn't anyone captured you yet?" she asked. She was happy that he was safe above all else, but she couldn't help wonder how he had managed to stay that way considering how weak he was compared to herself.

"Let's just say that I have the ear of a very influential person and the attention of another slightly less powerful one. I don't need to worry about petty kidnappers, and they know it. In fact, I don't even need to worry about the dangerous ones. The worst that can be sent my way, I can handle, someway, somehow, I can deal with it. Now, onto introductions. I'm Lone Immortus, the nine-tailed golden fox of the void," Lone explained vaguely before he politely introduced himself.

"Lossa, seven-tailed crimson fox. What do you mean by 'golden fox of the void'?" she asked. She had never heard of such a thing. Did your race change upon reaching the third stage? Was it a merit or demerit? She was very curious but also happy that Lone had revealed such information immediately because doing so was obviously an expression that stated Lone wanted to cooperate, at least to some degree.

A note from Lone

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