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Lone and Sophie promptly reached their home without any incidents after they had left the tailor shop. The duo headed for their living room which they rarely used, despite Lone having fully furnished it. It was a medium sized room that could hold three of so couches along with a coffee table and a simple chair or two. It had numerous simple paintings lining the wall and a large fur rug adorned the floor. The couple occupied one of the three couches, the one that sat adjacent to the window. Lone turned to face Sophie because it appeared that he had thought of something that he needed to ask her.

"Soph, Is there anything that you want? I only just realised that I'm only doing what I want to do," Lone asked her as he pointed out his ignorance of her desires. He had only done exactly what he wanted or deemed necessary so far and had put little to no stock into what his companion needed or wanted. This shocked Sophie a little bit. She hadn't really thought about it. The only thing she had ever really done before was running away or doing nothing.

"No, there's nothing I really wan-" Sophie began to reply before pausing mid-sentence.

"Did you think of something?" Lone asked her since he noticed the need for something had clearly appeared in Sophie's eyes. She was a rather easy to read Cosmos Level Being or so Lone thought. Sophie merely never knew that the normal thing to do was misrepresent and hide your true feelings in most situations since she had lived alone for the past several centuries. However, this was obviously fine seeing as how her only company was currently Lone.

"A pet!" she suddenly blurted out. Lone was perplexed, he was wondering why of all things, she yearned for a pet.

"A pet?" he asked her for more confirmation of her selection. Lone was willing to do anything that she asked, so getting a pet seemed somewhat trivial to Lone.

"Yup! A pet!" Sophie repeated herself with excitement permeating from her voice whilst she lightly punched the air with her little fists.

"What kind of pet and why?" Lone asked the two most significant questions now that he had received the confirmation that he wished for. If his beloved wanted a pet, then she should get the best pet that satisfies her requirements or so Lone reasoned.

"A big and fluffy one! I want it to be able to go with me into my summon room so I'm not lonely when you have to unsummon me," Sophie said with a brilliantly beautiful smile. She believed it would be the perfect thing to get, that way, she would have someone to talk to and hug when Lone needed to send her back to the summon room.

"A big fluffy one, huh? Maybe I could use it as a mount too, I certainly can't use a carriage to get everywhere forever," Lone thought audibly. Now that Sophie had mentioned it, he imagined it was a rather great idea. He would be ticking several metaphorical boxes by completing her request.

"System, I have a question about my tenth power," Lone said as he called out into the air. Suddenly a very mechanical, but lonely voice rang out in Lone's head.

"... Friend... tenth power... nature... question... ask," it ordered him in a broken voice. Lone was remarkably surprised at this. Who was this? Did the voice belong to the system?

'System? No way. Why is it talking to me in English? What happened to the notifications? Wait... friend? Did that time I said I would accept it, make this happen or was there another reason?' Lone wondered while he tried to make heads or tails of the situation. He was confused as to why the system suddenly had a voice and was using it instead of the usual notifications.

"Hi System, um, I was wondering if there was a skill that would let me make a beast, or animal into a summoned being that could enter Sophie's summon room, if not I'll have to use my tenth power choice," Lone said as he continued to privately query the changes the system was undergoing. Sophie was experiencing a bit of a fright after hearing what Lone had said. She didn't want Lone to misuse his last power on something so trivial, but before she could voice her opinion, the system spoke to Lone once again.

"Checking... found... monster tamer... summons... same room... share..." the system said as it even told him the name of the desired ability in an attempt to be as accommodating as possible. Lone was quite delighted at this, he figured that if he just asked about skills under the guise of them possibly being his last power choice, Lone could learn a bit about it and also talk to the system, whom he considered to be a friend.

"Thank you system, for saving my life with the contract and for the information, I'll talk to you again when I have any more questions," Lone thanked before saying farewell because he assumed the system could only talk to him when he had questions associated with his powers since that was what he was told when he chose to arrive on the planet earlier.

"... you... welcome..." the system responded in the happiest voice it could possibly do. It was happy that it had been helpful and that Lone had promised to talk to it again should he have more questions about his powers which the system hoped was often.

"Well... now that's sorted out, I guess," Lone mumbled as he thought about the conversation he just had. He then turned to Sophie again before telling her the details of said conversation. She was confused when she heard that the system spoke with a voice but she was very happy that her request was do-able without wasting a power choice.

"Let's go to the guild for now, when we're there, we can ask the Guildmaster if he knows how to get that skill or title, then we can find a nice, big and fluffy pet for you, okay?" Lone asked Sophie since he had concluded that that was the best course of action for now.

"Okay," she joyfully replied. The two then had a quick meal before they headed for the guild.

A note from Lone

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