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The couple quickly made their way to the adventurers guild as Lone didn't really want to waste any more time getting his status card than he already had. He got the usual looks of mixed emotions from the citizens they passed by on their way there, but since Lone didn't care and Sophie was trying her best to ignore their existence, they were mostly unaffected by the gazes directed at them thanks to these reasons. After they had reached the guild, the two approached a reception desk, and after waiting in line for roughly twenty minutes, the two were finally attended to.

"Hello, how may I help you?" the man behind the counter said a little bit too impassively for Lone's liking.

"Hello, I'm here to see the Guildmaster, I believe he's expecting me," Lone said as he leant against the counter and swished his tails a bit to make the receptionist, who clearly wasn't paying too much attention, aware of who he was talking to.

"Golden-black tipped fox kin... of course, one moment, sir," the man said in the exact same tone as earlier despite Lone's new reputation. Lone found this to be curious, but acceptable as the man did imply that he would help him. The duo only had to wait five or so minutes before they were called up to the Guildmaster's office. After reaching the office, Lone saw the familiar face that belonged to Gilbert while with Sophie he was a complete stranger.

"It's lovely to see you again; I'm glad you're healthy, Lone. And who might your friend be?" Gilbert asked while he peered at Sophie, who was currently hiding behind Lone. 

"This is Sophie. She's got a bit of a bad history with old men so forgive her if she seems a little bit timid," Lone briefly explained before he took a seat. Sophie immediately climbed up on his lap and hid in the foliage of his tails that were quickly wrapping themselves around her. 

"No problem," Gilbert replied with a smile. He didn't really care how people treated him, he was a very relaxed man after all. "It's amazing that you're fully healed so soon. I'm guessing you're here for your guild card, yes?" Gilbert asked. He genuinely was astonished by Lone's healing rate. While not the best he had heard of, the man in front of him had no magic and was under level 100 at least, or so he estimated.

"Indeed I am. I also need information about... hmm... how to put this... well I guess I'll just say it. Can you tell me how to get the Monster Tamer skill or title and where I could find a particularly fluffy and large mount?" Lone asked as seriously as he could. Gilbert just stared at him with a dead look on his face.

"Fluffy? Ha... HAHAHAHAHAHA... oh... .oh my... you're a funny boy," Gilbert said while he broke out into a fit of wild laughter. Regardless of how serious Lone appeared, how could Gilbert not laugh when this absurdly dangerous man suddenly asked for something so... cute?

"Oh fuck off. It's more for my companion here than for me, so be a good old geezer and answer me," Lone said with bitterness erupting from his voice. He was very close to just provoking the Guildmaster into attacking him in order to freeze him for twelve hours just like with George Leston the Third who should still be frozen right now.

"Don't give me that look. I'm sorry. I heard what you did to old Georgie, so forgive me for laughing at something so stupidly funny. Anyway, here's your status card, I'll tell you the other details when you've smeared some of your blood on top of it," Gilbert said with a smile still plastered across his face. He then handed Lone a pure white, crystal card. Upon taking it, Lone did as instructed and bit into his thumb before smearing the resulting blood on top of the card. It then shone briefly before turning an amber colour, and a few rows of text appeared on it. Both Lone and Gilbert read these lines of text with interest.

Status Card
User Information
Adventurer Rank: Rank: F
Name: Lone Immortus 
Age:  25
Sex: Male 
Race: Golden Fox of The Void 
Level:  54
HP:  1580/1590
SP:  6534/7050
MP:    4065/10040 
User Stats
Stat, Strength: 214
 Stat, Vigour: 159
Stat, Dexterity:  352
Stat, Agility:  403
Stat, Vitality:  705
Stat, Luck:   121 
Unlocked Stat, Charm:  72 
Unlocked Stat, Charisma: 85
Unlocked Stat, Magic Power: 1004
Unlocked Stat, Control: 30
Unlocked Stat, Rage: 20


'It's been a while since I checked the whole thing. My mana is still regenerating from healing myself this morning, huh?' Lone thought as he observed his newest tool and form of identification.

"Hoho! Your stats are pretty good for an F ranker, but what's up with this MP? You shouldn't have that stat unlocked until you've awakened your mana brain and heart... you're such an oddity," Gilbert said in thought but had enough courtesy to not ask Lone why he had the stat despite only having an awakened mana heart.

"F ranker? How high or low is that?" Lone asked because he was genuinely curious about the topic. Sophie just had a blank look on her face as she stared out into space, completely ignoring the two because she was quite honestly, bored, very very bored.

"Well the ranks go like this, from highest to lowest, SSS, SS, S, I'm an S rank by the way. A which Georgie is. B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I. That's it. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to go up in ranks as I'm sure you can tell since neither Georgie nor myself are at the top. The Guildmaster of our headquarters is one of the only five SSS ranks in existence. Oh, The Academy's headmaster is one of those five, the other three have their identities hidden for some reason," Gilbert explained. He was a bit worried about the fact that Lone was oblivious to these points, but he chose to once again, not question him.

"Hmm, that's kind of interesting, so you're stronger than that frozen bastard. Anyway, next question. Tamer skill or title and fluffy mount, locations and how to obtain please?" Lone asked as he pushed the ranking matter to the back of his mind since he was under the impression that he would eventually reach the top, regardless of how difficult it would be.


A note from Lone

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