A note from Lone

There's a lot of contradictions in this little story of mine, and I'm sorry about that. I've weeded out some of them, but I've kept some in to serve as a reminder of my origin if I end up writing for years to come. Lofty goals, I know, but it's something to look forward to, no? Watching me and my stories improve.

I'm very excited to finish rewriting book 1 and moving on to book 2 because I actually have a plan for it and boy is it juicy. Book 1, this one, was written with zero planning and I personally like it a lot despite its glaring flaws, like a child. Imperfect and flawed, but it's still my child. God, you're weird Lone, anyway, chapter, content, book, herpdedurp.

I hope you enjoy.

Sophie had teleported Lone and herself away from the Leston estate in an attempt to test her current limits, or so Lone claimed was the reason for wasting her accumulated mana. She had a stinking suspicion that he just wanted to show off even more than he had already done so, but it did make her happy knowing that she had been useful to Lone for once. The pair had teleported just outside of the estate so they needed to walk the remainder of the way home. 

During the walk home, Lone noticed a few greed filled gazes hiding within the shadows of a few of the alleys that they passed on their journey home. These gazes belonged to fairly weak people, as made evident by the fact that Lone could actually detect them. They seemed very determined to do something to him, probably kidnap Lone, but there was something else that Lone sensed in the stares. Fear, hesitance and dissatisfaction. It seemed that each owner of these glares had a fair amount of these emotions in them.

'What do they want? Is it me they're after? Because of my rare, maybe even unique fox variant? Why aren't they attacking... oh... the Guildmaster... I really owe you, Gilbert,' Lone thought as he observed the men and women who were clearly trying to remain hidden, but unfortunately for them, Lone's good hearing skill could sense the rustling of their clothes and soft flow of their breath which proved that they were untrained.

Upon reaching his and Sophie's home, Lone noticed that all of his observers had fled. He had a vague idea why. Maybe Gilbert had sent a few powerful adventurer's to protect him whenever he was in his home and had sent out a warning of sorts whenever he wasn't at his residence.

'Why are you helping me so much... is it really just because we're both rare, maybe special demihumans? What are you playing at, Gilbert?' he said internally as his suspicions grew. Lone was sceptical of the white dragonkin's motives for assisting him.

The two quickly make it inside of their manor before they went back to its living room. Lone took a seat on a leather clad seat before he brought out a few books for Sophie to read. He then started to create more golden coins in anticipation of the upcoming auction. Sophie received the books from Lone before she moved to lay down with her belly resting on one of the three sofa's that were housed withing the room. She then started to further improve her reading skills by continuing with her stories.

Lone had managed to make eighty golden coins before he stopped for a break to recover. Thanks to Grimsley's training, he could now make one golden coin for a sacrifice of fifty mana each and he felt that the more he made them, the more he understood. He was hoping that soon it would cost him no more than forty mana each time he created one.

"Hey Soph, I'm going to try to gain a skill that I've been thinking about ever since I got the control stat this morning, so don't disturb me unless it's really an emergency, okay?" Lone said before he sat down on the floor in a cross-legged position. Sophie briefly put her book down before nodding in his general direction. She then resumed her reading once again. She trusted Lone to not do anything particularly dangerous, and even if he did do something that could harm himself, Sophie knew it would be pointless to try to stop him since Lone was a very hard-headed person half the time.

Lone then closed his eyes and began to try to relax as much as he could. He was struggling. He was always on edge in some way, shape or form and now was clearly no different. Lone needed control, he needed to be calm. Maybe this was why his rage stat took charge of him so easily? He had to relax. Sophie had seen Lone's troubled expression as she peeked at him during her reading. She wanted to help him, but he had told her to not disturb him. How could she help? 

She silently got up from the sofa and quickly moved to Lone's back before lightly hugging it. She hoped this would be okay with him since she wasn't stopping him, only trying to help him. Sophie wrapped her hands around his chest which startled him until he recognised whom the hands belonged to. Sophie then used all of her remaining power to envelop Lone in a cloak of her mana sense. She had always been able to solidify it like this but had never seen a use for such an ability. She had also always felt comforted by this power of hers so she figured it might calm and help Lone to accomplish whatever he was trying to do.

Lone suddenly began squirming wildly under Sophie embrace which worried her. As soon as she tried to stop what she was doing she saw that she couldn't. She had no control over her mana sense at all.

'What's going on?! Why can't I control it? Lone!' she screamed internally before she started to cry. Sophie had only wanted to help, but now she was under the clear impression that her interference had hurt Lone in some way. She felt horrible. The only thing that she wanted to do was prove her usefulness to the man that she loved.

Before she could do anything drastic, though, the mana sensing suddenly deactivated and Lone stopped moving completely. She was very concerned. Why had her power stopped listening to her and why had it suddenly stopped. What happened to Lone and was he okay or had she somehow harmed him?

"Lone?" Sophie asked as worry overflowed from within her voice. Lone suddenly opened his eyes and turned to face the girl hugging him which forced that embrace to be parted. Lone blinked his eyes a few time because they were stinging slightly, however, the feeling quickly subsided so he slowly opened his now closed eyes again and smiled at Sophie before he started to pet her head.

"Thank you, Soph. I got the skill, in fact, I even got a better version than I had imagined I would. I guess I have you to thank for that, right?" Lone said happily to his somewhat bewildered companion. She hadn't even registered his words until a few moments after they had been spoken. She was lost. Lost in his eyes. They had once again changed colour. Or more specifically, they now housed one more colour on top of the gold and black that was already held within them.

They now contained a small deep blue dot in the very centre of the black that filled his golden rimmed eyes.

A note from Lone

Point out any grammar mistakes I missed, please. And any duplicate paragraphs, Grammarly copies them whenever I split paragraphs and I can't stop it, so point it out if I miss any of those.

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