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Book 1 Chapter 53: Title and Teleportation


A note from Lone

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The trio soon found themselves in what looked like a master bedroom of sorts. George Leston the Second was lying down on the bed that sat in the centre of the room with two teenagers who each held one of his hands. One was quite clearly Lilith, who had red and puffy eyes. It would seem that she had been crying over her father's condition. The other was a young boy who looked no older than fifteen and he looked no better, if not worse than Lilith did since he was very evidently crying at the moment. He was apparently quite emotional, or just cared deeply for his father, Lone couldn't figure out which was the case.

"What happened? Did someone die?" Lone said with a laugh. He thought this whole situation was absolutely hilarious. George turned his eyes to face Lone before he spoke to the best of his ability.

"... Fix me... I'm sorry... don't destroy my household... over our petty squabble... please..." he pleaded. He knew it was entirely his fault that this had occurred, even if he possessed no idea how Lone had accomplished whatever he had done to him. That was why he gave him his glaive back and let him go with no difficulty. He, the mighty Leston General, A rank adventurer and a Duke no less, was frightened of what he believed was nothing more than a weakling demihuman. His pride would require him to kill himself if it wasn't his very household that he valued so much hanging in the balance of such a selfish act.

"Oh, this is just golden... pure golden. Do you think you're dying? Going to stay like that forever? Become useless? Oh, no, my friend. You have a fate far worse than that in store for you," Lone announced with a grin in an effort to panic the fools even more than they now were. Charles was simply mere moments away from lashing out and Lilith had begun crying again while the young boy hadn't stopped in the first place.

"WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE MASTER YOU FILTHY BEAST?! TELL ME BEFORE I SPLIT YOU IN TWO!" Charles shouted in rage. Lone just stared at him in thought for a moment before he replied.

"At least your loyalty is in sync with the professor's," Lone mumbled which confused everyone present save for Sophie since she had played plenty of games where the professor had made an appearance. "His fate will be one of shame. You'll be fine George, except for the fact that you got so easily defeated by someone, how much was it? Oh, right '600 levels lower' than you. I didn't even have to raise a finger," he belittled the bedridden man as his grin expanded until it became a fully fledged smile of pure arrogance.

"Lone... stop provoking them please..." Sophie said as she tugged at his coat. She felt that they had endured their fair share of drama, for now. There was clearly no point in adding more fuel to the already raging fire.

"You're right. Sorry, Soph. Anyway, I didn't come here to fight. I came here to learn or to be referred to someone who can teach me Spearmanship techniques. You will be able to move perfectly fine again in about 9 hours, however, if you attack me just like you did earlier, then we'll be right back to square one. Did you understand that?" Lone asked after he had cooled down a bit thanks to Sophie. It would appear that Lone's rage stat, despite only being at a measly amount of twenty, still found it easy enough to target him and affect his emotions.

Goerge and everyone else noticeably relaxed a fair amount at Lone's revelation. They now knew that despite his pitiful state, George would soon recover fully. They trusted Lone because they had no other choice. No healing skill, magic or art would even slightly affect George so they just had to do as Lone had suggested, they needed to wait and hope for the best.

"... That's fine... I fight with my fists... but I know a Spearmaster who should be returning... to the capital soon... I have a request, though," George said amidst heavy panting. It took everything that he had to just continue breathing, it seemed like whatever Lone had done was purposefully letting him breathe, but was making it a challenge knowingly.

"Speak," Lone replied. He was quite happy that he might be getting a teacher to drill some real techniques into him soon so he didn't mind fulfilling a simple request. He figured it was best to do so for now, until the moment he ran his spear through the man's neck.

"... How did you do this to me today... but not three days ago?" Geoge queried. He had been thinking about this for the past three hours. How? If he could do it all along, then why didn't he? He should have rightly died, but even if he knew he would survive, why bother getting the beating?

"Well, I guess I can tell you at least that much. I didn't have the ability yet, more specifically the title," Lone said a little bit vaguely, but that much was enough for everyone in the room to stop breathing momentarily before the boy who was previously crying shouted.

"YOU?! YOU HAVE A TITLE? WHY IS FATE SO CRUEL!" the blue-haired, short boy screamed. Lone was very confused. What was with the sudden change in personality with this young boy? Maybe he wasn't the emotional type and just cared for his father? These were Lone's current thoughts.

"George. Explain," Lone ordered. He didn't like being shouted at, not at all and it was quite clear by the ice that was leaking out of his voice.

"... My son... Derek... he's a genius... but even I, let alone him, have a title... how did you get one?" George asked as his eyes glued themselves to Lone's mouth in hopes that he may be able to glean some insight into how one went about acquiring such a powerful thing as a title.

"One? Singular? No no no no. George, you're not thinking correctly. I certainly have more than one, but that's a secret for another day. Your question, hmm, let's see, I just asked for it," Lone said in a playful way. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. So much so in fact that he was saying far more than he normally ever would.

"... More than one... just what are you..." George responded before he started to trail off in shock and thought. Lone upon seeing this, decided it was time to leave so he gently whispered something into Sophie's ear to which she timidly nodded. He then turned back to face the Leston's and their butler.

"Well, that will do for now. Contact me through the Guildmaster when the Spearmaster has returned to the capital," Lone said before he tightly grasped Sophie's hand with his own. The two then instantly disappeared after Sophie had briefly closed her eyes.

"... Teleportation?" George exclaimed in shock. He had experienced far too many surprises today as far as he was concerned.

A note from Lone

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